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  1. Freelancer. Check it out online too, as it's excellent.
  2. Ok, i'm going to be playing loc tonight, so if anyone wants to have a warm up session, or would like to learn the basics (i'm not the greatest player, but i'm very familiar with the game online) i'll be on hand to help.
  3. If you're trying to be funny, it didn't work. Those are the best games i've ever played, great titles on quite a few platforms. I've actually finished all of those titles bar Gemstone 3 (obviously) and Steel Battalion.
  4. Here are my list of the greatest videogames i've ever played (in no real order) Final Fantasy VII (ps1) Tomb Raider (ps1) Broken Sword (ps1) Pokemon Red/Blue (gb) OutRun (arcade) Super Mario 64 (n64) Super Mario World (snes) Super Metroid (snes) Zelda:OOT (n64) Goldeneye 007 (n64) Star Wars Trilogy (arcade) Metal Slug (arcade) Metal Gear Solid (ps1) Rage Racer (ps1) Tekken 2 (ps1) Steel Battalion (xbox) Grim Fandango (pc) Half-Life (pc) Gemstone 3 (pc) Ikaruga (dc) Shenmue (dc) Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters (amiga) Dynamite Dux (amiga) Lotus Turbo Challenge (amiga) Street Fighter II (amiga)
  5. I loved red/blue - they were perfectly formed imo, yet silver, gold, crystal, ruby, sapphire etc just seemed to go over the top, adding unnessecary elements which confused and crowded rather than helped the gameplay. I remember back in 98 when I first got my hands on a copy of red, along with a bunch of friends who ordered at the same time - we played it for months on end - traded monsters, battled each other in the playground, it was brilliant. One of the the best games i've ever played, and it still holds up today. It's just a shame nintendo had to milk the franchise to the nth degree.
  6. That play-asia banner for Ridge Racers isn't helping matters at all. I really really really want one of these, and it looks like i'm going to have to wait until february/march time now. I wish sony wouldn't drip feed its products onto the fucking market to create hype. It's a fantastic marketing strategy, but by christ it's frustrating. The crazy thing is, this time next year they'll be shovelling them to us for £100 a pop, with a free game...
  7. You are a pirate. How much does a gameboy and pokemon cost? Well i'll tell you. Gamestation. Gameboy Pocket = £9.99, Pokemon Red/Blue (unboxed) = £6.99 £16.98 Isn't really a lot of money for the machine and the game, is it? Plus you can take it wherever you like, and trade with people if you find them.
  8. Don't worry, I think he's just a bit of an idiot.
  9. Jairus

    Smartjoy Frag

    Mr Freeman, you're wrong. A mouse is an unfair advantage to other xbox live users, as it gives you a level of precision unobtainable with a joypad.
  10. Sad news. Still, it's not that bad though. It'dve probably been shite anyway. Right then, Rez psp anyone?
  11. It's not very good. I really wanted to like the negcon, but at the end of the day it failed to improve the way I played racing games. Which is what the point of it was in the first place I believe. Hilarious moving your character forward or backwards in tekken with it though. But the buttons were shit for anything other than racers.
  12. You mean...pokemon BROWN....hohohohohohooho *coat*
  13. I don't care what you say, the negcon was a shit controller. I've had two, the best game I played it with was admittedly WO2097, but still - it was a mere novelty (not unlike the JogCon) compared to playing the game properly with a digital pad.
  14. I remember christmas on pso dc! With the xmas trees in the lobby! Sweet, sweet memories...
  15. Oh no. 3 Inches Of Blood. Now there's some VT music. Either that or DJ M1D1.
  16. The Polar Express. I've heard it's shit. EDIT: And the nightmare before christmas is somewhere in Kingdom Hearts, right?
  17. Jairus

    Glassjaw Split

    Of course for anyone in the know this really doesen't come as a suprise with the event of Daryl Palumbo's edge-breaking, drug experimenting, techno-jazz (or Head-Automatica) dabbling ways over the past few years, but now it's official. A farewell to the band that made me understand what music was really about. Passion.
  18. Busta Ryhmes - Get Out (it's got him playing an n64 with his son - maybe goldeneye? in the video)
  19. We should probably use this thread to display pics of our VT cockpit setups It's time to get the ironing board out...
  20. I vote a mod turn this into the official Rllmuk psp thread, and filter out all the shit.
  21. Yup, no problemo - I've added a list of people at the top.
  22. I'll be on from about 6pm. And it's VT
  23. Sounds like that nas song. Or failing that try 'hard knock life' jay-z.
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