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  1. The actual episode was less than 23 minutes, including the credits scene. That's taking the piss a little...
  2. It's actually decent. There's no anti woke bullshit, it's just a review of the series comedically shitting on all the inconsistencies. Like a poor mans Star Wars Plinkett review.
  3. Really? Nothing on Newsgroups. EDIT: Found 3 torrents with it. Though I don't like that route...
  4. What's the rationale behind delaying the 4k release?
  5. This was great. I was expecting to come on rollmuck just so I could understand why I'm supposed to think it's shit.
  6. Orville S3 and this are the trek we've been waiting for for 20 years.
  7. I read something which I'm sure was linked here. It's not that they're sloppy per se. It's just they have 50 shows coming out a month. It's basically a conveyer belt of constant content, and they farm out all the vfx to whoever is the lowest bidder. Then beat them down on deadlines, even with multiple changes. So this causes the inconsistencies in their VFX, as it's essentially just rushed garbage. EDIT: Couple that in with directors that aren't experienced with the medium (because they're farming out to whoever...), so less adept at shooting something with VFX in mind, again, adds to the workload with more changes etc.
  8. That's because something like orville only needs a few recycled star ship sets, that they flit between across the episode, with some occasional off world green screen. Whereas, obi one has one single static LED unreal engine s...hang on a minute!
  9. Ahh, looks like some people are getting upset about a petite girl going up against a pred. Which I guess on the face of it does sound a little ridiculous considering the strength delta, even against an arnie type. But I'd also assume they address that logically and she's not flinging the pred around like a super hero. No point getting angry at a film you haven't even seen yet...
  10. Looks it's getting 1 star bombed a bit on IMDB. Is this because the lead is female?
  11. I mean, is it? Their sole job is to make money after all. That is done buy increasing sales revenue and reducing cost of sale. If this makes more money, or indeed lowers their costs for the year, then it's absolutely the right choice for them to make. I mean, sucks for us, but, it is a business after all. Most non nerd types wont even have realised there was a batwomangirl and supergirl coming out to even miss them.
  12. I'm conflicted. I REALLY want the flash movie, but cmon, Ezra seems like a proper shitty person, and they don't deserve having one of the biggest movies of the last 10 years on their resume...and to be paid for it. You kinda just have to behave for a little bit, no? I think we can all excuse an actor having a bad day and/or being a bit drunk and off to the public because they're getting harassed like a bitch, then they flip, and their bad decision is then forever burned to the internet. Then you have the crazy manipulation and erratic stuff Ezra is displaying. Batgirl/woman (sorry I missed that!). Yeah, that's doomed unless they can work out a way to make some cash out of it.
  13. Eh. Not being from Glasgow, like the vast, vast majority of the world, I wouldn't be able to spot the discrepancies, and they probably went there to save money to begin with.
  14. So deffo cameos from Sheevy and Vader...
  15. Halo completely blew away my expectations after some weird backlash it was getting online. It was great, and the opening scenes establishing the significant threat, and then how completely baddass Master Chief is...👌
  16. Well, I never watched the Batgirl TV show, but that was supposed to be terrible. If the movie follows that, it's not too much of a surprise. They would have just weighed up the costs of polishing off the film, vs the increase in subs cash for releasing a turd....The Flash is the big boy tent pole, movie which will make money, even if some boycott it for Crazy Miller.
  17. You're kidding right? I barely recognised her, that's some Nicole Kidman level surgery going on there. Everyone else just seems to have aged naturally.
  18. This looks really fun! But they should have made her more hulky, for less uncanny valley stuff. But then I guess she wouldn't look "sexy" or something? Oh, I guess hulk's arm has healed finally, I wondered if that would be permanent.
  19. Cgi has really been turned up this season, especially the latest ep. I took a quick look back at the very first episode and the difference is actually considerable,which is funny because I didn't notice anything at first. Very nice subtle, but significant improvements, the best way to do it.
  20. Time to rename the thread! I'm also really surprised the auralnauts channel hasn't blown up yet. It really deserves to. It's not just some lame talking head or *wretch* a reaction vid. 🤮
  21. I thought us was good slash interesting. Though it was just download, no idea about it, with zero expectations.
  22. Ole David(e) never really was that into her. If they make this, they'll be over within a month on the outside anyway.
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