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  1. They fixed the duping trick months back matey. There was a really good few weeks where I did have the pleasure of playing the thing online again just after summer. Next week sounds pukka - how about late tuesday afternoon/evening?
  2. Let's do this? When can everyone get setup and online? I'll probably be on later tonight, around 10-11ish.
  3. I can't believe you didn't remember that dead prez song. d00d.
  4. Monday 20th - Practice evening Tuesday 21st - Proper session, hopefully we'll get a few good games in List of people who've played/will be playing Beertiger Spunky Monkey taiAtari MalevolentPanda
  5. This trailer. Where is it. That screen looks amazing.
  6. That vision's going to stick with me all night now.
  7. You're not a very patient person are you? In reality these times are perfectly acceptable. We all know the machine isn't cart based - so we can't expect the luxury we've had for all these years with this machine yet. I don't complain when my copy of halo 2 takes a good 10-15 seconds to load up - in comparision to the near-instant startup of Goldeneye on the N64.
  8. It proves theoretically that superman can complete it in 11 minutes.
  9. He actually played all through the game in slow motion using an emulator, and saved his progress every so often. You can tell this in the level where he's jumping from bullet to bullet, it's physically impossible to have that sort of memory and reflex, surely.
  10. A laptop is not a games console though is it. My copy of half life 2 takes about 4 minutes to load. I'm not too bothered if Ridge Racers only takes 16 seconds!
  11. Name a massmarket handheld that had better graphics capabilities than the gba upon release? It was state of the art.
  12. Just to let anyone know - I'm now selling the machine for £100, assuming you have the means to come and pick it up. I'd rather it go to someone who has the means to restore it, than having it as a dust gathering (large) feature in the lounge!
  13. I'm not bothered about the next gen of consoles. PSP = Current gen on the go. It's the way forward for me. I don't have time to sit down and play games anymore. I commute by train far too much these days which gives me plenty of time for one of these gems.
  14. I want one of these babies so hard it's not even funny. I can see me getting a loan early next year for a trip to japan.
  15. Jairus

    The Beach

    It wasn't a snake impression, it was a monkey impression. If you'd have seen it earlier you would have seen the monkey (tied to the guard) which hissed at leonardo when he was laying on the floor trying to avoid capture.
  16. Jairus

    The Beach

    Not read the book, watched the movie for the first time last night and thought it was really quite good. Also, Leo's playing Rampage on the (original) gameboy just before the shark attack. Fantastic. My girlfriend has been to phi phi lei island, which she says is very beautiful, but has been ruined by the cutting down of trees and litter left by the film crew.
  17. Cards in FF8 was boring, same with 9. I really enjoyed the Pokemon card game years ago, and the videogame it was based on was pretty cool too. Magic the gathering I found was rather hard to get into - and seemed full of tedious limitations and rules.
  18. My broswer won't let me look see it, hmm. How much is it going for?
  19. Jairus


    I know. Wankers.
  20. Jairus

    Tomb Raider

    Tigers weren't introduced to the series until the second game.
  21. Bought this from Smiths today and flicked through it on the bus - looks fantastic and i'm particularly enjoying the extensive master system and outrun sections
  22. I thought only codemasters had the right to produce that certain type of cart. Unless Pete Sampras was a cm title too?
  23. This'll be the one that you got with the metroid prime bundle a few years ago right?
  24. I kept thinking of Worzel Gummage reading those song titles. And then I realised...
  25. Warp-pipe. www.warppipe.com I believe.
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