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  1. That was great! But then again, episode 1 of picard season 2 wasn't bad either.
  2. Just started watching this and I'm not sure if it's just because it's available in 4k (Dolby vision can't be played on PC or via the OS on an LG so no HDR yet) but holy shit, it looks night and day slicker and prettier than picard, which I watched just a bit earlier. Like it was made 10 years later!
  3. Ergh, that's one of the worst parts of that film. A simple line of dialogue, ANYTHING could have been said that wouldn't be so fecking dumb, with all their advanced tech. Anyway, this trailer has me proper hyped, much more than that teaser. Anyone know how the budget on this compares to Mando?
  4. I mean, it takes me about 20 seconds to click a link to a "site" click type "picard s02e09" and click a second time, then 2 minutes later it's downloaded. It's 10x more effort me replying to this post then it is to download it, and streaming sites are shite if watching on a PC, so it's often easier to just pirate if I want to watch on the PC instead of somewhere else.
  5. It's a shame they used Mr Average Action Sam Worthington though. I bet they would have binned him off if he wasn't integral to the next 10 parts.
  6. Oh, I didn't realise Justin Lin actually left!
  7. Even no way home, which I had a rewatch with the 4k HDR copy the other day, has some less than great sequences. Clearly not all the shots get all the same attention/budget.
  8. Everyone mocks this now. It'll be huge, with a mediocre story, but it's fucking EPIC looking, with GROUND BREAKING new visuals. Everyone will lap it up and return to the cinema, because you bet we're going to have a marketing machine kick start with that first trailer next month, issuing everyone free tickets on the hype train. I'm in. Choo choo!
  9. I'm sure I saw an interview of Kamail, and he said he just decided he wanted to get buff, and not just be squishy comedy relief anymore (he was getting jacked in later Silicon Valley's). Considering all the delays to things over the last 2 years, that could of been a cover, but he came across as just wanting to be a bit healthy.
  10. So how strong is this chap supposed to be? I noticed a lot of early comparisons to batman before we got much content, but then watched that he's clearly "super" and not just some chump with a nifty tool belt and a degree in Krav Maga.
  11. Oh fuck you Lost. That's some bullshit finale.
  12. TBF, I went through the UK stuff that was available recently, and it's not much better. I just skip all the guff and watch the what, 5/6 3 minute fights? Unless I'm particularly interested in the repairs.
  13. Favourite flash was the one in the animated justice league unlimited.
  14. I'm hoping you had a few beers before this comment as I though a lot of the effects were dreadful for a movie with a 140m budget!
  15. Oh, ok! I still want a flash movie though! I really liked them in the role, for the most part, and the Snyder cut made the flash piece better. Plus, EDIT: This is a mention of a couple of other characters who are in the film. But I only found out about one of them a few days ago.
  16. Think I'll wait for the 4k release. Should be tomorrow!
  17. Dude can't handle his booze, eh? Not exactly crime of the century, but perhaps he should cool it with getting to sloshed in public.
  18. That's a shame. The ending was a bit by the numbers, but I would of liked another season with that hanging cliff.
  19. IcEBuRN

    Top Boy

    is it worth watching summerhouse first or skipping it?
  20. Her eyes are too close together. My grandpa said never trust someone with eyes too close together...
  21. Put the crack pipe down dekay, and step away from the keyboard.
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