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  1. So, I know why people have a problem with Urbans Butcher accent. I'm just revisiting the very first episode. OMG, he sounds fucking Aussie :lol:. I think the lean in to the Dick Van Dyke (which is fine in season 3, I can get behind that) must of been later on, and we've all conflated it with previous seasons.

  2. I agree with all the problems and positives mentioned here, but still really enjoy it.


    I like the idea the story it's telling as a whole, but this doesn't have enough material to stretch for 6 episodes. I really whish they had done a ~2 hour minute proper Star Wars movie. So they wouldn't rush the script and fill it with ridiculous contrivances, and had a proper budget to setup proper set pieces. :(

  3. 7 minutes ago, The Bag said:

    That doesn’t look better to me, it looks a lot more fake & plastic.  It looks like they’ve just run a smoothing pass over it so it looks unnatural.  Don’t get me wrong I think the original could be much better, he looks too old, mainly around the jaw.

    I mean yeah, of course it looks shit. The point is, this is one guy with a PC, who did it in literal hours...That's £500 quid labour for someone on the payroll, at best. So I dunno, maybe chuck a couple of hundred grand at that and see what happens...

  4. 1 hour ago, Don Rosco said:


    I haven't caught up with the rest of the thread yet but FOR FUCKS SAKE don't link to that piece of shit site full of fucking lies.


    Moses ingram posted many viciously racist messages she got on instagram, and said there was hundreds more. Then Disney responded, and so did Ewan McGregor.


    bounding into comics is a fully involved arm of those comicsgate / geeksngamers shitheads, so don't believe a fucking word of it.

    Sorry mate. I don't know of the site, it was just the top result on google when I searched referencing the tweet!

  5. 4 minutes ago, Thor said:

    You could have just said you were wrong, but oh no, you just couldn't help yourself ... you just had to add "they realised their writing is shit, and so pulled the race card to hide behind". Fucking hell... :facepalm:

    C'mon mate, really? The writing is shit, she IS shit...so far, though I think we all see where her story arc is going. Why are you trying to bust my chops for that opinion? I "fear" that's the narrative that is coming out, hence my previous posts. You are mis interpreting me, and it's not appreciated. I didn't *say* they think they're writing is shit so they're hiding behind the race card. I said, my whole reason for posting was because I feared that, and I took (most) of it back, and there you are, still attacking. Jesus christ, sorry for having a different viewpoint and then trying to listen and learn from other people.

  6. Alright, ok ok guys! I'll admit defeat on this one (slightly haha). 


    I still think Disney should have played that a bit smarter, because no shit, anyone that isn't a white straight male, WILL get some shit on the internet regardless of what they do. I'm just trying to view the community positively, and that people (most people) aren't just gonna lynch someone because of their race or gender, and there, IMO is legitimate criticism to be levied at this character, and other characters "of colour", and I don't want it to be a defence shield if Disney, or whoever else doles out some shit writing, and hides behind discrimination.


    But yeah, ok, I had a think, read your replies. I will retreat :unsure:

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