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  1. I was going to post that. I just re-watched that at the weekend with my 4 year old who loves it. Becoming a dad has turned me into a right old softie. Pretty much from the scene from where he says "you did it Charlie" to when Charlie gives him the biggest hug having learned his whole family can move into the factory just choked me up. Gene Wilder's performance is such a joy and I get such a feeling of nostalgia when I watch it. Lovely. We've watched the remake on Netflix and it's not good.
  2. Sorry but I totally disagree. I recently watched the 4K 3D re-release at the cinema and it looked fantastic. John Connor’s ginger mullet mate aside, it doesn’t look dated at all. It’s a solid sci-fi action movie and still puts most modern action films to shame. The liquid metal T-1000 effects are a little dated, I’ll give you that but you’re so drawn in at that point it doesn’t matter.
  3. That looks fucking awful. The tone feels way off but hopefully it's just a trailer misstep, especially that music choice. I'd definitely be up for another equalizer type action movie with an older actor in the role and lots of violence, but Bruce's acting is shocking these days, especially in this. Worse than phoning it in. I'm was really looking forward to Shyamalan revisiting the Unbreakable universe, but Bruce is stinking up the place up with his I'm dead inside acting these days.
  4. I grew up watching his Film review show. I remember taping his Back to the Future 2 review so I could see a brief clip of the hover boards over and over. I was transfixed. R.I.P
  5. I think he's referring to Anthony Ingruber. https://youtu.be/vwLv993khfI Sorry, don't know how to embed from my phone.
  6. Two episodes left of Death on the Staircase and it's fascinating. This sort of thing is right up my street. I've even got my wife hooked and she rarely enjoys the same things I do on telly. I love a bit of real life court case action. I'm sure someone commented in here about there being an update released in 2013? I came to thank them as I didn't realise that, but cannot find the comment now. Whoever it was, thanks I'll have to track down The Staircase II from 2013 as it doesn't seem to be in iplayer. I've watched Making a Murderer, Thin Blue Line, Paradise Lost (all three), Dear Zachary, and The Jinx. Unfortunately I missed the O.J one before iPlayer removed it. Are there any other crime ones worth checking out after we've finished Staircase? Thanks.
  7. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but someone has edited Breaking Bad into a 2hr movie. Apologies if this is old, but I've only just seen it shared. https://player.vimeo.com/video/206717304
  8. Shocking. It seems incredible that this type of exploitation is allowed to go on. Surprising for such a lucrative industry. Fucking James Cameron and his seagulls
  9. Yes those scenes in particular were amazing and the other two that got me...
  10. No forum love for this? I watched it last night and thought it was brilliant. A well written film and some very good performances, especially from Casey Affleck. I wasn't sure what to make of his performance to begin with. He's very monotone, direct and almost lacking in emotion. Although his delivery makes for some funny scenes early on, I didn't initially get what all the fuss was about. When you later learn the reason for his character being the way he is, it makes sense and he carries the movies really well. It's funny and at times utterly heartbreaking, but that might just be because becoming a dad has turned me into a softy Sorry I'm not the greatest at writing reviews, but thought I would recommend people see it. I was surprised there wasn't already a thread about it. I always enjoy reading the forum take on films.
  11. I came here to post the Inglorious Basterds scene, but instead I'll choose this. I just love this shot. Rickman's face, the slow mo, the angle. It just works. Edit: Sorry don't know how to embed. http://imgur.com/gallery/6uGDqHM
  12. Gonna spoiler this just in case. It's got its flaws but overall I thoroughly enjoyed the film and look forward to seeing it again. For a post conversion job the 3D is very well done in places.
  13. @feltmonkey Lol oh yes I'm afraid I'm well aware of Thom-moss the prank engine. As most of the Thomas content we watch is on YouTube, we stumbled across that little gem by accident when my boy noticed a minion in one of the thumbnail previews. "I want Thomas Minion Daddy" and now we've watched this particular one several times. Awful stuff. My boy is three at Christmas. I'm not sure how long this shit will continue, but would rather this than Pokemon.
  14. Apart from that being quite a funny review, you get a pos simply for sharing this, because I too am currently locked into the endless stream of Thomas related gumpf that my son loves to watch at the moment. This is very topical for me. I much preferred his Pixar phase, but Thomas is ok I guess and The Great Race is quite enjoyable. The most surprising thing for me is the amount of non-official Thomas & Friends related content made by full grown adults with their toy collections. People also going so far as entirely (and rather poorly) remaking some of the Thomas films with their own toys.
  15. Cheers. I thought it might be a DSLR but the footage is nice and steady and my 600d shakes like buggery if handheld.
  16. Nice work. Can I ask, what did you shoot this with?
  17. That Kindle app is pretty painless. Cheers guys. Bought the book, downloaded and I've just pimped it out on Facebook. Best of luck Goose. Your write ups on here got me through many sleepless nights with a baby/toddler.
  18. Really stupid n00b question, sorry. Can I read this on an iPad? I want to buy it to support Goose's efforts having really enjoyed the posts in here, but I don't have a Kindle or Android device.
  19. Cool. This should be a pretty easy one to keep things rolling.
  20. You don't need a body for a conviction in a murder case, if there's enough evidence to convict. No more of a reach than leaving two prominent blood smears in a car with not a shred of any other DNA evidence or any finger prints anywhere. Or the reach that a bullet was found with Teresa's DNA on it in the garage which didn't produce a single other piece of forensic evidence, no blood, hair, nothing, just this solitary bullet lying on the floor under a shelving unit.
  21. I personally still like the theory that someone else, possibly Scott and Bobby murdered Teresa, burned and then dumped her body and the car on the Avery property knowing the police would be very pleased that Avery turned out to be the suspect. The Manitowoc cops planted the key in the bedroom and the blood in the car to secure Avery's conviction for the crime. It really isn't all that far-fetched based on what we know from the documentary, even if you thought it was biased.
  22. I think it's implied that the officer stumbled across the car and called in the plates to determine the make, model and colour which confirmed it was in fact Teresa's Rav 4. Not a problem, except the officer never officially reported the car as having been found. The car wasn't found until two days later and by a member of the pubic. The defence are implying that the car was located by one of the corrupt officers who instead of officially reporting that it had been found, hid this fact and conspired to plant it on the Avery property thus providing evidence pointing to point to Steve. The officer's defence was that he wasn't calling it in, just confirming the details of the car they were looking for. I think
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