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  1. I played in MUK on some old server. Ravenholdt? TCP and Asriel iirc. My current main is an Alliance Priest called Asriel on Zandalar Tribe. Bit late to reroll Horde on that server but heyho.
  2. Youtube videos of Rift output can be viewed in 3D on an actual Rift. Problem is the quality is terrible. Compression artefacts are prominent, the framerate is probably too low, and you can't move your head which makes it feel very wrong.
  3. Have been quite enthusiastically Instagram-ing recently. http://instagram.com/rpgwhitelock/ Quite enjoying it especially as mobile photography is becoming increasingly higher in quality. I have both an iPhone6, which has a really quite nice camera and editing functionality as standard. And a Fujifilm X100T which makes really nice JPEGs in camera and has wireless - so you can copy images over to your phone whilst standing in the street if you want to. Trying to gain Instagram followers without doing anything underhand is quite a slow grind but I have a pretty vast archive to upload and a steady stream of new shots given that I am taking the iPhone6 & X100T everywhere.
  4. I haven't tried them myself. I think I saw reports of getting them to work using the Rift in extended monitor mode (the new SDK renders direct to the rift). However apparently head tracking doesn't work at all. I expect more and more demos/games will be updated in the coming weeks as more developers receive DK2s.
  5. Got mine. Not much to do with it at the moment as very few demos work. The Tuscany demo bundled with the rift works, as does the improved version which is obtainable on /r/oculus. The Ghibli homages also work now. The tracking adds a really strong sense of presence to even the crudest geometry and textures. It's def better than the first version as I remember from my brief experience with it. There are a few bugs to be worked out with the software (full blacks leaving a trail etc) and best setup practices to get the full use of tracking. I am Intending to try adding support for my game in development. http://blog.richardwhitelock.com/tagged/intothisWyldeAbyss Not sure how well it will fit in. In the meantime still waiting on the OSX SDK to get stuck in.
  6. They are nice. Sadly my copy has a light leak, so I need to replace the sealing at some point... I recc the Olympus Trip 35 too, amazing how well it works.
  7. rundll

    The 3D Thread

    The fundamentals of computer graphics are the same in all capable 3D software. Blender is a good place to start, it has a control settings option which makes it similar to Maya. Once you know one piece of software fairly well it is quite easy to move to another. You will look for familiar techniques and settings and find they are simply named differently or operating under a slightly different structure. There are moves in the Blender community to do another big UI and concepts overhaul so it should improve even more on that front over the next year. I have used Maya and Max for 13 years at uni and various studios but now I do all my freelance games and rendering work in Blender. One constant in CG is that you are always learning new techniques and software. There are also cheaper applications which specialise in one area of CG. https://www.nevercenter.com/silo/ Silo for modelling and also Modo. Both of these are on Steam. For zBrush like organic modelling there is also http://pixologic.com/sculptris/ for free.
  8. rundll

    Alien: Isolation

    Strong strobing in games is unlikely to survive publisher/console manufacturer TRCs. AVP3 mini-fact: some of the pipework is designed to resemble Alien heads. It's a nice trope from Alien (Ripley in the escape shuttle) and Alien3 (when Ripley smashes open that old pipe).
  9. Looks like a perfect setup for utilising photogrammetry. I'm using the same tech on one of my game projects. http://blog.richardwhitelock.com/tagged/lanternslides
  10. rundll


    Nice. Onwards and upwards! Mainly various priest decks. Kripp's is pretty good fun. It has the bonus of being an anti-priest, priest deck. Though I haven't seen many above Diamond 2, the last priest I played quit on turn 6 against an impenetrable wall of 4s.
  11. rundll


    Finally. Masters L1 ! Any news about the iPad release? I guess it would have to be after the PC open beta? Or perhaps even PC final?
  12. rundll


    Oh and a tip for playing against Priests with loads of card draw (especiailly 2x Clerics) and Lightwells: force them to draw their entire deck by causing a little damage to all their minions, then if you can do the same to all of yours. I've fatigued two Priests to death this way recently.
  13. rundll


    I looted a golden Ysera straight after the wipe with one of the free packs. Often tempted to disenchant it for piles of dust, but it's really fun to play. The 'dream' cards it spawns can be really silly : 5 damage to everything, a 7/6 for 4, a 1 turn 5/5 buff. I have reached 1star Diamond with a very robust priest deck, but I just can't get a consistent win:loss ratio over 50%, which I presume you need to level up. The main problem with priests is the early game, if you get a bad hand it is a struggle against aggressive opponents.
  14. Would love an M6. Enjoy! I'll make do with my Olympus Trip/RC 35 for now.. You could certainly develop B&W film in a small kitchen area. The stuff you need would fit into a small box, could all be used in a sink and dried in a bathroom. I sold my Canon 7D. Should hopefully have a Canon.... /drumroll/ 100d coming. Yes a smaller camera. Less of many of the 7D's features, but most importantly less weight. A slightly better sensor by the looks of it.
  15. Thinking of selling my Canon 7D body. Been a long time since I have eBay'd and I'm not sure if I can be bothered worrying about scamming and such. Is there anywhere better these days? (Aside from rllmuk trading ofc...) I have sold many cameras to dealers before, but that's trading convenience for value and I would rather get the full worth myself.
  16. I have a Thinktank Retrospective 20 which I can recommend. You would probably want a 30 for all the gear you list.
  17. I want a digital Olympus trip. http://blog.richardwhitelock.com/post/44893803464/subjective-chemistry No screen. Monochrome sensor. Optical viewfinder. I appreciate this is a somewhat niche proposition. Failing that I suppose an X100s would suffice.
  18. The X100s is supposed to be extremely fast in all respects.
  19. On the back of the camera and in finder you see the jpeg preview that the camera has made from the RAW based on your internal camera settings. The RAW file is always untouched. Even in Lightroom you never actually edit the RAW, you create a recipe for previewing in realtime and for exporting. I do the same thing on my dSLRs. Ensuring that it's low contrast B&W. I just want to see what tones I'm getting. I usually have the histogram up too.
  20. As weak as A:CM seems to look it will still sell brilliantly, just as AvP3 did. And the disappointment cycle will continue. The best team to make another Aliens game would have been the AvP3 team straight after learning the lessons of that project. And they would even have had enough time since then to have finished a sequel by now. But there you go...publishers!
  21. All primes all the time. Get the 50.
  22. [/url[/media]MONODEER filfthy real stuff. [/media]_ensnare_ Epic fakebit.
  23. It's hard to imagine Leica adding autofocus to the M range. It's niche is ascetic & manual. A new range of mirrorless compacts which happens to take M mounted lenses alongside it's own M-focus range of lenses seems more likely? Then they can stick video in too and everything purists would not like to see on the M brand.
  24. Thinking about a getting an M6 too, probably with a Voigtlander 35mm f1.4 or an old 35mm pre-asph Summilux. Not sure I want a lens that is -too- good. Also a 75mm of some kind but I'm still not sure which offers the most suitable character, size and (relatively) reasonable price.
  25. M10 should be announced in a few months. Might have an affect on M8 & M9 prices.
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