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    Drum N Bass

    Dnb wise I mostly listen to: Dieselboy - The Dungeonmasters Guide, 6ixth session Anything by Concord Dawn London Electricity T-Bone Winamp radio seems to have a good selection of stations which play some really filthy grime. Fabio and Rider on a friday night (radio 1) play some great tracks too.
  2. I really enjoyed everything played, the documentary was really in-depth and interesting, however the Shitmat and Scotch egg session was one of the best things i've ever heard on radio one period. Big up to the ad aat crew, something really against the grain - the bosses at the bbc must have been terrified
  3. It's lo-fi, I don't want it to sound clean and crisp. I also couldn't give two shits about the gabba/techno scene to be perfectly honest. I'm just after creating something blippy and happy. I think i've captured that feeling well. I'd love to hear some of your stuff if possible afterbirth?
  4. Thanks for your comments afterbirth but trying to mature my sound is not what i'm aiming for. With this collection of songs (and other tracks i'm working on currently) i've purposely gone for the happy medleys and erratic jungle-style drill beats. I thought the almost too tongue-in-cheek 'sabrepulse' sample which kicks off the gabba style section in raid error would be enough to signify this. Also, when you say 'base sounds' i'm unsure as you what you mean. The only thing I actually used fruityloops for was as a basic tracker, to slice the beats (which I created and imported myself using cooledit) and the wasp plugin - which beefed up and accompanied the sine and saw sounds of the gameboy channels. At the end of the day it's not going to be for everyone, I just thought I might as well show some people how I was progressing on it - and also to maybe get some feedback from people who make similar music.
  5. That's the kind of criticism I was looking for, thanks. With regards to hell division, i've actually put a demo version up there - the last 30-40 seconds or so of that track was rushed, and I realise the beats are slightly mid-judged. The timing for the bootup screen 'coin noise' is also wrong, i'm going to rework the ending when i've got some more time. The ending to she phases was supposed to continue into the theme of the next track (deskjet) with regards to it's seemingly random music box medly - You're probably right though as i'm starting to think it maybe sounds too random, like i've just stuck it in there as a filler. Funnily enough, you've picked out the weak points that I too identified with all the tracks - so it's good to know that i'm in tune with what i'm not doing very well. Thanks for the comments anyway.
  6. o/\o with all of the above. A truly mesmerising game, and the only one in the series that had me gripped enough to finish it. I could never play it alone, and my friends who sat watching it unfold in the dark all say it's the best survival horrot game they've ever seen. it's on my 'to play again' list for this xmas.
  7. I plan on creating a 'Make My Tea 2' thread when I get home from work. Davros....
  8. Souky w1ns. Hands down. Go home.
  9. Jairus

    Make My Tea

    It went really well. Must've had the pasta on too low becuase the bacon had been cooked for about ten minutes before it was ready. Added plenty of grated cheese, black pepper and two eggs to the pasta, mixed well for about a minute and then served with a small salad. Very nice!
  10. Produced using flstudio 4.15 (only really using the slicer and wasp), Ableton Live 4, Cooledit 2, a gameboy pocket, gameboy camera (dj function) and a Yamaha PSS-450. Thanks to Yonlu also for the inspiration that came about with the Deskjet remix. I've been working pretty hard on getting the beats precise, but i've also been experimenting with different synth sounds which are similar to the 3 channels on the gameboy. My favourite is 'she phases', but I also think raid error is a good opener for the cd. I've got another 5 tracks i'm fiddling about with at the moment. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated, enjoy! Sabrepulse - Raid Error Sabrepulse - Hell Division Sabrepulse - She Phases Sabrepulse - Deskjet (Remix) (Also, i'll be playing live at the end of January with Tajfel Nipple and Pigs In Blankets - unconfirmed venue but i'm sure i'll post it up on here nearer the time)
  11. You guys were in there far too long. Games like that should usually take around 20 minutes at the most. Was that the game that manta guy created? If anyone wants a game before next tuesday i'll probably be on. The lag was really killing me though, I don't know wether it was me, or a combination of us all.
  12. When you went offline I thought you'd dropped out on me then man I reckon we might have enough for a 2v2 if we're lucky.
  13. Ok guys, i know beertiger and malevolent panda have sent me invites, i accepted the,, but I was busy making tea so I couldn't talk to you (blame davros...) I'm going to go on loc, set up a chat room on free mission and invite everyone in. EDIT: Add me to msn (absintheparty@hotmail.com) if you're having trouble in the menus or anything
  14. Jairus

    Make My Tea

    Both fine suggestions, but I think davros is the winner. Thanks! I'll reply back with how it turned out later.
  15. Ok so you won't be making it I realise, but i've got a full evening with nothing to do so I thought i'd spend some time making something to eat before I get stuck into xbox live later on! Also take into account my weekly shopping gets done on thursdays, so I've not got a vast amount to choose from In the fridge: 7 rashers of rindless back bacon, 10 eggs, a block of mild cheddar, mayo, salad cream, salad toms and half an iceberg lettuce. Freezer: Nothing of interest really, oven chips, corn on the cob and potato wedges Cupboards: 2 bags each of Farfalle and Fusilli, 4x baking spuds, bag of apples. a few tins of baked beans, tinned ham and the token array of salt, pepper and a few unmarked spices my mother kindly left me. So then, any ideas?
  16. Ok, been on since 3 - haven't been able to get into a single game! Is anyone still interested?
  17. Anyone still playing now? I'm on halo 2 now and i've not played anyone from here before.
  18. Ok people, i'm going to be online from now till later, Gamertag = Jairus
  19. You're right, let's go and pirate all the games in gamestations second hand section eh? Becuase their respective publishers/developers won't get a penny out of a secondhand sale...
  20. I was going to pay £250 for a value pack and ridge racer from one guy.
  21. I've just been tempted to get hold of a copy of fire red/leaf green for this xmas. How similar actually is it to the originals?
  22. Yes, but I also know what sonys build quality is like. The only ps2s i've ever bought have both been defective, and replaced.
  23. Jairus

    Glassjaw Split

    You're probably talking about 'Worship and Tribute', which imo was far, far below the fantastic debut that 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence' was. The lyrics from that record are stark, beautful, haunting and poetic. The way that palumbo protrays his hurt (and illness) has yet to be bettered by any artist i've heard. Just an opnion, obviously.
  24. Does it really matter? I don't have a greatest game. I have many. How any of you can believe one game is better than everything else is beyond me.
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