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  1. i gave it a go with all aids off on the drift mode but not the race track ones. will give it a go but i have low expecatations. shame as the crash physics are really good and something that i'd love to see in my other preferred racers.
  2. me disappointed too. got out in front on the san fran track and was bored to tears cos the handling is so wooly. see a corner - push brake and turn vaguely towards it and you'll nail it. no matter whether it's a hairpin or a 90 degree turn. rubbish. looks nice though.
  3. yeah true they can be...but there's an awful lot of shooters now...overload for me too. graphics look great but a little bored of the grim near future art direction.
  4. 1:12.93 - crocman 81 - ferrari great fun.
  5. yeah i'll be getting this simply for the graphics. the trailers have looked great so far. brilliant crashes.
  6. nice one beejay. sounds good.
  7. Well i enjoy the time trials. conscious that i'm gonna be playing gta4 in the foreseeable future. why not just make the time trials not weekly? monthly? fortnightly? i'm super busy at work so i've only spent half an hour on the time trials since they restarted.
  8. from a vfx point of view, i'd be interested to see if this could be somehow incorporated into Massive (the crowd simulation program). Really good those videos. If it really is as dynamic and realtime as it claims, will be great for videogames and potentially for vfx.
  9. It uploads your best time on the course regardless of the conditions. I only noticed when I was on pgrnations leaderboard grabbing my time cos it has a weather symbol next to it. Sorry!
  10. oh btw mike i think your time on Live at the moment is for 'Icy' conditions not 'Snowing'...
  11. 01:43.69 - crocman 81 - Delta Integrale Evo (AT) fun track. is it cheating to ask if anyone is doing anything fancy going through the big patches of ice on the penultimate straight? i was feathering the accelerator through there...
  12. 01:44.52 - crocman 81 - enzo ferrari - AT took the last four corners really well. messed up the middle bit. plenty of time to be chopped off these times.
  13. 01:45.85 GTR - crocman 81 (AT) yeah same as above. Hard but fun. Can see a good few seconds being trimmed off this one already.
  14. 1:23.08 - crocman 81 - Countach LP400 - AT pretty pleased with that for now. no doubt it'll be beaten up and left for dead in an alleyway soon enough.
  15. sounds like a great idea with a handicap imposed on those who won the time trial. for example you would have to drive half way round the track backwards when the green light comes on.
  16. Knocked a second off. Only 3 more to go! crocman 81 - 01:12.49 - Exige GT3 (AT) jeez.
  17. without wishing to sound like a sore loser, these times of yours are seriously depressing. It's enough to make me wanna give up. 4 seconds? crimminy. You guys are in a league of your own.
  18. crocman 81 - 01:13.84 - Gallardo (AT) god i'm rubbish at this one. utterly useless.
  19. just goes to show how easy it is to score free kicks in this game!
  20. hmmm think i worked free kicks out yesterday. At least with Steven Gerrard. I scored three and hit the crossbar twice (once from 40 yards) in the same game against Manchester United. Massively prefer free kicks in Pro Evo cos if i'd have done the same in that, I would have been immensely proud. Somehow didn't get much satisfaction from these though.
  21. Icey huh? glad you're still doing this cos I'm all done with the single player and multiplayer with randoms for this game is a sobering experience.
  22. played Pes6 on ps2 for the first time in ages since my defection to fifa08 and have to say, i loved it. although it felt really fast and arcadey, it was loads of fun and i can't help but feel that the satisfaction of scoring a goal in pes6 is superior to fifa. I also felt more in control and less at the whim of overlong animations. I particularly didn't miss fifa's delay in actually delivering a cross. Another thing I found myself loving again was the perfectly timed tackle. Whilst I still think fifa08 easily takes the Next Gen footy crown, I overall don't love it like i do pes6 so I'm now eagerly awaiting Fifa09 and pes2009 (although i think maybe they've got too much to fix)
  23. didn't know this was out - will pick it up this evening, even though i expect i'll only really enjoy the artwork.
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