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    Yacht Rock

    Oh man, Camp Michael McDonald. I love this thread. Perfect for summer. Or any time.
  2. To attempt to level the playing field you need everything to be as up to scratch as possible. Food, training, genetics, recovery, drugs and so on. If one of those things lacks, then you are not on a level playing field with someone who has all that. The top level athletes (podium finishers) have all of this going for them, so to attempt to compete on a level playing field with them, you need all of this going for you, too. No, not some people. All the top place finishers and best performers. The people who don't take drugs are the losers. The drug users are always a couple of years ahead of the drug testers - so they are already on pretty much whatever drugs they want. There are many ways of masking drugs in tests, and the "cheaters" are always one step ahead. A drug "free for all" would (in my opinion) mainly change this idea that drugs are (always) cheating/immoral - drug usage would become more open, and people would be able to see some of the incredible benefits of certain drugs to balance the fear mongering that already exists. Sure, usage would change somewhat and we would likely see improved performance - but that would be largely because people wouldn't have to cycle off drugs to avoid tests, they could stay on a cycle through an event. For example, currently a top class weightlifter has to cycle off a certain amount of time before a tested event - so they blast the drugs massively in the offseason, calculate the half life of their drugs, then cycle off the testable elements in time for the contest. Naturally their performance diminishes somewhat, but it is still greater than if they never used - but also still less than if they could use right up until contest time.
  3. They don't use drugs or those sports have people dying all over the place? Flo-Jo died from an epilepsy attack you spanner.
  4. Oh my days those articles are amazing. God, if you banned creatine you'd have to ban meat.
  5. It's simply not true that food consumption gives a level playing field. Not all dietary programmes are the same, and not all can be afforded by all athletes. A proper nutrition programme with a qualified chef and dietician is very expensive. The diet that Armstrong ate wasn't what everyone else on the tour was on at all. Etc... Substitute equipment, training routines and genetics as you please. A good drug programme is a necessary but not sufficient requirement to compete at the top level, just as with every other element of sport. This is complete and utter nonsense. To begin with, elite level athletics is already partially a battle about who is willing to risk their long term health and longevity the most - drugs don't change that. In fact, one job of drugs is to keep athletes healthier, help them recover quicker and enable them to survive the training they need to do at that level. People are already on significant amounts of drugs in the elite levels of just about every sport and people aren't "dying all over the place".
  6. You can't get gold without performance enhancing drugs. Competitors have to take them just to level the playing field in that respect. It's one of the reasons why the USA sucks at weightlifting - because their national competitions (qualifiers for the games) are tested, whereas the equivalents in Russia and China are not. Hopefully one day there will be an "open" competitor to the Olympics, maybe not with all the same sports but most of them, where we can just see how freaky strong/fast/athletic people can get taking all these crazy drugs. If I ever have the opportunity I'll do it myself. Lance Armstrong is amazing. Everyone else in the Tour was on what he was on and he was still that much better. Is this serious?
  7. Jab


    Great picture. I fucking love sugar.
  8. You do if you eat too much of it. Just adding that in, in case someone takes that too literally.
  9. Yeah, I just call it meal 1 these days. Makes everything easier.
  10. Oooh Blue's gone all IF. One of my favourite healthy breakfasts is something like 4 scrambled eggs, packet of smoked salmon and a few asparagus.
  11. Jab

    Yacht Rock

    Thank you so much for this piece of awesomeness. <3
  12. 4 for me... Loving your pictures btw Blue, looks tasty as fuark.
  13. Congrats Argh, big step on getting a book out there, very awesome. How much was your web design btw (don't have to say if that's private!)? Looks pretty spiffy. Also if you want a reader for the audiobook I might know a guy... (me).
  14. Jab

    50 Words for Snow

    I thought Elton sounded Ace. Loved the album. It very much picks up where some of the ideas on Ariel left off.
  15. Jab

    Bjork - Biophilia

    Oh man. I heard a bunch of songs from Biophilia last night. That shit was just ridiculously good. I was in this blissful trance for about an hour and a half.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4N31oFeinFY Hnng.
  17. Oh man that ending shit me up as a kid. It was the first game I'd ever completed, and I freaked out at that screen thinking the game had frozen! I rang up the Nintendo helpline just to find out what to do.
  18. Shooting someone with a sniper rifle. And no-one knows where you are. Perfecting a perfectly constructed level and then playing it over and over again just revelling in how awesome you and the game are.
  19. Hey man, the site looks sweet - but I gotta say there is a lot of awesome competition out there. The sooner you can get more portfolio pieces up the better. I hope you don't mind but I had a go at rejigging your "about me" blurb with my comments or options in square brackets. If you like it, or bits of it, it's yours. If not no worries. Good luck with the site, I've started one too (although I ain't a designer! I spent weeks fiddling with wordpress and everything looked shit so I stuck with a default free theme lol) and it's a lot of work but very rewarding. " Welcome! I’m Nigel Hathaway the creative mind behind The Graphics Den, born and bred in sunny old Birmingham. [as suggested above, a picture of you here would be great] I love movies (especially from the 80s!), retro video games, vinyl toys and collectables. [can you show off any embedded images related to these things that you've done?] This site [is intended to show off/should give you a pretty good idea of] what I can do for you; my portfolio, [link to it] creations [link if poss] and general ramblings [link to ramblings lol] on design and the things that get me whipped into a frenzy. I've got an HND in Graphic Design, built this website, and I have done [name some projects if you can, and link to them]. I am currently taking on new clients, but only have limited spaces. If you want to work with me send me an email at: email@site.com. If you are a design firm based in Birmingham and need a great Graphic Designer then get in touch so we can work something out. " Obviously you can format it much more dynamically on the site. My personal opinion is that your site should do the job of a CV without actually being a traditional CV if you get what I mean? The more you can make it look like you are an up-coming and assured professional rather than a newly qualified job-seeker the better - even if there may not be any practical difference between the two at the moment. You can add a lot more to your about page if you want and if you're comfortable with it. There is a trend at the moment of being very honest and open online to really help build relationships and connect with readers/clients. Also years don't need apostrophes; 80s instead of 80's.
  20. Whey protein would also be off limits if you are doing strict Paleo... If you are doing low carb then it's of course fine. For most it is best not to worry about fucking peas and whey on any diet imo.
  21. It's a bit late for tips now, but inspired by this thread and the cheapness of ox heart I bought a carton and here's what I did: 440g diced ox heart 2 red onions Crushed and roughly chopped garlic clove Mushrooms roughly chopped Browned off the meat and put it in a dish with a load of red wine to sit for a bit, then sautéed the veg in butter and put it over the meat. Added some capers and dashes of Tabasco and covered it. Set it in the oven on 200 or so for about 25 minutes. Served it on a bed of mashed broccoli to which I added some paprika. Delish! Very simple and tasty and the heart was nicely textured. Forgot to get a pic though, sorry.
  22. I agree this is frustrating. Most quick bites in shops are pure shite. I tend to go for ready roast chicken portions, jerky, blueberries, that sort of thing.
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