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  1. I remember some of the lines in the Edge GT review funnily enough more than anythng else i've ever read in the mag. They wrote it with such passion, and when I bought the game I understood completely what they meant. At the time, it was unbelieveable.
  2. If I do decide to keep it robert, i'd seriously consider paying you to come up and have a look at it for me. I've signed up to UKVAC but haven't yet posted for any help, I will do this weekend and see what response I get. I'm very undecided about it all at the moment.
  3. I really don't like threads like this. What starts off as someone wanting a nice clean debate with opnions and such, turns out to be a flaming match. I can see it coming. On topic - I think all the 10's in the magazine deserved the scrore - if you don't agree then you have a different opnion great. I'd wager that if you don't believe Halo or Zelda deserved 10's then you've not played those games extensively enough.
  4. Jairus

    Printer Sings

    I don't know, the music box is off timing a little on a few parts. I was going to re-record but I moved onto doing something else. It was all freestyle prettyness in one sitting!
  5. Jairus


    Everybody go to bitshifter.cc now and download Time Machine Go! It's making me dance my pants off.
  6. Jairus

    Printer Sings

    Haha, thanks. I was inspired by your mesmerising sound though! Let me know if you want to hear anything else/do a collaboration!
  7. Haha, seriously though I could really do with the cash around the christmas period and into next year and to be honest, unless someone comes here and sorts the thing out for me, I just don't think i'm going to have enough free time it needs to invest it restoring it. Obviously if anyone on here is willing to offer me a price for it - i'd rather do that than have the hassle of ebay!
  8. I'm really not sure what to do with the cab now. I've had a major change in my finances this week and it looks like I won't be able to afford to get the machine working for quite some time. A rough guide at the moment, how much do you think a machine (unworking) like this is likely to fetch on ebay?
  9. Oh ok, I really didn't think so - i've not really read a great deal about them to be honest.
  10. Just out of interest - what's the sound like on the ds compared to the advance? Can it still emulate all the advance channels well? Also, i may seem silly asking this but can ds's still play old gb/gbc carts?
  11. Jairus


    Some of you might be aware of Nullsleep in the chiptune scene - he's one of my favourites, check out 'her lazer light eyes' which is really rather pretty. His live sets are very cool also. For more of this type of thing check out Trash80, Role Model, DJ 100000000, Puss, Germlin (a friend of mine) and bascically any of the artists featured on this site. this is a very informative article in Wired about the gameboy chiptune scene also. Enjoy!
  12. Jairus

    Printer Sings

    I really like that - it's very original! I hope you don't mind that I used some of the samples from it to make a remix of sorts. Yoñlu - Deskjet (remixed by the amber knife)
  13. Jairus


    I think it holds upto around 16 players, possibly more - i've only just started to be honest so i'm not sure. The ISO image is kicking around the net and you don't nee a cd key or anything to play (multiplayer or otherwise) incase you want to try before you buy...
  14. Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse - by Minus The Bear Transatlantic Foe - by At The Drive-In Over The Pond - by The Album Leaf A Lack of Colour - by Death Cab For Cutie The District Sleeps Alone Tonight - by The Postal Service Secret Song - by Glassjaw Let Go - by Frou Frou Hyberballad (quite obviously!) - by Bjork Indian Summer - by Pedro The Lion A Journey To Reedham (7am Mix) - by Squarepusher Built Then Burnt - by A Silver Mt. Zion
  15. Jairus

    Boy In Static

    I've heard nothing but great things about Boy In Static, but i've never actually got round to listening to anything. Plus i'm at work at the moment...
  16. I saw a pack in game the other day with all the pc titles rolled into one (R6, Rogue Spear, 3 and the expansion packs) for about 30 quid.
  17. Jairus


    I aquired this the other day, and knowning absoloutely nothing about it - decided to pop online last night with a friend of mine who's a regular. I must say I was very very impressed indeed. It threw me back to the (frankly brilliant) days of Hardwar, which was criminally more notable for it's Warp soundtrack than popularity. The scope for play is extremely broad - last night we were space pirates destroying freighters and selling them on to various ports for hard cash. Tonight we're going to raise enough cash to buy a freighter to then in turn smuggle drugs across the cosmos. If anyone's interested, it's the Sir Warwick 24/7 Server!
  18. I've emailed people on UKVAC but i've had no reply. There doesen't seem to be a forum where I can leave a community-wide plea for help!
  19. Jairus


    Right then. I'll be the first one to o/\o you.
  20. I'm running it on an 800duron with 512 ram and a gefore 5900XT and it's only just playable. Get yourself some new ram and a better card OR a much better mobo and cpu and you'll be ok.
  21. Razzle? Exactly how would GamesTM look like razzle? It's printed on far thicker paper.
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