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  1. When the elite's mocked you post-death in the original I actually pissed myself becuase I thought it was so cheesy...
  2. Anyway. There's the proof of the pudding. Game are idiotz.
  3. Jairus

    Gta: Sa

    It's stopped me playing with my girlfriend...
  4. I'm pretty sure that's wrong. Walk in and demand they sell you a copy of Halo 2 - as it's past the correct release date. Ask to speak to the regional manager over the phone or something - be very persistant.
  5. Really? I could've sworn it was K-Jah. Like I said, I was going very fast down the wrong lane of a very busy road on a fast motorcycle. It was funny.
  6. I don't think the japanese like giving playable characters the option to kill anyone other than bad guys. I mean, look at Shenmue. You can't just walk upto an old lady and smash her skull right in can you? Games have taught me that westerners are too violent.
  7. San Andreas, K-Jah Radio The rasta dj, something along the lines of: "Science can explain a lotta tings man, but how does science explain levitation, teleportation, or GANGSTER!!!" That last part had me spitting orange everywhere. To think I was riding a PCJ 600 through the docks at patty-shitting speed at the time he said that as well.
  8. I don't think the rating system has changed at all. There will be no 11+ scores, it's still all the same. The likelihood that a weaker game will recieve a higher score is nonsense really, I just think they've cut down the review space down in general. Unlike other magazines, I don't think reviews are the backbone of Edge. Intelligent articles about the industry, exciting news and forecasts about the future of gaming and opnions from people who understand our hobby are what I really like reading.
  9. You've got a fantastic sense of humour Stiff, did you pick it up in a playground? I'm sure I was about eleven the last time I said something like that.
  10. From what i've seen on various threads, the people who make Edge and GamesTM actually do browse these and a few other vaguely linked forums. It's interesting to see that they are genuinely interested to see the magazine evolve into something better - but you can't please everyone can you.
  11. I was being critical to the way lanners put his opinion across. Stiff is obviously a bit of a harsh twat.
  12. At the end of the day, San An has to continuously stream an entire state throughout the game. No loading screens from city to city, wherever you go, the game will stream it. As far as i'm aware, no other game on the ps2 has such a massive gamespace - so the quality of the graphics has been overbalanced by the quantity of playable game area available. I'd rather have more gameplay than prettier cut-scenes everytime I do a mission. I've accepted the fact that San Andreas isn't fantastically fast or pretty. I've accepted the fact that it's fucking awesome fun. S'good enough for me.
  13. Christ, your world's really falling apart isn't it? And relax. It's not that bad, there's another two 10's to look forward to in the next undoubtedly controversial issue.
  14. Coulda, woulda, SHUT UP. Go and play the game, become immersed in it and stop thinking about how well an alienware pc could run it. Wait until next year and get it for your pc if you're that much of a graphics whore. San an's about what you can do. The possibilities. It's an immense, beautiful, crazy, thrilling game that only stops where your imagination does. Seriously. I thought I couldn't get into a plane until near the end of the game but last night I found a way to get onto the airfield and steal a plane, flew it dead north-east and ended up in san-fierro with fighter jets firing missiles on me. Breathtaking.
  15. My thoughts. The cover struck me as innovative and had that special 'Edge-ness' about it. I love the brushed steel effect, the flip-up DS, and the retained special texture it has about it. Top marks. Inside the magazine has hardly altered all that differently. The grammar is correct, the sections infomative and aplenty. Changing the fundamental layout of Edge was always going to be an issue for some people. I think it's swaying a little too heavily over to the look and feel of GamesTM, but that's understandable. On a personal note I still prefer the previous style - but this will not stop be from buying the magazine again as I still find it as interesting and entertaining as ever. At the end of the day, a mag's a mag. And change is forever inevitable. In a few months time I think it'll grow on a lot of people and this little fuss will die out.
  16. Hmm.. The obvious choice would be my Steel Battalion: LOC setup, which i'm intensely proud of. The fact I hardly ever play the thing online is another matter however... I love these precious things equally: Warning Forever (No fussy packaging, no fucking about. As hardcore as you like) GTA: SA (For giving me endless laughs this week) Grim Fandango Vast back catalog of Edge magazines SMW Fridge Magnets (Free with an issue of that god awful official nintendo rag) Various Neo Geo arcade marqees and full-size promotional jp dreamcast posters Super Mario Bros. Annual 1990
  17. Jairus


    As someone asked before - what time is everyone going to be meeting at?
  18. Jairus


    Tonight? Razzle on PGR2? Count me in.
  19. Stand outside the shop, acost anyone with a fistful of games and offer them a few quid more than what the shop will give them.
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