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    Pulled Pork

    Cheers Craster. No, no manual mate. Just a crappy user guide which says what I posted above about low. It says high is the normal slow cooking setting. Cooking time is about 8 - 10 hours. I'm guessing that's what I need to go for, but just wanted to be sure that I'm not gonna burn the crap out of it.
  2. Tempy

    Pulled Pork

    Right, I've put off trying this for too long. I've bought all the stuff an I'm gonna prepare it tonight ready to cook tomorrow using my cheap Tesco slow cooker Is it definitely on low setting for 8 hours? The slow cooker manual says that setting is just for warming Pre cooked food? Just want to be sure I don't settle down for dinner with a load of raw pork.
  3. It's a stupid story with some crappy characters and it's poorly written with some shoddy special effects. It's so cheesey and "yeah America woohoo" that it'll make you sick, but.... ...I thoroughly enjoyed it so did my mates that watched it with me. It's the sort of film that works well at the cinema, lots of shit explodes, lots of noise and it's fun. Maybe because I went into it with such low expectations. I agree that it is very Michael Bay'ish and I'm no fan of the recent toot he's been churning out. Transformers sequels I'm looking at you! It's also a hell of a lot more entertaining than Battle LA which was just plain boring.
  4. Just a quick correction for an otherwise excellent and very useful list. Timecrimes is on Film4 tonight at 23:45 not 10:00 on ITV2 as posted. Looks like quite an interesting film. Thanks for all your hard work putting the list together Ben.
  5. Just downloading this now having paid the $5. I'm really looking forward to watching it. The only reason I had even heard of Louis and ended up watching Shameless and Chewed Up was because of this forum and think he's excellent, so thanks for the heads up.
  6. I love the IMDB iPhone app. It has become one of my most viewed things, the trivia page specifically. The problem is, now I can't watch a film without checking the trivia afterwards. There are some great little nuggets of information in there sometimes. Things like...... Not sure how much of these things are true, but they sometimes make for interesting reading.
  7. Yep, I sure did. Two timed jumps that could drive a person to insanity. I guess it just makes it all that rewarding when you finally do it Anyway, I just finished Ico on my first ever run through. What a beautiful little game. I'll admit, that right the beginning I didn't buy into it. I ran up and up and up the spiral to release the cage. Then stared to run down and down and down and I thought to myself "seriously? are they gonna make me run all the way back down this effing thing?". Everything changed the first time Yorda jumped a gap too wide and I caught her by the hand mid air and pulled her up with a bit of struggle Those shadow things got righ on my tits, but then I realised that in some instances after that, they didn't bother me quite as much. Although it's an old game, the scenery is just fantastic to look at. There are times when you re-cross the same areas, but in some games where that becomes a chore, in Ico it's always something different or you have to do things in a slightly different way and that keeps it fresh. The more I played it, the more I loved it. It's just an old fashioned puzzle game with a very simple story at it's core and it's a little gem. Time to crack on to SotC
  8. Surprised that mine arrived from Play today. Was expecting not to get it until next week. Glad I just finished Portal 2 in time to get stuck into this. I'm really looking forward to playing these having never played either of them before and experiencing all the love in this thread. Which one would people recommend playing first out of the two?
  9. I took the plunge and bought the 360 version. I had too, it's such a glorious game and the cube version looks absolutely terrible on a HD telly. First thoughts are that it looks really very nice. Yes some of the textures are old, but it's a lot crisper. The one thing I'm initially disappointed in, is the dead zone when aiming with a 360 pad. I think it's going to take some adjusting to. I loaded up the game for a quick look last night and I was trying to shoot the crow on the way to the house and kept overshooting with the aim. You move it slightly and then just push the stick that little nit too much and bam, the little red dot takes a massive leap across the object your aiming at. I'm sure when I was playing the cube version it was far more accurate. It's a shame there isn't a sensitivity setting in the options. I'm really looking forward to playing through this again though. Such a fantastic game. I've just gotta finish off portal 2 first.
  10. I notice a few people have both PSN and Gamertags, so which version did you go for?. The PS3 version is cheaper, but I'm a bit of an Xbox whore, so I'm torn. Is there much in it graphically or performance wise between the two versions?
  11. Part 2 is also very interesting if you can get hold of it. I'm really looking forward to seeing Part 3 whenever it is released. According to IMDB, they wrapped shooting in August, but are now revisiting to alter the ending in light of recent events before it is being released. The Thin Blue Line is similar in theme and I would recommend it, although the frequent use of flashback re-enactments does get a little tiresome after a while.
