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  1. If you want? But that's not what I said... Merely the whole media hoohaa around this particular actress is because disney specifically drew attention to it, and then it's just a vicious cycle. Racists gonna racist, activists gonna activate. Calling your whole fanbase racist in public, in a pre-emptive PR statement is a bloody terrible move, and just invites the racists and wack jobs on both sides.
  2. Disney started it: https://boundingintocomics.com/2022/05/31/star-wars-makes-bizarre-late-night-tweet-about-racism-and-obi-wan-kenobi-actress-moses-ingram/ As I also said, you'll get racist remarks about anything, all the time, it's the internet, it's a loud, vocal minority. There wasn't an issue with her until the show aired, because you know, the inqusitors have been... a bit shit so far.
  3. I don't mind the direction they've taken Obi Wan, it's a little too on the nose pathetic, and there are other ways to take it, but ya know, it's fine if that's the choice they want to take. I'm guessing he has some epiphany and owns vader in the face the next time they meet (after being beaten close to death or other some contrivance). I will be genuinly dissapointed if he doesn't get a badass redemption moment at some point. Oh, and of course "hello there!". Has this whole thing about Moses Ingram literally been started by disney themselves, and their moronic fucking tweet accusing their fans of being racist before the fact? I didn't hear one person bitch about her being in the role, the whole controversy seems to be based around the reaction by disney themselves. Of course you'll get racist niche comments for anything, it's the internet, but there is no mass outcry about her that I've seen. I mean, until the show started, as she's not great so far. But, all of the inquisitors are shit in this and so underwhelming. Maybe that's being mislabelled as racism? I didn't hear anyone bitch about Rosario as Ashoka (historically voiced by a blonde white lady for the last decade), why? Because she was fucking good.
  4. Forum meet up for it? I've never been to any type of con, so going with some likeminded folk would be exciting!
  5. This was awesome! The effects are indeed, all over the place. From amazing covenant faces, to 2006 cgi scenery. However, (I'm not trying to flex here btw) the 4k HDR episodes look awesome. Far better than Marvel and Lucasarts have turned out recently. Strange new worlds is the only new thing that looks as good. Recommended/10 (if you can get hold of it!)
  6. He still hasn't bloody said it though has he.
  7. For anyone watching this for trek and who HASN'T watched strange new worlds because discovery is piss. Go watch that too if you want actual trek. It's actual, actual trek, and not Orville's very excellent impersonation of trek.
  8. I am loving this so far, but those bits already mentioned are really dumb, It's so odd they get through considering the budget and prominence of this show. Perhaps it's just Ewan and the whole starwars and vaderness that's elevating it, and it is just a bit sloppy?
  9. I swear some of you are just smoking crack. Bland, boring? Did you mf's not see this bit within the first few minutes of episode one. That is grade fucking A starwars, and you're missing out on it's awesomeness, because some costume, or character wasn't quite what you expected. CANCEL RLLMUK!
  10. They better fucking have that line in the series at some point or I'll cut a bitch.
  11. This looks like it could be fun. Though yeah, some of that CG (and especially the shot in the thumbnail), ooof, I 100% thought it was an animated show initially.
  12. I gotta say, I like P Stew a little bit less after this show, which is a shame. I guess the ego rules over all after a while.
  13. So, just rewatching avatar now. It doesn't look quite as good as I remember, but dang, it's amazing that a film that's over 12 years old and is mostly CGI, still completely holds up today, and is in some instances, better than what we get now. Put the bloody coal in that hype train baby! Choo Choo!
  14. Wait wait wait. Hold the fuck on. 2 episodes down and it's still good? What is going on here?
  15. Unreal Engine 5 may give it some competition... Yes that's right - there's no real footage in this clip.
  16. I hope they don't kill thor off. But they will won't they.
  17. There gonna need something unique like the 3d last time as the attraction. What's the plan this time? I assume there is something...
  18. Yep Works fine with the inbuilt apps, but obviously, I don't need them for a monitor.
  19. I downloaded another copy that was just HDR, looked amazing! DV stuff (that doesn't also contain the HDR10 data like normal) just looks purple and green.
  20. Well, it didn't work for me, then I did a bit of googling, and it appears the OS doesn't play DV properly from an MKV. Maybe I got a dud one? I find it kinda reassuring you've had success!
  21. Yeah, this would of been a pretty neat double episode romp.
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