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  1. Jaws and Poltergeist were both PG? I really must pay more attention They both scared the cack out of me as a kid. Just goes to show that you can do a scary PG movie. There's light at the end of the tunnel. I love being scared by a film, which doesn't happen very often these days. I'll look forward to this one.
  2. I saw the trailer on darkhorizons.com a little while back. A PG !!! a fucking PG!!??? well there's all hope of this being scary out the window then. I was looking forward to it considering it's supposedly based on a true story. Well true as in something happened to her, whether it was actually a possession depends on whether you believe in all that gumph.
  3. Even more amazing is that no one said "hang on Derek, that's a load of bollocks!" Yet more proof that the housemates are thick. I would have thought Eugene would have known Derek was talking shite considering he's a wealth of useless information. Derek didn't even know the answer anyway. When BB said the clue was Hi Ho, Derek muttered to himself hi ho silver lining, which is a fucking song he was just lucky.
  4. Also agreed. I can see that if people watch it now never having seen it before, their reaction is usually one of amusement than fear. I can see what people would find funny about it. When the film came out though, there was nothing else like it, and the subject matter made it scary. I saw part of this film when I was very young, before it got banned and it freaked the shit out of me. To this day it still freaks me out if I watch it. My friends went to the cinema to see it when it was re-released and thought it was cack. I can understand that because it is overhyped and compared to anything else more recent looks rather dated now. Again, another film with dire sequels. Exorcist III is quite good, but the new prequel is terrible. I want to see the original Paul Schraeder (spelling?) version to see if he did a better job.
  5. Agreed. This is the last film to have actually scared me. They are few and far between these days. Lots of horror films entertain these days, but aren't really scary. I followed all the internet marketing before the film came out and got big and really got caught up in it. The trailers were brilliant and with the initial premise that the film was real footage found after the 3 of them had dissapeared only added to the movie exerience. I watched it on halloween with a few mates after the pub and i shat myself It's one of those films that people either love or hate, and at the time I loved it for scaring me. I watch it now with no effect whatsoever, but I remember that first time and it was great. Shame the sequal was a big pile of shite.
  6. Tempy


    My post was just for a laugh, and not to be taken seriously, much like these dog games. On the pirate theme i.e. dog in pirate hat picture posted ealier, my comment said 'i'll stick to my pirate memory game', which is a reference to Little Britain. I would have thought someone who likes, and would quote the legend that is the late Bill Hicks, would have seen some sense of humour in my comment, or at least not taken it so seriously. Relax [bill hicks] It's always funny until someone gets hurt. Then it's just hilarious.
  7. Tempy


    Pirate dogs !!! ninja dogs !!! what the fuck is going on? If you buy one and you are not under 8, then i'm sorry to say you are a c**t ! I'll stick with my pirate memory game thank you very much.
  8. Tempy

    Reason 3.0

    Thanks for the info, I'll check it out. Gives me an excuse to start playing around with it a bit more before the new one comes out.
  9. Tempy

    Reason 3.0

    I only recently got into using reason 2.5, Absolutely fantastic bit of software. This is the first i've heard of reason 3.0, I never knew anthing about this. I'm looking forward to this one big time. Quick question. What's Ableton Live ? Ta !
  10. It would have been nice if they had ended the tribute by screening some of their work. They touched on the Clive Anderson interview, I would like to have seen that again, it was a fantastic interview. The Derek and Clive program was interesting to watch, i've never really heard much of that before and it had me in stitches. I'm sure channel 4 got a few complaints over that one. I've never heard the word cunt so many times in such a short space on TV, it's not big, it's not clever, but it's fucking funny.
  11. I thought Animals was very funny, Politics just wasn't as good but had funny moments. The Karl Pilkington interview was the best thing about the DVD and one of the most funny things i've watched in a while. Hearing Ricky's stories about the guy just don't do him justice until you watch that interview. I would have been much more entertained watching an hour of that to be honest. Best bit for me was when they argued about the monkies writing the complete works of Shakespeare. Brilliant.
  12. Clone Troopers were ok, but you could tell they were CG when they were meant to look real. The thing with Gollum/Smeagol is that you know it's not real, but you don't question it or give a shit, you accept him as a character because he's so lifelike, his movement and his facial expressions and emotion are better than most of the actors sharing the screen with him. Yoda is just shit in my opinion, the hand puppet in Empire is infinitely more lifelike than that CG bollocks. I'll be interested to see if they've done a better job in the next one. I know no one mentioned him, just throwing him in for good measure.
  13. Here's a like to a CG movie of Bruce, I think it's the one you were talking about. Scroll down the page and look for the image of bruce in the game of death tracksuit. It's not fantastic, but there are a couple of bits that stand out. See what you think. Othervid There has also been news for a couple of years that they are producing a movie using a completely digitally created Bruce Lee inserted into live action. Not sure what to make of this but you can read the story yourself at the link below. Bruce Lee 'recreated' for comeback
  14. Absolutely classic film. The transformation is spot on, but my best shot of the werewolf is during the subway scene. The man falls over on the escalator, then there is an over head shot of the man travelling up the steps, and you just catch your first glimpse of the werewolf entering the top of the screen. It's also probably the first film i saw when i was young where someone said the word cunt. Love it.
  15. Absolutely correct, my mistake. Not being a fan of the sequel at all I had to look on IMDB for the culprit behind this terrible fuck up of a sequel, i saw gregory as the writer but at a glance failed to notice that his writing credit only stretches as far as (Characters). So of course his name pops up on 2, 3, Endgame and the 5th, the source. The real culprits are Peter Bellwood, William Panzer and finally Brian Clemens, whos IMDB listing reads like Troy McClure's biography. "Hi i'm Brian Clemens, you may remember me for writing such tv shows as 'Nurse will make it better' and 'Won't write home mum, i'm dead' (actual listings) Russell Mulcahy and Peter Bellwood however, being involved in the first have no excuse, paycheque or not.
  16. Tempy

    Lemon Jelly

    Top man, thanks. I'll try and track it down.
  17. Tempy

    Lemon Jelly

    I've only recently heard of Lemon Jelly. I bought the Spaced box set, and they used Staunton Lick to wrap up series 2. Absolutely love the track. Can anyone recommend some tracks, or best album to start me off? Ta.
  18. Tempy

    Electric 6

    Loved the outfit, though the video was funny but the joke got less funny as it was just the same thing to the end. Not sure about the whole grave thing though. Thought that was a bit tasteless, but it was a laugh.
  19. Oh my fucking god, is this for real? Where did you find that hahahahahah.
  20. lol, forgot about that. It just gets worse. Don't even start on the whole TV series. Apparently they're working on another movie. Another immortal must have fallen asleep in a shed or something, how they are going to get around that I don't know. This could go on and on...
  21. Not so much as a movie gaff, but a movie series gaff. Highlander 2, a film so bad it made Empire mags top ten worst sequels list a couple of months ago. In the first film Christopher Lambert is born in Scotland during medievil times with a family, friends etc. He meets Sean Connery (for the first time) who was born in spain hundreds of years before and they become friends who then teaches the young highlander all about the being immortal and the game where only one can survive. (Fair enough) Then, they release the sequel, and apparently assuming that everyone who has seen the first film has had a labotomy, proceed to tell us that in fact they are both aliens from some planet. Also they are exiled to earth, and it is in fact earths atmosphere that makes them immortal. What in the blue f**k is that all about? And was it a writer and director who had never seen the original who made such a gaff ? nope, because it was written and directed by the same two guys who made the first film.
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