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  1. Why do people want to join the fireflies? Did I miss something early on? Do they just not like the military rule?
  2. The Last of Us. 9.5/10. Not touched the game. Amazing.
  3. That was really good. Proper intriguing stuff. Really looking forward to the next episode now! I'm still not sure about Raffi, but she's not horrible anymore I don't think. I wished they'd filmed it in 4k like Strange New Worlds, but eh, can't have everything.
  4. It's still decent, and much better than the other stuff trotted out by the CW.
  5. So this is back. Not sure what's going on so far...
  6. Well, that's the best TV I've watched since Westworld Season 1. Binged the whole thing over a few days. I've not played the game, so have no context outside the TV show, but it worked perfectly. Everything about it was excellent. Sure, you can levy some criticisms at it, like anything, but they are minor...Maybe not quite enough action, and everyone seems to get bitten the moment an infected pops up, even though it doesn't seem they should have from what is shown, and there's a few stupid decisions by the characters, but not much else really. I'm sad now, as there is no more to watch. It was nice to be so engaged by a show.
  7. Episodes 5,6,7. It's basically Mandalorian Season 2.5.
  8. It tells you the number of the episodes...
  9. How are you getting them episodes so early?
  10. Ah ok sure. Came across like you were having a go at me for something.
  11. It's the droid they tried to sell to Luke and Uncs at the start of A new hope, it blew a gasket or something and they took R2. It's made some other cameos as well, that I can't remember.
  12. That was awesome! I thought it looked bloody amazing at points as well.
  13. That was great! It had its flaws, but you've all pointed them out already. Is the picture really dark for anyone else, seems awfully dim and part of the reason I didn't even notice the de-aging at all! There is also just something I can't unsee now, and it throws me out of some scenes a bit... Sorry.
  14. Put your glasses on mate. His name was literally directly under Favreau's on the executive producer page (them being the only 2).
  15. I'm guessing it's not a big part of the plot, as even without that trailer, the fact it's called 65 should mean anyone with half a brain would clock it was Earth the moment a dino pops up. Well, I hope so...Batman V Superman
  16. U fuckin wot m8. That would have been horrendous!
  17. I haven't finished it yet, but what's with all the - repeat the last 5 seconds, about 10 times - bullshit. The english dub sounds exactly like an anime with how they deliver their specific dialogue and intonation, and it's so distracting .
  18. So I just saw this as it's "out there" in all 4k glory. All I can say is...wow. WOW. The ending as well. OMG. Obviously Brendan Fraser is amazing in this, but I guess the whole internet knows that by now.
  19. Stop it guys. This is star trek. Don't pull it apart, you know it won't survive that. Anyone else like the link to lower decks. I heard they have a cameo at some point in the season!
  20. I'm so hyped for this now. If it has Strange New Worlds quality writing, with TNG cast .
  21. See, SEE! I told you all. It's gonna (maybe) be good!
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