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  1. I dont seem to recall Vagrant Story having any voice acting.

    Fantastic game tho, one of my faves of all time. It's a shame so many people give up because they havent understood the weapons systems (it took me 2 goes) and end up doing 2 points to damage and taking half an hour to kill the bosses. If you choose the correct weapons you can wipe the floor with most of the enemies.

    I hope for a sequel some day.

    May not have been, it was about 5 years ago - and my memory's terrible. What matters though is the dialogue really shone! ;)

  2. Great, but too hard, and the weapon making section was confusing. It needed a better manual.

    Still, fantastic game up to about 50%.

    The piggyback guide helped me no end with the understanding of weaponary modification. It also had a really helpful stat guide for all the monsters, and provided a good read on all the character histories.

  3. I thought Andy C produced loads of tunes, on his Ram Records label?!

    He was Origin Unknown along with Ant Miles as far as I know, and did all the Ram Raiders series etc etc....correct me if I'm wrong.

    Aye you're right, I actually meant to mention that on his original cd (yellow front, dnb arena) are filled full of other people's tunes. Imo that's the best record out with his name on it.

    Apologies about that. ;)

  4. I'm re-buying this tommorow, and it's going to be the only game I play over christmas.

    Why? Becuase it's awesome. So awesome infact, it shames nearly all squares ps1 titles (and even ps2 titles) in terms of plot and even graphics. I thought the combat system was nigh on perfect too - real time, with chaining. What a great idea.

    Everything seemed so epic, so deep - the voice acting was fantastic, the character design sublime (reminded me of what a real final fantasy game should have looked like at the time), the setting with all those beautiful stained glass windows and green rolling vistas, and some of the monsters were truly huge.

    There was one scene which really hit home the emotional affect of this game though (spoiler warning)

    Flashback sequence. You're sitting having a picnic with your wife and young son, everything seems perfect, the sky is a perfect blue, your wife smiles at you, stands up and takes a walk. You don't notice as you're pacifying your little boy, but you hear a painful scream turn around in shock to see two men driving a sword through your wifes stomach. Everything paces in a monotone slow motion now, your mind is spinning.

    I watched that scene and sat in absolute terror. That's the kind of storytelling that grips and immerses you into giving a shit about what you're doing.

    If i'm correct in thinking this is one of the highest rated games in Famitsu? They hit the nail on the head there but in the west I think it's generally overlooked, or worse - forgotten. I'd love to see some kind of remake, or even a story in the vs universe on the ps2/psp.

  5. Shitmat and Venetian Snares. Yeah.

    They're not drum and bass though.

    VS is a mixture between mid warp style drill and bass and autechre, and shitmat varies so much it's insane. One minute he's raving it up proper junglist style, next he's in for a spot of gabba/fast techno crazyness.

    By the term drum and bass you mean the artists who are producing true rolling dnb that have been mentioned before:




    Andy C (doesen't actually make the tunes, just a great dnb dj in his own right)

    Fabio/Grooverider (see above)

    Concord Dawn


    London Electricity

    Total Science

  6. The Roots.

    The Postal Service.

    The Arcade Fire.

    The Mars Volta.

    The Plastic Constellations.

    The Total Non-Issues.

    So you don't like the current trend for radio-friendly indie rock; that's cool beans. But this ill-advised diatribe against the word 'the' is simply UNACCEPTABLE, GUY.

    o/\o for you.

  7. Ok, just to let everyone know - Monday's the warm up night and Tuesdays are the proper session night.

    Tonight i'll be on from 6pm onwards, again anyone who wants a few games, practice or whatever please add my gamertag:- Jairus

    I hope I'll see a few more of you on this time, hopefully for longer than I lasted though :)

  8. Where are you buying it for £200? Is that the current price on Ebay?

    I was thinking that, it's a filthy price. Brand spankingly good condition second hand copies are going for £100-130, there's just no point in paying those silly prices tbh.

    And also - Seanr, I didn't realise that about the green lights, but that's a bit pathetic no? The leds in the buttons are more a gimmick than anything useful, even when the communicator buttons flash I don't realise as i'm constantly getting feedback of what's happening from on the screen.

  9. He's just expressing the joyous feelings he's having about a game he loves. It could be anything.

    It's a love-in thread, the point being that you share with everyone the love for a game you're playing at the moment, and it's making you adore games more than ever.

    For me it's Pokemon Blue on the original gb. Every new monster I encounter, every new trainer I face, every new town I enter - i'm 13 again and loving every minute of it. It's making me realise why I play games.

    It's not the feeling of speculating about what the next gen might bring, or the idle and pointless banter about the closure/merger/overtaking of devcos, it's not even getting excited about the release of new hardware or a new title - it's the feeling of playing a brilliant videogame.

    It's christmas, i'm immersed, and I love it :)

  10. If your son likes fast cars, try and get hold of Initial D (the 3rd or Fourth series are the best), it's really good, and whilst he might be lost on some of the dialogue, the racing sections never failt to impress - fan of anime or not!

    Last Exile is a good choice (set in a pseudo-17th century fantasy world with airships and such, very final fantasy!) as is Gundam Wing/Seed, also you might want to dig around for Naruto, the new Pokemon series and Trigun.

    Manga-wise you want to be looking at Appleseed, Macross Plus and possibly Akira.

  11. I forgot how much fun the scene is where he's hiding in the shrubbery shooting at all the baddies as they're running across the lawn.

    Whoo look at him go with that machine gun!

    He's got to have just killed about 200 people in 5 minutes.

  12. Steel Battalion 2 Hopefully on the same hardware, i'd like to see a whole new singleplayer campaign, with a whole host of new VT's, weapons, and even 4th and 5th generation machines. I'd like the live support to be hosted on microsoft servers so that it's much easier and lag free to connect and play. I'd also like to see some sort of clan implementation ala Halo 2 as I think it'd be very competitive.

    Maybe if capcom released a cut price controller (cheaper parts etc) it would entice more people to buy the game also.

    New Treasure Shooter - Project RS3? After playing and finishing both radiant silvergun and ikaruga this year, and not being content with Psyvariar 2/Gradius V enough to warrent playing them as much as I played treasures original titles, i'd like to see a return to form with a game that uses a wholey new and innovative system - preferably akin to RS's complex nature. No matter what platform.

    New Super Mario World I'm not talking paper mario or an offshoot in the series ala a 3d superstar saga or such. I'd like to see the whole mario package in golrious 3d, on the gamecube. SM64 managed it wonderfully, and with the GC's power it should have already been done. Sunshine was great, but it was one island. I'd like to see Super Marios World in 128 kthnx.

  13. There are no shit games.

    There are, however, games that you personally do not enjoy. This does not make them shit.

    Everyone has, at some point, enjoyed a game that those "in the know" claimed was shit.

    The end.

    Wrong, americas most wanted is complete shit. I challenge anyone in the world to play that abortion and enjoy it. They can't, it's beyond bad.

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