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  1. I'm guessing most cinemas still have their 3d setups. Well, assuming they didn't just chuck out all their secondary projectors.
  2. Considering the great efforts Cameron went to with the underwater filming, I'm expecting some ground-breaking water shit in this one. You can get a little glimpse of the seemingly photoreal water in this, but it's difficult to tell with the compression these trailers suffer. Youtubers can put out 4k60 videos, 2x a day, and Cameron can't put out a decent bitrate trailer...
  3. Here he is again... Yes yes, we get it, you love the last jedi. The rest of the world thinks it's shit, which is why it was retconned BY THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE, in the following movie. The fact that was worse doesn't change that fact.
  4. They're all dead to begin with.
  5. I'm such a fucking maroon. I thought this was only 8 episodes, and got really confused when you guys where talking about new stuff. Yes, this is bloody excellent!
  6. This is great. It makes me worried the ending will be unsatisfying, but lets hope!
  7. I was a little bit half asleep for this mostly, but I really was hoping for better. Some of the monster designs looked amazing, but the stories just seemed to leave me a little...what? like they would in Love and robots, or the Neil Blomkamp thing. The difference is they had a quarter of the length to setup, develop, and close the story. 5/10 9/10 for looks.
  8. I think you are VASTLY overestimating the quality of the previous film. I recently watched the 4k HDR remaster of the original, and while it "holds up" impressively well considering it's 90% CGI, it doesn't really compete with a modern star wars, or...whatever the CGI has in store for us in this case, which you absolutely cannot see from a terribly compressed 720p upscaled to 1080p, down compressed for youtube trailer.
  9. Average Story 5/10 looks 10/10 6/10 And boy oh boy, they like telling a lot of story, that really didn't tell us much story.
  10. This is absolutely the best.
  11. Well, I really enjoyed that. KEVIN! . The lawyering is fucking awful though, jfc, at least try and make it a little believable.
  12. Oooof: 4.2 on IMDB with only a few hundred votes. Yeahh, I'll give this one a miss! http://imdb.com/title/tt13009160/
  13. I thought they were still having trouble with voices at the moment though?
  14. I understand it's not the point of the show, but I do hope there's a bit of hulk smash at some point.
  15. Haven't seen the new season yet, but it was confirmed new karate kid isn't the same universe, so no chance of Jackie chan appearing.
  16. Do these live action remakes actually make money? I mean, I guess they must if they keep cranking them out...
  17. I read the cast as Halle Berry, and was thinking there's no way in fuck that looks like her. Halle Bailey
  18. Was it someone in here who mentioned the enterprise D was turning up, or maybe just the enterprise? Either way, I hope it's not just a cameo, and it's nice if they are actually pissing around on a proper starship, rather than whatever generic sci-fi ship #23 that other guy had. I have hope they've learnt from strange new worlds a bit. Oh no wait, they filmed S2 and S3 at the same time didn't they? Bugger.
  19. I was about to post how I really enjoyed that. But that scene, JFC, it's so cringey, p lease no more of that!
  20. The actual episode was less than 23 minutes, including the credits scene. That's taking the piss a little...
  21. It's actually decent. There's no anti woke bullshit, it's just a review of the series comedically shitting on all the inconsistencies. Like a poor mans Star Wars Plinkett review.
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