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  1. I can accept the heat of the moment irrational mistakes (to very much oversimplify what you've stated) but he had several days afterwards to think about things and correct them before the police came knocking.
  2. Didn't they dig up and forensically test the concrete in the garage and found no DNA evidence? The reason they dug up the floor was because of a crack and they suspected any blood that had run in there would have been difficult for the suspect to clean?
  3. Yeah, I'd be interested in hearing more from those that believe Avery did it. What are your reasons specifically? I've read some of the evidence that wasn't included in the doc and I still don't see how he could be guilty of having murdered her. He certainly had the opportunity given that she in the area and was at his property. Putting aside the stories that the prosecution laid out in the trial (either the bedroom rape and slaughter or garage shooting) and just basing it on the evidence that was presented, we are expected to believe that he: Killed her in some unknown location. Somewhere that required he move her bleeding body by putting in the back of her own car Burned her and some of her possessions in his own back yard and left some of the remains where they were for someone to find Moved some of the bones to two other locations (which meant that he would have known that the fire didn't destroy the evidence) Cleaned the car of all finger prints but left his own blood smears in obvious places in plain sight Dumped her car on his own property and made a poor attempt to hide it from view Left the Rav 4 car key in his bedroom removing all traces of DNA, including Theresa's, but leaving his own somehow I know Steve isn't meant to have a very high IQ, but those are some pretty odd mistakes to make. I like the idea of a double setup and I don't think it's too farfetched either. It's interesting that a new investigation is supposedly being done on the Rav 4 key. If someone else did murder Theresa then they would have her car keys. It would have been very easy to plant the bones and car on the Avery plot, but would have been more difficult in such a short space of time to get the keys inside Steve's bedroom. The supposed spare Rav 4 key could have been put there by the police.
  4. I went for my second viewing at a very deserted Bluewater and quiet cinema early this morning. Bliss.I enjoyed it very much a second time and as others have said it allows you to take a breath and take it in a bit more without the constant wondering when Luke is going to turn up. It's quite emotional on second viewing. Especially the scene where Han is talking to Leia just before he leaves for the starkiller base To acknowledge your comment, absolutely it is odd. When you watch it after this has been pointed out (although I did think this the first time) it is quite strange when you watch in detail. Chewie just calmly saunters past Leia with no acknowledgment at all from either party and then he can be seen quite clearly in the background just standing there in some shots doing nothing at all while everyone moves around him. It's just so bizarre.
  5. I saw this on the 21st managing to avoid any spoilers and absolutely loved it. I cannot wait to watch it again and it'll be one of the rare occasions that I've gone to watch a film at the cinema more than once. Yes it has it's flaws, but nothing that pulled me out of the experience when I was watching it. In hindsight it is easy to pick holes, but I think what we got was pretty awesome none the less. It really didn't disappoint. As for Rey's sudden increase in force ability, I put a lot of that down to her confidence and belief that she can do it if she tries. Rey has a phenomenal amount of confidence in her abilities and I feel that once she realises she can possibly do it, she's confident about trying to use it and therefore succeeds. It just reminds me of that sequence in ESB where Luke fails to move the X-Wing as he doesn't believe it can be done. It's too big. Yoda even comments that "always with you it cannot be done". He doesn't believe in his ability, or the power of the force so he fails. I think Rey is the opposite. It's still a bit of a stretch but I can buy it. If you accept that Kylo was significantly injured, wasn't in the best mental state and also wasn't actually trying to kill her then I can see why he would be defeated. At the point where he has her at the edge of the abyss and says "I can train you in the ways of the force" it doesn't seem to me that he's trying to kill her. I don't think he is then expecting the sudden show of strength from Rey which puts an already injured man on the back foot. I am really excited to see where they go with this, especially Luke. I thought Finn, Rey and BB-8 were great new characters and I'm happy for the story to go with them.
  6. That's pretty close thanks Sean but not quite right. The one I'm thinking of the guy blurts it out himself and the main guy says something like "that's not quite what we were going for, but ok". Something like that.
  7. It being Christmas, a couple of us were talking about the Bill Murray film Scrooged in the office. My mate thought there was a scene set in a boardroom that's cut from TV where one of the executives says something like "I like young boys". I'm not so sure. I do know what he means but don't think it's from that film. In my head, it's a film where someone is going round the room in a boardroom asking people to say something honest, or shout out something they like, or something like that. Then one of the guys says the line. I thought it was Liar Liar but that's not it. I can't find my copy of Scrooged. It's driving me mad and Google is turning up nothing. Anyone know what film this is? Cheers.
  8. Great interview. She gives zero shits, obviously doesn't really like the whole stupid interview/movie promotion stuff but is having fun with it. The comment at the end "that you know of" lol
  9. This thread reminded me that I was watching inside the actors studio with Clooney a few months back and he brings up the coffee adverts. I thought his reason for doing them was honest and fair enough. As long as I didn't hate the product, I would do it. Skip to 43 minutes http://youtu.be/y0kCqoxe0tI
  10. It's on UK Netflix I watched the trailer after reading the article and then realised that I have actually already seen this. It looks vaguely familiar. It's been so long that I'm going to give it another go. I remember growing up being more fond of Murder by Death. Yet again a great write up Goose. I look forward to the book.