  12. This thread is becoming a gold mine for recommendations. There are so many I'm trying to get hold of to watch. I recently watched the 50 Docs to see before you die program on Current TV and I've been working through a few that appeared on there. So far, I've worked my way through King of Kong, Food Inc, The Thin Blue Line and Hoop Dreams. I am currently watching Paradise Lost 1 and 2. When I was younger, I was always fascinated by special effects, especially special effects makeup. Are there any documentaries on that subject I can look out for? As I kid I seem to remember watching loads of stuff about special effects on TV, but the only thing I can remember of the top of my head is a series called Movie Magic, which I loved. Can anyone recommend anything else?
  13. I'm no film buff, but I have a pretty broad taste when it comes to films. I'm open to watching anything if it's good whereas most of my friends run screaming from something like subtitles like the plague. Despite my noob like knowlegde of films, I am really enjoying this series so far. Even though 15 parts sounds a lot, you could see how this could just run and run. I can see what some people are saying about Mark's voice. His delivery takes a bit of getting used to, but it doesn't prevent me from enjoying what is turning out to be a fascinating program. Thanks for putting it on my radar
  14. I'm with you on this. It was on Sky Anytime and I like Dwayne Johnson so stuck it on on a lazy Sunday. I went from jesus this is shit the rock is cringeworthy, to ok let's see what happens, to ooh billy crystal, this isn't bad, to yeeaahh get that tooth Rock Merchent was doing his usual thing, but I like him so found it amusing. It's still pretty cheesy crap, but strangely I ended up enjoying it. Unlike the pacifier which went from this is rubbish, to OFF!
  15. Yep, opening sequence and a couple of times since. Bloody annoying.
  16. Stick with it. I'm a fan of the show, but season 2 started to drag with that crappy story line. Season 3 however, that's made of win. Back on form. Edit: I've just read back a couple of posts. Can't believe people are saying 3 is worse than 2.
  17. Great thread this. I'm gradually working my way through it having watched the film a couple of times. I think it's a fantastic film. Something about the totems I don't understand though. I understand Arthur's comment above. It makes perfect sense. A totem should only be known to the owner, you should never let another person touch it. That way, if you were in someone elses dream, there is no way that the dreamer could try to recreate your totem to trick you. As the dreamer has never touched your totem, how could they possibly recreate it exactly as you know it. Perfect! If that's the case, then why have Cobb's totem spin indefinitely as a sign of dreaming. It doesn't make sense. If he was in someone elses dream, why would the top spin indefinitely? surely just the weight or feel or noise when it span would be wrong, telling him he's dreaming? Arthur's totem being a loaded die is perfect, only he knows what number it will always land on, where it is weighted, how it feels, the texture, unless someone got hold of his totem it would be impossible to reproduce in a dream.
  18. Thanks for reminding me of the points in the book Paradigm. I really need to revisit them. There is a nice link on Empire at the moment regarding book moments cut from the films. It reminded me of Azkaban and the meaning of prongs, wormtail etc not being mentioned in the movie which was a nice moment in the book, which I sadly missed from the film. Azkaban still just takes it as my favourite, although this is a very good film. I agree that it felt less corners were cut for this one.
  19. Just got back from seeing it and thought it was very good. It didn't feel over two hours long, although it began dragging a little during the hiding/camping scenes. I'm not sure the young kids will sit still during those bits for long. It opens brilliantly and there are some great action scenes. There is also a beautifully animated scene towards the end when Hermoine tells the story of Thoroughly enjoyed the film and can see why they split it into two films. I can't wait for part two.
  20. BTTF II when Young Biff throws the kids basketball onto to upstairs balcony of someones house. Am I right?
  21. I love the show but have to agree that the sillyness went a little too far. It's inevitable that the car will end up in the water so let's just let it go? That's just ridiculous. Also Jay's lies (as others have said) are just too farfetched now to the point of parodying himself which grates a little. There were some cracking lines in it though. All that aside it's been a good series and I've enjoyed it almost as much as the previous ones. I would definitely like to see more.
  22. That doesn't make sense. Why hire a stage magician to help kill a vampire? At least the original made sense in Charley's mind. Peter Vincent may have been an actor, but at least he was an actor that had a career based on killing vampires in movies. McLuvin as Evil Ed? Might work. I like Farrell, but I can't see him in the Dandrige role. It will be intersting if he can pull this off. Not that it's a demanding role, but Chris Sarandon had a confident but sophisticated arrogance about him. Farrel can do arrogance, but not in the same classy way, more of a cocky way. Someone a little older may be a better fit. As for Tennant....seriously? Mind you, I've never seen him in Who, he may just be the right level of cheese for the role. I'm a big fan of the original and although it's not a widely regarded classic, I wouldn't have said it is one that needs updating. Will give the remake a watch.
  23. Never mind. All sold out at Mondotees
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