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  1. I'm hoping you had a few beers before this comment as I though a lot of the effects were dreadful for a movie with a 140m budget!
  2. Oh, ok! I still want a flash movie though! I really liked them in the role, for the most part, and the Snyder cut made the flash piece better. Plus, EDIT: This is a mention of a couple of other characters who are in the film. But I only found out about one of them a few days ago.
  3. Think I'll wait for the 4k release. Should be tomorrow!
  4. Dude can't handle his booze, eh? Not exactly crime of the century, but perhaps he should cool it with getting to sloshed in public.
  5. That's a shame. The ending was a bit by the numbers, but I would of liked another season with that hanging cliff.
  6. IcEBuRN

    Top Boy

    is it worth watching summerhouse first or skipping it?
  7. Her eyes are too close together. My grandpa said never trust someone with eyes too close together...
  8. Put the crack pipe down dekay, and step away from the keyboard.
  9. Well, there we go. I think the result was just. I'm going to love the social media humble pie/excuses getting dished out over the next few days.
  10. https://www.segi.tv/thorvseddie YES! BTW, I don't believe either does roids, saying that is a really shitty statement based on nothing. They certainly do not have roid physiques, so cut that crap out please. Otherwise, I AM HYPED FOR THIS!!!
  11. No need for that. I've just come up with a better idea. Send them far into the future, where they don't need to worry about interfering with anything cannon. Star Trek - No way home.
  12. She shouldn't really have a problem with it then really. Let Ariel have it.
  13. Now chop chop Reuben, and go watch the actual show!
  14. Yep, done 4 episodes so far and it's great. It's like a horror version of lost.
  15. That' does some like the sort of attitude some trek nerds would have. "I SAW ONE EPISODE, IT WAS SHIT." SNORT.
  16. What trekkies are hating on the Orivlle, I've never seen that. Perhaps discovery fans. But no actual trekkies.
  17. Good excuse to watch the boys again before the new season starts. That's all 4k.
  18. Which is essentially what time travel is. Creating infinite universes for infinite possibilities. I didn't like that explanation, as it goes against my PHD in sci fi I have from watching all this crap.
  19. I wonder what the thought process is on these shifties. It seems cinema is recovering, Spiderman and The Batman have done well. But I guess The Flash and to a lesser extent Aquaman are bigger properties for Warner than Shazam and the unknown black Adam? So perhaps they're banking on 2023 when the world is really fully back to normal for those 2?
  20. This is absolutely batshit. I have to wonder if they have an endgame here, or just lick the next tab and write away each week.
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