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  1. I think I'd just demand an upgrade at some point really. The chosen one, most powerful, in a proper body. Yeah boi!
  2. Yes! This really bugged me. It's supposed to be massive, and they look the size of a shuttle.
  3. Why is darth vaders body so crummy anyway when they have such advanced robots already?
  4. I'm gonna try cracking rebels for a third time based on this thread. Last attempt was after having just come out of the clone wars finale, and the awful, simplified animation style and kiddy jokes and storylines were especially jarring and I couldn't make it through. I know there's got to be some gold in there though... As an aside, I caught a bit of an interview with filoni and Favreau, and they specifically addressed that you will 100% not need to have "watched years of animated shows" to enjoy Ahsoka. They made that very clear, but said there will of course be rewards to fans that have. So fear not if you don't wanna hack through 300 animated episodes. Though I would definitely recommend the curated clone wars list. It's only about 15 episodes and better than any of the new post Disney stuff.
  5. Ok, hear me out here. What about the D? That was the flagship, and presumably if it didn't make a booboo into a planet it would still be used in the movies. But if the Sovereign class exists, shouldn't the flag ship be in the more advanced and powerful ship, rather than a retrofitted clunker?
  6. Shouldn't the Enterprise F have replaced the E years ago. Not really up on starship service lives, but we got to E in about what? 80 years, not including the TOS one?
  7. I reckon Maybe a bit of both. It was super hyped up by Avatar 1, and people were suitably blown away by 3d. However, when people were still rocking un-immersive (is that a word?) 32-42" TV's, crappy active glasses, and post processed films, only available at home with expensive blu-rays (no streaming!) this clearly didn't meet the expectations set by Avatar, with comments like "barely noticed the 3d", "they look like cardboard cutouts" being commonplace, meant that 90% of the time, the additional effort and cost of 3d was just too high a barrier to entry for anyone but enthusiasts. The same way VR is struggling even a decade after the resurgence, luckily that seems to have a tech roadmap that might still get us there. Had 65"+ 120hz OLED's been commonplace 14 years ago, I think the picture may have been different...
  8. Yeah, but she doesn't. She's tall and slim judging by those recent pictures.
  9. I always liked 3d (in the right cinema) to the point I had nvidia 3d vision which worked surprisingly well on instantly converting a large number of games, until they binned it off as the whole 3d industry just died on it's arse. Too many cinemas with dim projectors, which is 99% of them if they aren't laser projectors or true imax, and the initial run of terrible post processed 3d (clash of the titans I'm looking at you) killed it before it ever really took off, and that was with the people happy/capable of wearing the glasses in the first place.
  10. I think the fire navi are going to be a bunch of cunts, as I think Cameron stated.
  11. They also only have about 2 seconds of fuel nowadays...
  12. I always wondered why she got so many gigs. Then I've seen her in interviews and she's an absolute sweetheart. I'm guessing she's just good to work with, so she gets some slack.
  13. Yeah, I mentioned that as well. That was ridiculously blatant crap just a few minutes apart.
  14. Goddamnit. EDIT: He should suffer like we have.
  15. Nope. S1 and 2 are key to understand the Picard dynamic. You won't be able to appreciate 3, without the others. There are so many great moments.
  16. Yeah, it's a shame. But hopefully its warm reception will spawn more actual good trek in a similar vein, now they know the bullshit discovery formula doesn't work. Though, the Lorca arc of Season 1 was actually quite decent until the very end when he went comedy villain.
  17. I put the lack of people down to budget, and probably limitations to the Unreal Engine "stageCraft" set size. But that's a complete guess.
  18. Oh fantastic. The worst character outside of Mary Burnham in the whole show.
  19. Ahh shit. Of course you're right. Riker is still on the Titan! It's like all the star wars shows. I struggle with all the timelines!
  20. Why do people want to join the fireflies? Did I miss something early on? Do they just not like the military rule?
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