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  1. maybe i messed up by not playing the original or not reading up on it but the 'story' aspect of HL2 so far is basically non-existent. This is from a newbie point of view of course but there's no explanation, no context and certainly no sense of taking part in a story. I'm in Ravensholme at the moment and all i can recall of the 'plot' so far is that i turned up in a station and for some reason ended up running away from weird soldiers in a weird eastern european state of some kind and trying to find some rebels who are fighting against 'something'... I'm enjoying blowing stuff up and the like but i can only assume that all will become clear or that i'm MEANT to feel totally confused and disinterested in the story...
  2. same here. in fact EXACTLY the same here. been enjoying carting a circular saw blade around and running about lining up zombies for multiple decapitation. magic.
  3. Well they should have bothered. The reason i think most people didn't notice how CG they looked is that they managed to make the live action footage look FAKE. Those troopers were CG on ALL CG backgrounds. Thats much, much, much easier than cg onto live action. I had this talk with my cg supts at work and they weren't at all blown away by Episode II. Quantity over quality is the theme with the new Star Wars i feel. back on topic... Best CGI or most important? I still don't think that the T-rex walking in the rain past the headlights of the jeep could be improved upon using todays techniques. ITs simply awesome to see that in the cinema. I was totally convinced there was this massive killing machine stomping through the rain towards those annoying kids. Terminator 2 also has groundbreaking CGI but those effects could be improved upon today (markedly so but that doesn't lessen their impact from the time.) but the winner without any doubt whatsoever is Gollum. A convincing character performance and outstanding rendering and compositing into the live action. Despite working in the industry, i watched him and forgot very quickly about HOW they did it and thought, 'He's a nasty little shit isn't he...' Absolutely awesome job. No real contest.
  4. i think via the means of rubbish english i was trying to say that the actual animation was the best i've ever seen - not that it is the best film made with the medium...or something. and yes to your other question.
  5. great movie the incredibles. On just a technical note - the best 'animated' film i've ever seen. The character animation was just phenomenal. Really amazing. Some valid criticisms but overall i really enjoyed myself and will going back to see it again and ponder the technical/art side... out of interest, did anyone see the teaser trailer for UK animated CG film 'Valiant' during screenings of the Incredibles over the last weekend? if not - you can see it here:- http://www.empireonline.co.uk/site/news/ne...p?news_id=16395 Its from another satellite study of Disney's based in West London...be interested to hear what you guys think of it.
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    Drum & Bass

    my two cents on the original topic:- still listening - still love it...but man are they making it hard to like at the moment. Latest mix cd's are really dredging the barrel but there's been a lot of great stuff over the last couple of years. Good place to start is getting in on the mix archives over at dnbarena (breakbeat.co.uk) and check out the live archives with 2003 Andy C nightlife launch party being a particular fave. For me, this year, D-Bridge is god. One part of BadCompany and his sound right now is exactly what i like - deep, dark, melodic and brilliantly produced. Check Bellini and his studio mix on dnbarena for exactly what i'm talking about. excellent.
  7. Bizarrely i was thinking about this morning on the way to work (cg film). Great models/animation are so often ruined by the lighting and shading. the best looking videogames (as pointed out) are the ones that are best lit/shaded. there is a tendency in a lot of games art direction to put as 'many colours and polys on screen as possible' cos more colours means more powerful graphics right? i remember kids at school arguing about the snes vs. megadrive..."yeah well the snes can display 16,000 colours!' but what if all the colours it shows are horrific? poor art direction and lack of uniformed lighting can ruin good work by animators and modelers. But again, emphasis on the real time nature of games has a direct effect on this. On the film i'm working on, i've seen so much lighting and shading 'fixed' by the compositing team. It really is staggering how much of the final image is defined by this process. What really helps is that the image is brough together by normally the compositor and art director who are just looking at the overall image and looking at the scene/film as a whole. it must be much harder to control that aspect in a realtime gaming environment.
  8. you should definitely run an 'Ask siread' column/thread on this game. Thinking myself proficient at PES3, i found 4 to be a definite notch up in difficulty with particular reference to shooting. be good to get some 'from the horses mouth' advice or calming words to prevent the desolate, heart-rending, pad-breaking frustration that this series can sometimes cause. i've noticed that the movement of players is more 'realistic' but more annoying. i used to play with a 3-5-2 with my wide men aggressively marking to ensure they tracked back when they didn't have the ball...i tried this with Italy and noticed that fat lump Fiore casually walking back, leaving my left cb in no-man's land...its like i've got to learn the game all over again...not sure at the moment whether that's a good thing or not but i 'm erring on the side of the goalkeepers' can be shit (to the point of being broken) and the shooting is ruined...but i hope i'm wrong.
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