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  1. Haha my son’s all over the bloody place with his. He’ll often run upstairs to the office when he knows I’ve finished work and will want me to jump on Fortnite with him.
  2. Well yes he can undock and use the little Switch kickstand to put the screen on a table, but it’s not quite the same portability as when using the Switch with the Joy-Cons connected.
  3. Hmm, just over a year of ownership and I'm now experiencing drift on the left blue neon controller. This was the newer Switch model with better battery life too. My 6 year old son kept complaining about his character in Fortnite glitching so I had a go and very quickly realised the dreaded drift had set in. I tried all the usual tricks such as reseting the Switch, updating Switch and Controller firmware, running the controller calibration but no joy. Today I've today sent off the controller for a warranty repair. Nintendo customer services said I wouldn't have to pay if the Switch was puchased less than two years ago. At least that's better than the standard one year warranty, but still shocking how widespread this issue is. If the controllers weren't so expensive I'd have bought a spare set. Thankfully I'd got him a 3rd party pro style controller for us to play together, so he can still use the Switch, but not in handheld mode. Hoping it doesn't take too long to get it back.
  4. Breakdance star Ozone, Adolfo Quinones dies aged 65. Cheese I know, but I loved Breakdance (Breakin’) the movie growing up. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/deadline.com/2020/12/adolfo-shabba-doo-quinones-dead-dance-pioneer-breakin-star-was-65-1234662999/amp/
  5. Really? It really doesn’t sound right and I’ve watched it more than once
  6. You’ve put that perfectly. Just how I experienced it. I think a lot of the stress of work and covid and everything else I’ve been carrying inside just poured out of me at that moment. It was pure joy and I really needed this today
  7. I almost couldn’t believe what I was watching. What a great finish. I got quite emotional watching that. It caught me off guard.
  8. What a cracking episode! I have no knowledge of the EU and haven't started makig my way through Clone Wars yet, but why do Ashoka's lightsabers sound different? At least they did to me.
  9. I think only Hulu or the high seas at the minute.
  10. I know what you mean... Still enjoyed it though. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check it out.
  11. Yeah I'm being a little generous with the 4 but it caught me in a good mood. It was just what I needed last night
  12. Yes and it's really good fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Like Edge of Tomorrow, it plays out each repeat just differently enough in a way that keeps it interesting and fun. It is essentially Groundhog day as an action film, which you could say about Edge of Tomorrow, but this shares more than one similarity with the former in some of the plot beats, if only very minor. Although there is some very iffy CGI, the action is well shot and choreographed and the movie whips along. The plot is paper thin and only serves to put Roy (Frank) in that situation, which is fine as the enjoyment comes from watching Roy's journey (over and over) and not a particularly clever plot. There are a couple of plot holes, as always with films like this, but it didn't spoil the enjoyment. I laughed out loud a couple of times. Gibson is great if a little wasted in the role. I know he's a horrible shit but I still love him. Given his action movie chops I would have enjoyed to see him do more given the background of his character, but we only get a glimpse. He's more the cool/suave kingpin character in this. I'm not overly familiar with Grillo outside of the Marvel films, but he's a decent leading man, charismatic and funny. I will check out more of his output. Perhaps not Jiu Jitsu I've got to give it a 4/5.
  13. Tempy


    Well. I'm not quite sure what to make of that, but might be fun.
  14. Watching this film I was thinking, is that Aaron Taylor-Johnson? I wasn’t even sure it was him but thought wow if it is, he’s really got that English accent down. It’s really good. When I got out I checked IMBD and had no idea he was English what a plum! I really enjoyed this. I felt like I didn’t have a chance to take it all in as it whips along for quite some time before it gives you a breather. I read that tongue in cheek story breakdown someone posted earlier in this thread and a few things clicked afterwards that I’d missed. I’m definitely looking forward to watching this again. I’m in the loved it camp, but have to say I struggled to make out a lot of the dialogue. Even without the masks. I agree that the sound mix was all over the place.
  15. Yes mate. Not used the service for a couple of days, but switched on this morning to be greeted with a message on my Samsung saying there is a problem with the app on 2016 models. They are working on it and to use another device to view the service. Perhaps an update has broken it on older televisions. Edit: pic
  16. Yeah I think so. If my 6 year old son went to a friends house and I found out the parent let the kids watch IT, I wouldn't be happy. They should have checked it was alright with you first as a courtesy. They can fuck their own kid up if they want, but not yours. It wouldn't even cross my mind to put that content on if my son had a friend over. I don't wrap my kid in cotton wool but that's a bit much.
  17. Yeah they are nice. I like the last green one. Very reminiscent of Olly Moss’ take on the original trilogy.
  18. In an earlier episode Jared’s character says that due to the lining in the core, which is designed to force the atoms to collide with each other, the radiation is being forced directly upwards now that it’s open. So anyone looking down into the core is getting a massively high dose of radiation focused directly at/into them. Horrific.
  19. Regarding the pregnant lady, apart from the fact she loves and wants to comfort her husband, it’s covered in the podcast and easy to forget that back then people didn’t understand radiation and the danger. If you knew a fire was burning at a nuclear power station would you go close to watch it? Absolutely not, but they did back then.
  20. That looks like it could be great fun.
  21. I'll add Back to the Future. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching that movie. It is just brilliant and there are so many feel good moments.
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