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  1. Certain stores are actually flogging them now.
  2. No, i'm not talking about the reivews/features. A quick glance at the new logo/front cover would be nice.
  3. excuse me if i'm being ignorant, but is it against the forums rules to put a few scans up of the new mag, just to see what it looks like. Most of us will already be buying it - i'd love to actually see what it's like, and having looked for it this morning i'm assuiming it's not out in the shops yet.
  4. Jairus

    Favourite Peel Session?

    He hosted a fall set a few weeks ago i'm sure, which was really really good. It could've been an old one however, I really enjoyed it.
  5. A few weeks ago, a friend and I decided to form a band with the sole aim of screaming about being eight-bit. It was all good for a laugh, but then we started making some more tracks and developing the style a little, the lyrics are genius however. It's pseudo-serious, and we've been asked by a friend's band if we would like to start gigging with them once we've got enough material together. Anyway, I thought it was appropriate to put it on here. First person to tell me what the backing track is from wins a curly wurly. Bastard Rider Crisis
  6. We need sega to make Hang-On 2. That's all.
  7. So it's called the PS2 (again) and not the PStwo? Whaaa?
  8. Does anyone remember Pussy City Pimps? I actually have that bucaneered on my xbox. It's fantastic. I think i've got HIV on it though.
  9. VAGRANT STORY Vagrant = homeless, drunk, bum = tramp Story = tale = tail = cock = TRAMPS COCK That's what the guys at Square were thinking. Vib Ribbon. I don't know why, but I love the word ribbon. I love those ribbon cables you get with the steel battalion controller, they feel fantastic. Also, the word VIB seems to just escape from your mouth really quickly. VIB.
  10. Is this a clone of the arcade Gwange? I have that on my xbox over alpha and it's pretty sweet.
  11. It doesent look very polished, but at least the dc homebrew scene are actaully getting games finished and out there still. I have a soft spot for any new dc releases so it's made me slightly happier.
  12. Along with Halo, it was the only game I had for it early this year. I think I played it every other evening till late, for about 5 months.
  13. Bloody hell eh! I don't dislike project gotham, i was just joking there! See my other post about what i think about the game...
  14. Generally, I prefer most saturn shooters over RS. I tend to find that Treasure inject great amounts of puzzle-type play into their games, and although this is not a bad thing at all, i'm just the type that loves all-out bullet dodging mayhem. On playing the latest build of Warning Forever the other night, I hastily dug out the saturn and relived all those fantastic shmup memories. Souky is just as brilliant as it always was. I'm still in awe of the sprite-sizing on the 3rd mission where you're coming down from space and fighting the land troops. Revisiting also makes me aware that the targeting system is not at all dissimilar from that of Rez's, if you know what I mean. Hyper Duel was always one of my favourites and still is, you can't beat turning from a fighter jet to a mech and launching triple lazer beams half the size of the screen! Dodonpachi seems all too easy now for some reason, but there are some true poetic moments when you're 'in the zone' and you just don't know how you're surviving uber bullet death! Also worth a huge mention are Strikers 1945 and Battle Garegga. I never knew they had giant Planes/Zeppelins/Warships that turned into space travelling Mecha in the second world war....
  15. I've played PGR2 for 300+ hours, in that time i've clocked up a air amount of kudos and generally got a lot from the game. It's a nice racer, but it's very lacking, it seems too polished in parts, and not enough in others. The add on packs are fantastic, and continue to ensure this is a game I still delve into now and again. TRD2 is a different kettle of fish. With this game I can be trundling along in a supertruck, or go crazy in gt40, or a skyline, or a lancer, or a nascar type thing, or a formula race car, the list is almost endless. Sure it's not as customisable as other racers, but the amount of tracks and vehicles are enough to keep you coming back. I find the level of detail intriguing, and i love learning new ways to turn different corners, or shave that lap time a little more. If you smash into a side barrier in PGR2, you bounce straight off (generally) but if you do the very same in TRD2, you're out - I love it. The kudos system tries to make you drive better and more efficiently, but with an inferior physics model, I don't feel like i'm driving half the cars on project gotham. Also, on toca, listen to the skyline's engine as you change up the gears. It's dreamy.
  16. Have you ever played Soukygurentai and thought 'FUCK ME THIS IS AMAZING'. There you have it. I reckon the 16/32bit borderline years from 94-98 were possibly the best.
  17. PGR2 > TRD2. Framerate, collision damage, car models, choice of vehicles, sense of speed and imho, the Live! mode. All of these things makes TRD2 the superior racer for the time being. Purefax etc.
  18. Pah. PGR2 is for chumps. Mr. Black, i'll see you on TRD2, let's see if you're so great then.
  19. Well done, they're sexual. Oh so sexual.
  20. A bit off topic here but:- Where was my LCD-based remote with my ipod?
  21. Jairus


    Just got round to having a proper listen to Medulla, and it's fantastic. I love the whole beauty-through-beatboxing/acapella approach. She's done something different, and it sounds gorgeous. The single 'Who is it?' has to be by far one of my favourite songs at the moment. It's really quite breathtaking.
  22. I can',t actually wait for the opening of LemonAmiga. All those fond memories of body blows, x-copy, street fighter II and deluxe paint
  23. Not heard, but i',ll be sure to check them out!, I should really join that cd mix club, sounds like fun.
  24. The Album Leaf Explosions In The Sky Mum Sigur Ros The One Am Radio Mogwai The Postal Service All experimental prog-post rock bands. I don',t care for labels however - I just call it all pretty music.
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