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  1. Well done those that managed to get one. The hunt continues...
  2. Yeah I was bang on the link and nothing. They either haven’t dropped or got snapped up ultra quick. if i manage to bag one I’ll still get the Currys and someone can have it for retail. Edit: oh they dropped. No joy.
  3. Don’t want digital but tried to add to basket and nah!
  4. Thanks. My wife tweeted them and they replied “...due to the volume of calls it’s taking longer than expected. The team aims to complete the calls by the end of May. Please bear with us until then.”
  5. Nice one SeanR Still no Currys call for me yet.
  6. There was a John Lewis drop this morning shortly after 7am, but sold out almost immediately. Amazon is rumoured today/tomorrow. Good luck to everyone still hunting.
  7. Thought I’d join the queue just to see how I get on. Queue position 4,000 odd down to 240 in about 20 minutes. Then the page refreshed and I thought ooh I might be in with a shot here. Nah it refreshed and I was suddenly in queue position 28,000
  8. Still no call here from Currys for me. Anyone else with a code still waiting?
  9. Yeah that's awful. There is some scum out there. That poor person's trauma will be for nothing as that PS5 will likely end up on a selling site for a stupidly high price that nobody will buy it for anyway.
  10. Nice one SeanR. Thanks for the update. No call here yet.
  11. Thanks. Just concerned that I’m not the original owner of the code but hopefully they won’t care. Glad you got yours sorted.
  12. What your address for delivery or the address you used when you entered the VIP lottery in the first place?
  13. I take it nobody that was lucky enough to get a Currys code has been called yet?
  14. Low and behold. The successful Argos shoppers from yesterday are already sticking them up on Facebook for sale for over £100 over retail. I’ve got two local to me, one for £550 and one for £580 both showing their Argos orders.
  15. Jeez. £60!! What a joke...and if they don’t sell the code will either be wasted or they will buy the console and list that for stupid bloody money. Another person going without.
  16. That’s what I’m wondering. I’ve very kindly been supplied a code from Gigawatt but wonder if they’ll allow me to order given I wasn’t the original requester and the name and address won’t match. I guess we’ll find out when they call. Hopefully they won’t ask me to confirm the details I registered with and will just let me order. Worth a shot anyway.
  17. Yeah I had a few stock alerts for Smyths last week, which I checked instantly but was always showing as out of stock. Never even got as far as adding to basket. Fingers crossed for those that are still trying.
  18. Well I thought this was good fun. Really enjoyed it. Over the top violence and all the more fun for it. I chuckled at a couple of the bad guys getting taken out. Winced at others. Christopher Lloyd has a couple of great scenes where he looks like he’s having fun, but man it’s sad seeing Doc looking quite old now.
  19. Pretty sure neoELITE is right about Judgement Night. Here’s the clip.
  20. I won’t give up on it @MardiganX I’m gonna take a little break, catch up on some telly as a palate cleanser and then settle back in to it properly. I’ve been reading some early impressions in the Ghost thread, including your praise of it, so will give it a proper chance soon. I must admit, I did really enjoy what little combat I got to experience before switching it off and I realise that’s tip of the iceberg in terms of how you can level up.
  21. Interesting reading this comment, as 8 months on I'm now in exactly the same boat. I completed LoU2 Friday night and last night (Sunday) I loaded up Ghost of Tsushima, which I was excited to play. Like LoU2 it's also a beautiful looking game in HDR on my OLED, but the opening story, the voice acting, the control of the character all felt really flat and although I played a good couple of hours, it just failed to pull me in. I'm sure Ghost is a fantastic game, but I think I need to take a break before jumping back into something else. I was very late to the party with LoU. I originally had it on my slim PS3, but never played it much past the school. My son had come along and my gaming days took a back seat for a few years and I even sold my PS3. I eventually ended up picking up a PS4 Pro from a fellow forum member and had downloaded Remastered when it came to PS Plus fully intending to revisit it. So when my wife picked me up LoU2 for Christmas, I thought I'd better finally pull my finger out and crack on with part 1. I've been fortunate to play through Part 1, the Left Behind DLC and Part 2 (spoiler free) for the first time in succession over the last few weeks and I'm firmly in the 'loved it' camp. What an absolutely incredible gaming experience. I was blown away by how good Part 1 looked in HDR and and Part 2 is simply stunning in places. I can't remember the last time I was so invested in a game. I couldn't wait to play it each night, but also didn't want it to end. I can't recall ever being so emotionally invested in a game before either. Even now after finishing it, I regularly find myself thinking about it. I'm actually quite gutted I've finished it. I've also been paying both scores on Spotify for the past couple of weeks TL;DR Both games are so bloody good, it's temporarily ruined gaming for me I don't really have anything insightful to add to this thread. I just wanted to share the love. It's been really enjoyable reading opinions on both sides in both this and the main thread. I really do hope they make another soon, even if not in that world.
  22. My wife and I really enjoy this and we both just love Keith. I said to her last week when watching, I wish I was passionate about something, anything, as much as Keith is about pottery. I love that he gets emotional when he really takes joy in another person's work. It must be a real pleasure to do something for work which you love so passionately.
  23. Well that estimate was way off. I’ve just this minute had an update (two days after they accepted the repair) that it’s been fixed and is on its way back Happy with that. Let’s see how long this lasts.
  24. I have to say, the Nintendo repair procedure is pretty decent and no fuss posting it back. However, I’ve just been notified that there’s a three week estimate for repairs due to Covid Tempted to get one of these in the interim but understand they aren’t wireless and there’s no rumble: https://amazon.co.uk/dp/B07FSR93MQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_V9z-FbK593FKR
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