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  1. That's not on. I want the original. On budget. Now.
  2. After seeing Ridge Racers, I really want one of these now. Does anyone have a video of this in action?
  3. Haha, nice comment! I'll be selling the blighter if I can't find a way of getting it working. It's a nice (large) ornament at the moment and nothing more! I did stub my toe on it on the weekend however. Hurt like fuck.
  4. I'll probably buy them both. I'm assuming the retro gamer will escalate to 50quid on ebay next year...
  5. It's really quite nice up close. In that picture it's not even screwed in properly as i'd just assembled it all. The power/reset buttons are the original black, as is the opaque dark blue front panel and cd window strip. The pad is gold with black buttons. Quite a few people i've had round have already commented on how nice it actually looks.
  6. You see, I'm undecided about buying this or the Retro Gamer collection - could someone please recommend the better read?
  7. Dear Bill, Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be hardcorererer than all of my mates by owning a stupidly large controller for a mech simulator that I very rarely play. As you can see, it is in the centre of my games playing area. Although i've not got a lot of games for your xbox, it has to be my favourite console ever. Thanks a bunch.
  8. So, if it has the live enabled strip on the front/side, what exactly is it online for - leaderboards?
  9. I thought the new Tiger Woods was online. Uh?
  10. Christ that looks terrible. The main picture has been drawn on paint by an early teen by the looks of it. Also, what's the fucking point?
  11. I saw this on here before. Shit pad imo.
  12. Nice one! I'm pleased for you. I wish I could have that memory eraser off MIB so I could wipe FF7 from my mind in order to play it again in the way that you are going to! You don't want to be restricting yourself for time. Just let it flow and soak it all in, that's what the save points are for!
  13. That's on easy! ffs! You need to be hardcore! like me!
  14. You know. I had a party tonight, and after playing project gotham 2, halo 2, toca and various other newish games - Outrun 2 shone. Everyone was loving how refreshing, fast and great looking the game was. What a legend. Outrun 2. Get some of that in.
  15. I have a computer technician and a programmer amonsgt my friends - but I also know a few people who may have contacts. I would have thought that someone with specific knowledge of arcade circutry would be needed. I wish mr hazelby lived nearer to here!
  16. Aye, I hear the hummming, it's coming from the silver box.
  17. I'm afraid i've no real prior experience with multimeters so that's a bit out of the question - what exactly would 'going over it' entail?
  18. Jairus

    The Gameking

    Is that real or are you taking the piss!
  19. Ok. Moved the machine into my lounge tonight. Found the power cable (attached to a big silver box - i'm assuming that the PSU, or it could be a stepdown convertor?) and plugged it in. No luck i'm afraid! Everything seems to be in there, plus I also found a large jiffy bag with spare springs, bolts and a few other parts! THe machine is very dusty inside - I probably think it not working has something to do with that. So what are my options here robert?
  20. Even though everyone is clearly giving the impression it's a truly mediocre game, and the fact that i've yet to buy half life 2, or finish halo 2 for that matter - i'm still interested in giving it a go. Hmm. I might take it for a spin courtesy of blockbuster.
  21. Jairus

    The Gameking

    On the bomberman clone game, isn't that the Maximo artwork? And on the soldier game, isn't that a model from UT2004? Wtf? Lol, those crazy chinese.
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