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  1. bummer boozy. hope things pick up soon. anyways, it seems the rest of us are pretty lazy so if someone does take it over, why not make it a fortnightly or monthly thing...easier on us slobs and our times will be better too (maybe)
  2. crocman 81; 0:53.93; Mustang GT 2+2 Fastback (MT) yeah superstar good advice mate. broke the 54 barrier and was still braking too early on two of the corners. lots more speed to be had.
  3. hmm thanks for the advice beejay i was thinking about going manual for this one. Will try those other cars you mentioned as well. Agree with all the comments on this track - it's brilliant.
  4. crocman 81 : Lotus Essex Esprit : 0:54.52 great track.
  5. did this last night as well and just thought i'd add that the start is really important. You need to get away quickly and be within touching distance of the top 3 on the long straight or it can be a bitch to catch them up. great race though - i only took 2nd with 4 corners to go!
  6. "The backheel is a very useful trick in football" amazing
  7. crocman 81 - Aero TT - 1:24.56 (AT) still pinballing around this track with this so-called 'car'... and here's a so-called 'time' for the Nordschliefe crocman 81 - 6:48.70 (AT) useless.
  8. Yeah that's me guys sorry just wanted some pgr peeps off here so that on my friends leaderboards i can see your times nice and easy.
  9. what's all this 'lazers' business then?
  10. evenin' all Crocman 81 : Aero TT : 01:25.18 (AT) bumped off the walls several times on account of not being able to understand the ludicrous speeds of this car compared to the last challenge. will do some replay watching of mr.superstarbeejay and some friend adding for pgr goodness.
  11. Is this the most competitive pgr time trial yet? or have the big guns not brought their awesome robo-A.I enhanced track times to the table yet? (superstarbeejay excluded of course...)
  12. Crocman 81 - Ferrari 250GTO - 1:34.33 had to do a time in this car as its the most beautiful car in the game (and the world) but gonna go try the RX7 now. edit: Crocman 81 - RX7 - 1:29.16
  13. crocman 81 : MC12 : 1:58.28 i could definitely get a better time if i could hook all the best bits from different laps. but i can't. nevermind.
  14. pfft i work in our film division but it should be noted (disclaimer) that primeval looks a bit rubbish sometimes solely due to time and budget constraints. but back on topic - i'm sure that if we were asked to do tv cg at HD we'd charge more money and ask for more lead time.
  15. http://www.easportsworld.com/index_enGB.ht...%20World/102425 the only goal i've managed to work out how to upload without it fucking up and also my first and only long range strike. some lovely milan goals btw wallace.
  16. yeah filming out effects at HD for tv would mean either a hike in budgets for a longer schedule or reduced shots. My company does the cg for Primeval and its already a stretch to get that done at SD (and it looks ropey a lot of the time).
  17. yeah i was gonna say need more pgr4 players online. had a session online with work people last week of pgr4 and it was great fun. randoms in this game are utter bastards. and looks like the maserati for this track eh? will give that a go (even if i do love the enzo)
  18. crocman 81 - enzo ferrari - 1:59.64 only done 5 laps so far but haven't tried any other cars except the RUF which seems to be losing out in pure acceleration to the enzo.
  19. since most people with prg4 in here are spending their free time time trialing, it's a fair indication we like it. but if you want more enthusiasm, i REALLY like it. haven't played a racer this much in a long time so if you want to join in the fun, grab it. £20 on shopto.net at the moment.
  20. me too, although I've found its not as bad in singleplayer as when I first played it.
  21. mine's actually a typo - it was AT. still think there's at least a second to be trimmed off my time though. this course is great - a mix of fast straights and tight corners. All about braking points.
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