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  1. I have hope for this. As layton mentioned, this is getting real positive feedback from those that have seen it. Though, I remember all those "early impression" critic tweets about Rise of Skywalker and similar films.


    I did hear about some of the backstory on this though. Apparently most of the head honchos left after S2 (one to Strange New Worlds for example), and after that they binned off all the S1/S2 cast except Raffi (as they have a plan for her or something) and Seven, well, because everyone loves her. So, they have a blank sheet, and want it to be more like new TNG as it should of been from S1 rah rah.  I mean, it's all word right now, but, it's the right type of talk.


    I believe!

  2. Sorry for jumping in the thread at the end, I don't want to browse it through for risk of spoilzz. 


    I was going to give this a miss, as I have no knowledge of the games. But, this is getting mentioned (good or bad I don't know) everywhere, and with a ridiculous 9.2 on IMDB has got my attention.


    I'm assuming with that score, it's still good for someone who's not touched the series before?

  3. 5 hours ago, Festoon said:


    Not the biggest cliffhanger in history though, surely? 


    That'd be a good topic actually. I remember Alphas had a good one.

    OK, allow me a little hyperbole man! 

  4. On 10/01/2023 at 23:34, Benny said:

    Any analysis video that feels the need to put the word "sucks" in the title, let alone in all caps, is unlikely to have anything interesting to say in my experience.

    It's been proven by multiple high profile (trustworthy) youtubers you basically have to put some bullshit cllickbaity title in, if you want your video to be a hit. The difference is, at least the video ends up being good.

  5. On 26/12/2022 at 09:31, Ste Pickford said:

    Genres are just marketing categories.  You don't have to fit films (or anything else) firmly into specific marketing categories to be able to understand or appreciate them.  Just take the work as it comes and enjoy it for what it is.

    Never really thought about it like that. Quite like this perspective.

  6. All you mentioning the screens you saw it in. I feel gutted now I saw this in a regular Sony Xplus. Massive screen, big sound, amazing lazy boy style chairs, but not HFR presentation, and clearly not a hope in hell of HDR,  if not using a laser projector. The 3D was awesome, but I forgot just how damn dim it is if it's not a very specialist setup, plus being spoiled by true HDR OLED and QLED TVs at home the difference is so jarring and it often annoyed me I was missing some detail, on a film you absolutely do not wanting to be missing, being it's the primary selling point.


    It does make me excited to wat the spectacle again at home though, on a proper screen! I hope this isn't going to dwell in cinemas for months as they try to hit that $2bn threshold...

  7. On 19/12/2022 at 16:39, the_debaser said:

    Fair enough. I just hated it and decided my time would be better spent going home and finishing off Andor. Which is excellent btw. 

    Yeah, I've had a little time and a few follow up replies to reflect on that post, and I realised neither of us will agree on the correct course of action when watching a shit (fairly reasonable) film. But, I am sorry and apologise for implying you are an idiot for doing so. That was unfair and unnecessary when it's clear I wasn't joking. 

  8. 8 hours ago, Darwock said:

    I just started on it (only at episode 1) and I’m wondering why there are complaints about Warwick Davis’s acting when static faced, monotone voiced flag smasher girl is here in all her drab dullness. How does she keep getting this kind of high profile job?

    Oh no, she's in this as well? I'm sorry this is a sexist post, but how many people did she blow at Disney to get all the roles, on all the shows, when she's this terrible? 


    Something fishy is going on there. 

  9. Nope, I don't get it. I see what you guys are saying, but if you've invested the time and money to get to the cinema, you've sat through two thirds of the film, why not complete it at that point? You're really not gaining anything by leaving that far through, and I'm sorry, but  there must be a warped sense of quality going on here, because while I didn't think the film was amazing, there's absolutely, objectively, no way it's so bad it's worth walking out on like that.

  10. On 17/12/2022 at 16:43, the_debaser said:

    I just spent about 2hrs watching this and walked out of the cinema so don’t know how it ends. And to be honest I don’t care. It is unbelievably boring, and quite possibly the worst thing I’ve seen all year.  


    Avoid. 0/5. 

    I don't really know you. But the fact you walked out of a film that you paid for makes you an idiot, thus your opinion invalid.


    I just got back from a 3d showing of it. It was a mediocre film, with ground-breaking CGI, pretty much as you'd expect. The 3D in the last segment/finale was awesome, and makes me wish it hadn't died a death so badly.


    I look forward to checking out a nice 4k HDR/HFR release.

  11. On 08/12/2022 at 13:06, Loik V credern said:


    just this you mean? or something else? (while unlikely, you might know him and saw him down the pub yesterday or something)


    All of Robbie Collin's reviews are behind a paywall so i've never read any of them. His ratings are at the top though i guess. Both him and Bradshaw really liked the Will Smith slavery film Emancipation (4 stars) which surprised me as it seems hokey.


    All i'm doing is shitting on this, it's uncomfortable, i might be saying the same things over and over, i'm not sure. One last thing, i thought the visuals in Valerian were glorious, stuff like



    probably because it's brief and the film contrasts so many different vivid environments rapidly and constantly.

    Such an underrated film this. So many cool concepts and amazing visuals. 


    1 hour ago, cassidy said:

    Can't argue with a single word of that post. 


    Im just gonna have faith in Gunn.  It's all I got left. 

    To take a positive slant on things. It seems they are cleaning house a bit, so maybe they have vision.

  13. 8 hours ago, PaB said:

    Conversely I predict  it’s going to be one of the top five highest grossing films of all time . It will easily make a profit 

    I think Cameron was quoted saying it needs to do 2 bills...I'm not sure it's gonna do that. 


    I have my 4k 3d xplus tickets booked for 18th! :omg:

  14. 10 minutes ago, George Clooney said:

    There’s a bunch more going around about what’s planned now too, with the speculation that the new guys in charge are effectively gonna reboot the DC movie verse.  Reports of Aquaman 2 being the characters swan song and Mamoa being tapped up for a Lobo movie, which he’s very interested in doing.  While they’re now expecting Black Adam to turn a profit, it’s not been nearly as successful as they’d hoped (and despite The Rocks attempts to paint it otherwise on Twitter) so talks of a sequel are reportedly not so keen now.  Cavil has shot more cameos (at least one for Flash) which may not be used now, as despite them getting him back, they are unsure about doing a Man of Steel 2 either, leading to people thinking they’re cutting ties with the current casting to potentially reboot.  The Pattison Bats films are unaffected as they’re considered separate to the main DC film universe, same with the Joker sequel.  Gunn and the other guy I can’t remember are presenting their pitch/vision for the future this week to Warner, though I imagine itll be a while before we hear much of what come of it, as at this point I assume it’d all be for future projects that aren’t in progress yet.  It’d be a shame if the get rid of some of the old casting though - Robbie is perfect as Harley, and I’d love see her get that film with Ivy in, Cavill I’m sure would be great in a better Supes film.


    Of course this could all be bollocks and we hear of Black Adam vs Superman announced next week.  The Rock sounds a bit delusional though, he compared BA to the first Cap film, which they’ve done similar takings to, but also implying it’s also a “foundation of building a new universe”…..he knows they’ve had nearly 10 years of films already, doesn’t he?



    I hope this shit came from one of those talking heads on YouTube. And not somewhere credible. 

  15. Just started watching Chainsaw man. Starting episode 3. It's animated by the same people that will be animating One Punch Man S3. It's very good so far and obviously looks very much like One Punch. 


    It's pervy main character is so VERY NOT Western 2022, or even western 2010 tbf. So, there's your warning.

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