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  1. Aye, on that note - I think i'll be having a little get together tommorow night - so if any of you forumites want to come and have a look at my find (and play some outrun 2) you're more than welcome. It'll also make up for the fact that myself and bpempire couldn't get to the official hull meet last weekend. I know it's short notice but the offer's there!
  2. Outside an abandoned garage called the 'Airport Garage'.
  3. Exactly how much room do you think I have in my flat!? I see it being part of a long term fascination/hobby though!
  4. Aye, i'll bang the credit switch up to £2 per play for everyone else
  5. Right then. I didn't go to bed straight away - I couldn't get any rest without have a quick peek inside the machine The pcb is indeed on the inside of the door - and it all looks in tact. Nothing was dropped in the cab when moving it - there seems to be wires and boards stuck to the side. This is my first arcade machine so i'm very new to all this. I douby very much i'll even touch the inside of the machine without knowing exactly what everything does. I want to be very careful! I can't see any power cables so i'm assuming it should have a pc/kettle socket somewhere - any ideas where this is?
  6. Jairus


    Check out FLStudio 4 (fruityloops) and Cubase SX. In that order.
  7. It had only been out there a few hours - i'm so glad it wasn't raining!
  8. Haha, no there wasn't anything inside but the dusty chips and a few cobwebs! Oh and by the way - it's up the stairs now, took 6 of us to do it but we did, i'm so pleased! I can't find the plug for it though - i'm assuming it's inside ther machine somewhere at the bottom. I'm going to bed now anyway so i'll have a look tommorow!
  9. This afternoon I was coming home on a bus and I caught a glimpse of an arcade cab, discarded just off a main road - standing next to a skip. I blinked, looked twice and it was an upright Outrun cabinet. For some reason I just couldn't get it out of my head - it looked so completely alone. Later on, a friend and I walked the mile trip from home to see it - and it was in shocklingly fair condition. The side looked a tiny bit scratched, but apart from that, the wheel and pedals were all in tact, the screen looked perfect - and the art/marqee was in good shape too, just a bit dirty. A few hours after that, another friend picked me up and we drove down to it and tried to get it through the hatch of his pugeot 306. Several attempts later and it was in - half sticking out. A white van pulled up and a guy jumped out - asking what we were doing - told him in all honesty that we didn't think the thing deserved to be chucked away (he told us he owned the thing) so he said we could do whatever we wanted with it! Drove it back to mine (very dodgy, and hilarious), pulled it out and draggeed it into the entrance hall of my flat where it still is. The problem we now have is getting the heavy bastard up a flight of stairs into the place. After resarching on the net tonight i've realised that it's the Sega Japan model of the machine - all the pictures I can see are of the US one - which has different side artwork, and a black/red stripe down the front of the machine. I'm dying to find out if the thing's actually working, but if it's not i'm not fussed - i'm sure there are plenty of guides on the net - and i'm hoping that maybe some of you will be able to help me restore it! I'll update with pictures in a few hours - but for now it's just a waiting game until a couple more mates pop round to help me get it upstairs...
  10. Ah yes, Gunners Heaven. Ripped off gunstar heroes in many ways, but still has a very dear place in my heart - just thinking of that game amongst the other ps1 launch game makes me all giddy.
  11. This thread made me spray my saturn. And now it's gold. So there you go
  12. These are all the games I can think of in the resident evil series, on all the platforms that i'm aware they were released on.. Resident Evil 0 (Gamecube) Resident Evil (Playstation) Resident Evil (Saturn) Resident Evil (PC) Resident Evil 2 (Playstation) Resident Evil 2 (PC) Resident Evil 2 (N64) Resident Evil 2 (Gamecube) Resident Evil 3 (Playstation) Resident Evil 3 (PC) Resident Evil 3 (Gamecube) Resident Evil: Code Veronica (Dreamcast) Resident Evil: Code Veronica X (Playstation 2) Resident Evil: REMAKE (Gamecube) Resident Evil: Gun Survivor (Playstation) Resident Evil: Gun Survivor 2 (Playstation 2) Resident Evil: Deam Aim (Playstation 2) Resident Evil: Outbreak (Playstation 2) Resident Evil: Gaiden (Gameboy Color) Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube)
  13. The need for speed, and need for speed undeground series play entirely differently - and moniker aside, they share almost no relation to each other in terms of gameplay, presentation and execution.
  14. The target audience for this game is primarily male. I thought that was pretty obvious by now, you can't expect EA, the huge marketing geniuses that they are - to tone down on the flesh just becuase females may find it unpleasant. It was always going to be about fast cars and busty models. Remember - it's essentially The Fast & The Furious: The Game.
  15. See an earlier post of mine for an intelligent opinion on who exactly NFSU is aimed at.
  16. On an entireley related/unrelated note: "Two star hotel near St. Germain two star hotel, where the stars don't mean the stars don't mean anything..." A lyric from my favourite song of all time - "Absinthe Party At The Fly Honey Warehouse" - by Minus The Bear
  17. Hmm, I'd have to diasagree to a certain extent, the model still feels rather floaty, and slippery. If not exactly like the first game, they've maybe toned it down a little - but in comparison with something like PGR2, it is. Remember though people, it's not meant to be a simulation!
  18. I think the racing is quite enthralling, especially when you see your modded beast thunder past your opposition. I believe the live play should be something special also with all those possible combinations. It'd be like a live CRUZE m8. Or something. It can't just be me though!
  19. I think it's more what they can do to the cars, becuase let's face it - once you've spent half an hour modifying a toyota celica, it sure as hell don't look like one! I think petrolheads are more clued up about what gives a decent driving experience. Your hardcore motor racing fanatic isn't going to buy NFSU:2, he's going to buy Forza, or GT4, or Enthusia. I thank god that Gran Turismo has brought intelligent motor racing simulations into the mainstream in recent years, and personally i'm glad that a huge EA type franchise haven't grappled the rights to something similar already. The NFSU series, and underperforming spinfoffs such as Juiced and Midnight Club are marketed heavily on boys and teens aspiring to the max power generation, everyone knows that. I don't really have a problem with it - I just think people tend to write these games off becuase of the way they are focused so heavily on gaining the attention of these players.
  20. Ledge, is Psy 2 out on the xbox in jp? On live?
  21. Played this extensively last weekend on the pc. I really enjoyed the original - I could see its downfalls, but I don't know - it was one of those christmas games. It's more of the same really, more of what the audience expect. The thing with it though is that after you've kitted your car out with more neons, grills, vents, stickers and spoilers than you can possibly fit on - it plays near on identically to the first. The slippery physics engine hasn't been dropped, but the scenery does look a little more detailed. The inclusion of a (linear) free-roaming city feels unsuprisingly tacked-on, and the music is imho, poorly chosen. I default to turning the music off. All in all I think it's a game to play whilst you're playing something else. I regularly have a quick bash at it now whilst waiting for matches to start on Halo 2.
  22. o/\o on the live mmorpg front. Why exactly hasn't that been done, or more to the point - why the fuck was True Fantasy cancelled? Genres in my list of live games include: 4 FPS's, 5 Racing Games, 2 Mech Shooters. I'm not interested in puzzle games and i'm not convinced by online fighters. Why can't we have something a little different to challenge our friends with? Back in the day, Goldeneye was the best thing ever. To have been able to play that online with thousands of people across the world would've been breathtaking. I do think sometimes that we don't appreciate how far we've actually come, even in the past 3/4 years.
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