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  1. This one has a Japanese trailer right after with a few bits of new dialogue / footage. They are certainly keeping this movie mysterious though. I love it, just like the original marketing campaign!
  2. Guys. We settled this. TLJ ruined Luke, it made a mockery of fin, and turned po into a twat, then took a shit on everything set up by the previous movie. It looked amazing and had some interesting ideas, but that's why it's crap. No sane person cares about female leads and all that woke / not woke crap.
  3. I enjoyed this. Though I had low expectations. It's "fine" with zero plot. But the bants between Eddie and Venom is fun enough. Anyone saying this is one of the worst films they've ever seen, is 1) Talking absolute bollocks, and 2) Has really not seen many films.
  4. I remember when the bfi imax used to open ticket sales for these Christmas uberbusters 2 months in advance, and if you didn't get tickets within a day of the box office opening, you weren't seeing it that year. Not a sniff from anywhere yet though...
  5. I didn't even realise there was a season 2!
  6. https://www.cbr.com/matrix-resurrections-not-a-sequel/ The important snippet in question (spoilered just in case)
  7. Even though Spidey coulda snatched the gun and laid him out before he knew what was going on...
  8. It's even got Biglime from rllmuk fame!
  9. Do companies like Netflix get advanced previews of the whole season? Like, I'm kinda guessing maybe they saw it, lolled into a cabbage, then cancelled their offer for it.
  10. I'm sure I saw keaton in a trailer for this already, or was I going mad?
  11. I enjoy discovery, while also agreeing with the criticism in here, but tilly is fucking shit.
  12. Kindly go back in this thread and read how we all gushed about it.
  13. Now I'm sure everyone loves a bit of Huge Jackedman...But that's a big hmmmmm.
  14. Are you guys talking about narcos Mexico? Not seen either, are they related? Should I check them both out?
  15. This looks terrible. I love it!
  16. I thought this was shit and completely irrelevant in the zombie universe. 4/10. Feels like when that tacked on Cloverfield to that recent space movie, because that wasn't very good either.
  17. Oh fuck. An actual 4k TRAILER!! The first of it's kind. THIS IS THE NEW TIMES PEOPLE. IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED. We were here for it.
  18. Ooh, does he do that? I hadn't heard about that controversy, that's a shame.
  19. Sounded fine for me, and I didn't even use headphones, just a boggo 2.1 logitech PC system. Soundtrack was fine, deffo no Man of Steel or Interstellar though. But I think we're just a bit spoiled but that guy's genius.
  20. Talking about screens. Try watching a film in a decent screen with a proper 4k projector (Sony showcase). It can still be an event. In terms of IMAX, there's only 9 screens in the whole of the UK that are IMAX, and only 3/4 true 70mm. If you've gone anywhere else, you're watching a big screen 2k rip off.
  21. It's fucking dumb considering part 2 hasn't been green lit yet. I'd be happy to change my opinion to "don't waste your time" if that does happen to be the case as time goes on. It's half a story. It does end,it's not a stupid cliff hanger like a TV show, but it ends in the same way back to the future does.
  22. Guys. please. I keep coming into this thread expecting exciting news on this fresh reboot. Instead, there's a handful of you fuckers talking about a 20 year old show with atari graphics.
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