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  1. oh yeah Automatic for mine btw. first person pov as well.
  2. 1:43.20 Ferrari F430 good choice again. Should be able to break 1:42 without too much more effort though. Ghost is up. Crocman 81
  3. well it recorded it as 3-1! and my profile would have signed out if i'd lost connection surely?
  4. played my third game online at the weekend. I beat some guy 3-1 as Bayern Munich but according to my 'my Fifa 08' stats it recorded it as a loss for me? The guy quit out after the final whistle and the game stats came up. Very annoying.
  5. Im a newbie to Halo in general. Only got an xbox and halo3 in November (having never owned or played either before) and Live in December which has been used for COD4 almost exclusively til yesterday. I played Halo3 online for the first time in the Social Rumble Pit playlist and really, really enjoyed it. I'd love to play more and see everything the multiplayer has to offer so if people are playing Halo, I'd be really up for joining in and learning. gamertag: crocman 81
  6. I'm noticing that playing FIFA on the 360 seems to be the only game that causes my hand to hurt while playing after about 10 to 20 minutes. No other 360 game has that effect. I wonder if it has anything to do with the control setup (New) or that just in general, football games demand so many controls now to play them. Its unfortunate because I'm really getting more and more enjoyment out of FIFA but I'm put off now for fear of developing more pains in my hands playing computer games or just computer work in general.
  7. Anything from wandering slowly out into the open to spinning around randomly shooting. Although I have to say that since I started posting in this thread I've progressed to about the level you seem to be talking about. Don't think I'll ever get much better though.
  8. rllmuk has helped me enormously at this game to the extent that i'm raring to go for my works Thursday night cod session. there's a couple of supervisors that are going DOWN.
  9. Any one got any tips on direct free kicks? i used to be pretty handy on proEvo with even average players. hit the crossbar once from a free kick on fifa but wasn't too sure how to repeat/improve the shot...
  10. Yeah I see your point. Is this Undertow thing offical then?
  11. Can i get involved in this please gamertag crocman 81
  12. already done. look forward to a game. reading these cod threads has helped actually. I came top in a hardcore team deathmatch last night. its just feeding my addiction though
  13. I actually joined your session last night briefly as it was the only way i could get a game (broadband connection was being useless) will defo get involved again though.
  14. Played a bit of Hardcore Team Deathmatch last night. Preferred it to the traditional team dm. bit less frantic and more tense. Scored higher as well!
  15. I wondered briefly about doing that since I think through balls on fifa are too often a bit useless, particularly any eye of the needle attacking through ball. I understand the idea that only the best players can do it but I think it might be a bit out of balance. unless of course, i'm doing it wrong.
  16. i was about to post that i didn't think right bumper was right! ive not got the internet at home so left work to try that out on friday...still managed to get better with it this weekend although my league with Juve on professional is frustrating the hell out of me. Strikers finish like donkeys and the keepers are too good
  17. pretty much. thanks miner willy - that sounds excellent. can already see how that will help with the midfield war of attrition and am picturing some close control goodness in the penalty area.
  18. *ahem... i'm doing this less and less...still tend to find myself walking slowly in the open though.
  19. don't suppose anyone fancies expanding on this? or pointing the way to a detailed tutorial? so before you receive the ball you move the right stick? towards the ball to stop it?
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