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  1. is it possible to contact UPS before they try and return and arrange a delivery time? everyone out at work and all...
  2. boxofficeguru.com estimates it'll take somewhere in the region of $520 million in north america by the end of its run, making it pals with only Titanic in the over half a billion dollars stakes. Apart from the hype etc but a lot of it is due to repeat viewings.
  3. Yeah I would imagine Warners were concerned about the run time and anything they could trim, they did. I feel like that could be a reason why we don't see, for example, what the Joker does after Batman jumps out the window after Rachael. That said, has Nolan ever done an extended edition of his films?
  4. Yeah I think there's some scope for an extended edition but probably not on the scale you're thinking. For starters, there's definitely no more 'TwoFace'. Too expensive. I don't think they'd ever show Rachael and Dent being abducted either because that then ruins the reveal that they never got home. Maybe more Gordon stuff but I doubt it.
  5. well there's a reason for that 'cartoony' look. Anything more 'realistic' would have easily pushed the film up into an 'R' rating. It had to be PG13. It's interesting because this film released in 1989 surely would have been an 18 in this country?
  6. another neat joker touch, apparently improvised by heath ledger was that when he was dressed as a nurse to visit Dent, he put one of those 'i believe in harvey dent' stickers/badges on his uniform.
  7. eerrrr doesnt the joker throw some of the money at Lau's head? there was a laugh and then everyone realised it was gonna get set on fire...
  8. called up. nothing from ups for a week. called up. email me the label i say. 'sure'. nothing. call up again. this time i'm on a 'priority' list. awful service.
  9. well its a composite of places isn't it. Gotham is really based on New York, the word Gotham describes a region of Manhattan doesn't it? They used Chicago for the waterways and many of the locations resonate with New York. A lot of it was digitally augmented though and i thought that it was really well done. Was impressed that the ferries and the water were completely digital. Good job.
  10. you really feel these things needed explanation? would not the runtime become far too long for a kids movie?
  11. oh gosh. so good. agree with all the over the top great things everyone's said. loved it.
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