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  1. After the game finished check the scoreboard. Pushing right on the right analogue stick shows you everything that’s hidden off screen. It’s quite comprehensive.
  2. I’ve tried it in previous BC games and it worked fine. My problem is both my RR6 and DOA4 saves are missing from my 360 which is weird. I’d unlocked everything in DOA4 on my 360.
  3. RR6 and DOA4 didn’t use my cloud save either. Fired up my 360 and both were missing from that too.
  4. I’m not sure it is. RR6 isn’t available on the UK store. DOA4 is available on the uk store.
  5. Delayed by two months! Global supply chain issues!! Now shipping February!!! We did our best!!!! Please understand!!!!!
  6. You need to press left or right on the D Pad to swap between heavy and light.
  7. Nope. They’ll charge you £93 to replace / repair it.
  8. They are great when they work, but the build quality is absolute shite. I’ve had 4 - right bumper failed on two (both just out of warranty), backwards stick drift on my current one which is now going back (again) and the 4th had stick drift which was replaced but I’ve yet to use it. (controllers 3&4 were bought for £32 each from Amazon Warehouse so I already knew they were dodgy. They were both replaced by MS, but the third controller now has stick drift). Also, I’ve noticed from Xbox One X to Xbox Series X the A button doesn’t always register first time every now and then on all Elite controllers. Noticed in game and when typing. Im so used to using 4 paddles I couldn’t do without now though. Roll on V3.
  9. https://arcade1up.com/products/ridge-racer-arcade-machine?fbclid=IwAR093yB88xaRBWGSJvxHZtDedsCozG-HZ9wMrPjA-HiMHeuSVbztqVV4OcA
  10. It’s a 12gb install size difference. I now have both versions (don’t ask). X/S looks a little sharper, but I think both are running at 60fps.
  11. What’s the difference between both versions?
  12. Go to controller, scroll down to each individual button in the list, press 'A' and remap.
  13. That's not it. There was a Master Chief Collection preview a few weeks back.
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