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  1. i think i'll go for the Radical SR3 Turbo.
  2. I was thinking to be boring and pick the RUF but after this weeks madness gonna go find something weird from that group.
  3. crocman81 - 1:43.76 - 250f (AT) getting there...
  4. alright calm down Robbo! had a three lap blast just now - crocman 81 - 1:47.92 - 250F (MT)
  5. sorry guys! was back at my mum's place where her internet gave out for three days!
  6. i feel like a weirdo for really liking all three games reading this thread. do you have to get a tattoo of your favourite in order to have a valid opinion these days?
  7. yo. been too drunk this week to improve on my shoddy time but will take a spin in some group B cars shortly and make a choice.
  8. how do you change your forum name? i wanna change mine to my gamertag one. in other news, damn you steve! i'll need to put in more work on this one.
  9. recently, was very impressed with Davey Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean. The fact that he was completely digital was incredible. It even fooled Variety magazine who ran an editorial about how it shouldn't be up for the vfx oscar on account of it being make up. i think i should mention though that in almost every reasonable budget film, there's more cg than most of your realise. Cg is now used to fix/change/ the most incidental details in even the most bog standard of productions. It's also used to do some stuff that unless you were told, you'd never believe had been digitally altered. I think people should focus less on 'bad cg' but more on bad use of it. A poor shoot, poor vfx photography are more often to blame for bad 'cg' than the actual capabilities of the medium.
  10. well pending whether we change tracks or not... 01:27.93 - crocman 81 - F50 GT (AT) needed the bonnet cam for this one. couldn't see a bloody thing with the bumper cam.
  11. 1:01.80 - crocman 81 - Lotus Cortina - AT back ahead of you mike!
  12. it's not an assumption really. its just experience. its also a gross generalisation but as with most sweeping statements, there's an essence of truth about it. I work in high end visual fx for film where we often have working for us the top people in the world in their field. Some of them are the most down to earth, easy to work and downright best people around. Others are histrionic and problematic to the point where they can severely trouble a project. If ea think that they have experience and advice on how to deal with this and take these special people and direct their obvious talent into a productive way then that's absolutely golden.
  13. bingo! some of the egos that super geniuses have can be almost not worth the hassle.
  14. you've summed it up for me. Gave this a quick try again last night. Really want to like it cos some things about it are great - presentation, graphics, damage, large number of other cars. I turned off all the assists and it still felt floaty and strange to me. That said, will wait to see what people say about the full game because it'd be wrong to form a final opinion on a demo. fingers crossed - would love another great driving game to play.
  15. i think this new format is working brilliantly. Although i was disqualified last time, i really enjoyed the car and the track. And shorter tracks are the best. I think tokyo is fast becoming my favourite city for this though. brilliant.
  16. whilst i stand by my feelings on the art direction (i saw the preview video on inside xbox last night) i do think the 360 needs more colourful adventure games. I love those. I hope it's a laugh.
  17. That's a good time seanR but i'm coming for you this week! after the controversy of last time!
  18. Errrm, no, that's subjective. To me, that screenshot looks better than some of the others. Still don't like the vehicle designs though.
  19. Assassin's Creed- or the Adventures of Desmond the Bartender from the Future. "Show them how brave and cool you are by pointless diving off that ledge". fuck off.
  20. yeah from an artistic point of view, those screenshots are dreadful. sorry to contribute to the negativity. I remember the original being quite a graphically amazing game. Loved the lighting and levels in it.
  21. 01:11.24 - crocman 81 - 355 GTS i actually did this time yesterday afternoon but only just got round to posting it now. disqualified?
  22. curses mike p! i've been secretly on all these challenges using you as my nearest rival. will have to fire this back up again tonight!
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