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  1. Looks like a run of the mill, badass kicks ass film. I'M IN!
  2. I didn't it mind it, up until the end. Which left me just meh. With no excitement for the next series.
  3. From what I could make out, there was probably a good movie to be had out of the first one, but Hardy was pissed they removed all the funky stuff, like him dicking around with Venom. If this trailer is any indication, it seems like it could be a good course correction!
  4. I used to like taron Egerton. Until I heard him introduce himself and he said his surname like edgerton instead of egg. Now I can't take him seriously. That's some hyacinth bucket levels of delusion!
  5. Considering outside of places like rllmuk where we're all a bunch of nerds, the vast majority of people will have no idea about the source material. So it's kinda irrelevant if it does or doesn't diverge from it. It just needs to be good.
  6. Ffs guys. I thought this was bumped because of some exciting news about the sequel.
  7. Not seen the finale yet, but I agree with some in here. After the shock from episode 1, they haven't developed that plot point at all really have they? Just strung it out until the finale, which is a bit of a cop out. Still great though!
  8. Passengers was great I thought. Completely not what I was expecting from the trailer. This was to me was...Fine
  9. That seems insane. But...While Wandavision looked great, I wasn't impressed with the scale considering the short runtime and budget. So who knows.
  10. Thanks for this thread! All caught up and it's so cheesy I love it! I'm not enjoying season 2 as much though!
  11. I thought the point was to make him a dick, so no heroic back story needed.
  12. They could do a Sam Jackson for a whole film because fundamentally his face isn't drastically different and the time jump is less significant. De-aging Sarah Connor was very impressive, but it's a very short bit overall, just like young Arnie. That quality would cost a lot through a whole movie!
  13. The first insidious is deffo worth a crack. The sequels are alright but feel more generic and less creepy.
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