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  1. Well, that's the best TV I've watched since Westworld Season 1. Binged the whole thing over a few days. I've not played the game, so have no context outside the TV show, but it worked perfectly. Everything about it was excellent. Sure, you can levy some criticisms at it, like anything, but they are minor...Maybe not quite enough action, and everyone seems to get bitten the moment an infected pops up, even though it doesn't seem they should have from what is shown, and there's a few stupid decisions by the characters, but not much else really.


    I'm sad now, as there is no more to watch. It was nice to be so engaged by a show. :(

  2. 4 hours ago, CheekyMonkey said:

    Oh... So do I need to watch Boba Fett to understand fully what's going on in this, because I really like Mandalorian, but could only get through 2 eps of Boba Fett I really didn't think much of it. 


    I'm waiting for all the Mando S3 eps to be shown because I really like to binge and I'm extremely regimented in avoiding spoilers, but someone tell me I don't have to digest all of Boba Fett too? 😕

    Episodes 5,6,7. It's basically Mandalorian Season 2.5.

  3. On 12/03/2023 at 14:01, LaveDisco said:

    Episode 5 


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    I can forgive the holodeck, buckets and plot contrivances, that's fine. 7 watching the changeling slowly escape for what felt like hours, when she one shots it later was a classic moment of editing against your needed plot. Just make it fly out of there quickly. Make it reasonable. But still TNG would feature bad editing like that. Whatever.


    But again, it The Republican Trek continues. Of course, it's Rikers lack of faith in an afterlife that's the problem. (at least he found hope in new life, rather than god). Of course, the crew just gives up. The paradigm of virtue is still unbelievable. In TNG that despondency wouldn't be there. 


    Just wasted opportunity.

    Also, these first 4 episodes, with a Starfleet that believe in it's ideals would have made a great single episode (or two parter at a push) in old trek. Picard gets a message from Beverly, call's Riker, hop on a ship, aren't believed/changlings add distrust, find Crusher, cornered, hide in beast, struggling, but stand firm in their ideals, united, technobabble, escape. Done.  Second episode could have been Worf and Ravi - Spys for hire. 


    How are you getting them episodes so early?

  4. 2 hours ago, Alex W. said:

    Star Wars tends to have the same characters, objects and places show up tonnes in a way that makes the world seem kind of small. Pet peeve.

    Ah ok sure. Came across like you were having a go at me for something.

  5. On 09/03/2023 at 00:22, Vulgar Monkey said:

    So I wonder who the cowardly R5 belonged to back in the day. Someone, right?



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    Was hoping for some blurb on wtf the deal was with the bizarre mutant/droid....thing.


    It's the droid they tried to sell to Luke and Uncs at the start of A new hope, it blew a gasket or something and they took R2. It's made some other cameos as well, that I can't remember.

  6. That was great! It had its flaws, but you've all pointed them out already. Is the picture really dark for anyone else, seems awfully dim and part of the reason I didn't even notice the de-aging at all!


    There is also just something I can't unsee now, and it throws me out of some scenes a bit...





  7. On 04/03/2023 at 00:30, drmick said:

     Star Wars* and Dave Filoni's name was nowhere to be seen.



    Put your glasses on mate. His name was literally directly under Favreau's on the executive producer page (them being the only 2).

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