  11. I had problems with my activation when I took out a £2.04 travel policy. Contacted customer services and said it's not working and they activated the account for me. Doesn't help you out right now, but you can still get it activated to use for the next 12 months.
  12. Yep, exactly this. I've always loved this film and have seen it more times than I can remember. Great write up Goose. I'm really pleased you did this one. Your comments say that the commentaries (which I'll definitely have to check out) are on the Icons of Horror website. It's actually Icons of Fright. Here's a link in case anyone wants to check them out http://iconsoffright.com/pirate-commentaries-2/
  13. Very much enjoying reading this thread Goose keep up the good work. There are some great choices in here. I've revisited a few of the films you've written up so far and still love them although suspect nostalgia plays a big part. Will have to see what my son thinks when he's old enough to watch films with me. I've just checked and Fletch is on UK Netflix, so I'm going to have to watch this again. I've seen it a couple of times and always enjoyed it but not since I was a kid. I'm looking forward to what you come up with next. This sort of stuff is right up my street and just short enough that I can read when I do have a bit of free time which is bloody rare with a 1 year old. Awesome stuff!
  14. Yep, Christmas vacation goes on every year because apart from being a great Christmas film, it's also funny. You should check it out, it's brilliant. I've never watched Vegas though as I've heard it's pretty awful and never been all that bothered about watching it.
  15. Skippy's peanut butter, smooth and chunky in huge tubs for less than a fiver. I always buy their Lamb mince and freeze it as it is brilliant. Very tasty and no gristly bits. The trays of Danishes are amazing. The swirly ones with icing and raisins are so soft and tasty, awesome. Also their apple pie is enormous and excellent. The only apple pie I've had that is so good you can eat it without cream, ice cream or custard and it's still great. The ready to bake lasagne is very good too. Can easily feed four, has loads of rich meat and sauce and probably far too much cheese than is healthy but all the more lovely for it. The problem with CostCo is the portions. Make sure you've got a decent sized appetite or freezer.
  16. I really enjoyed this and was expect the whole ending to be a let-down, but the end is fine. Didn't need it, but certainly didn't ruin the film or lessen my enjoyment of it. As for….. Definitely will be watching it again when it comes out.
  17. I watched this on released and really enjoyed it . I subsequently recommend this to a few people. It's by no means a fantastic film and upon reflection doesn't totally make sense, but I was riveted whilst I was watching it. The screen I was in wasn't packed, in fact it was only about half full but pretty much nobody made a sound for the entire duration of the film. They must have been as engrossed as I was. I agree with the bit about the dog. I'm not a dog lover at all, but that was very uncomfortable to watch. it's not that it's graphic, it's just that it's not very pleasant. The film is definitely worth a watch.
  18. Agree with the cameo, it was great fun and was one on the few scenes that got a laugh. I thought this was ok, but not as enjoyable as the first one. The comedic moments fell flat and just became irritating after a while. Not Sam's parents in transformers level of irritating, but still...not great. I suspect the kids will love it though. The young lad with his nan in front of me was laughing away and clearly enjoying it. There's a bit after the first section of end credits (as always) which was a bit WTF for me. Perhaps that's me not knowing anything about the comics. Great to see Idris Elba's role beefed up a bit. He really has a strong screen presence. For opening week on an orange Wednesday, the cinema was pretty empty.
  19. I had to IMDB The Monster Club. I thought you meant The Monster Squad. I've said this in another thread but I'd like to see I Am Legend done properly. I don't read a lot of books, so it's not often I get to see a book I've really enjoyed make it to the big screen. This was one and I was hugely disappointed. Would love to see it in the hands of a decent director.
  20. In contrast I watched Ben earlier today and enjoyed it much much more. As much as you can enjoy something that dark and sad. I was much more emotionally engaged and genuinely felt for Ben and his family towards the end. It felt to me like he did genuinely want to kick the habit and it wasn't completely just the bullshit lies that addicts always roll out about wanting to quit. When he says "I can feel myself dying, I can see what it's doing to my body but I still can't stop doing this shit" it is heartbreaking. Interesting documentary.
  21. Totally agree with this. It was bleak but found it interesting enough to sit through until the end. Once I'd seen the end, it was so obviously staged that it made me doubt the rest of what I'd seen. As others have said, the quick cut choppy editing was bloody annoying too.
  22. Plissken has just posted about the sword and the sorcerer in another thread and the actor in that, Richard Lynch, reminded me of this trailer. I saw this trailer countless times in front of other rentals I watched back in the day, but I've never actually seen this film.
  23. I remember loving Sakura killers as a kid. I loved anything Ninja related. American ninja and old Sho Kosugi movies. Loved them all. Christ that looks awful though. Amazing the shit you'll watch when you're a kid. I barely remember any of that film now except the crazy acrobatics and the red and blue ninja suits.
  24. I've heard of it, but never actually got round to seeing it yet. I'll track it down
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