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  1. Just think. In a couple of months, maybe 4...This will all be long forgotten, we'll all be happy playing with our over priced cards, potentially utilising them to about 60% unless benchmarking. But it will be fine. Then Nvidia will announce the 3080 Super FU* coming July 2021 *Fuck U
  2. Also, was watching some cards on ebay. Just got a mail from them. Some lunatic bought a 6800 (boggo) for £1100!
  3. Are these drops sporadic throughout the week, or just a particular day or time?
  4. I managed to get to basket on paypal (stupidly didn't have scan on my phone only PC) fluffed it at paypal stage
  5. you are all beautiful people! Any problems with ordering from Amazon.de or the like?
  6. I've been checking scan. Doesn't their website say we won't be putting stuff back in stock until back orders are cleared?
  7. a total of 100 (6800 only) cards in germany and none in UK. HAHAHA
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