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  1. Er, no, EA will pay for promoting it. And in return get a nice slice of the profits. There would be no other benefit for them distributing it otherwise.
  2. It's much, much more satisfying than MGS2. It's still got lots of long-arse cut-scenes in, but at least they aren't codec convos. Seriously, the boss battles and the set pieces - and the climax - are outstandingly done.
  3. Well, I played and completed this over a long weekened last week. It's tremendous.
  4. Because Ocelot was born after him? Remember, as was revealed in MGS1, Solid Snake was born with the Enfant Terribles project, in 1971. That's after the MGS3 date of 1964. Your answer's in there.
  5. No, we did not. We always try to make it clear when a game with an important online element has/hasn't been tested. And there was NO reference to online play in the Madden '05 review.
  6. It's very, very average. Nice ideas and weapons, but the level design was pretty poor and much of it felt like the scenery was made of paper. I seem to remember that the jumping and acrobatics were quite nice, but a really repetitve section whee you played as the male character was dulldulldull.
  7. Admittedly, I was kidding (partly) in the Headhunter thread. Six pages of worrying over an incorrect sentence in a magazine? And I do think it's a pretty average game. But, just to be clear, the Driv3r thing related more to the director's mode (not the single player story mode, see?) being particularly enjoyable (you'd be surprised the volume of readers - who I'm fully aware aren't the kind of people that would post here - have since sent in memory cards filled with their own 'films' for us to see). Of course, if I'd posted the whole text that would be clear.
  8. Actually, we are looking for a staff writer (check the Future site). Maybe some of you could put their money where their mouth is, come in an help us bring down the system?
  9. But we gave Driv3r 6/10 and said the single player game was "shit". PS - I wasn't there when Rising Sun was reviewed, so can't really comment.
  10. Well, to be honest, I'm a touch slighted by the massively inaccurate comment (although not surprised or upset). You HAVE read my first post in this thread, yes? Well, quite, but in "the right spirit" of reviews you aren't supposed to "trust" any of them - they're opinions.
  11. Personally, I think it roxxor - it certainly doesn't suxxor, aynway - although I didn't review the game. But it's *not* Halo so I some people will be surprised by how restrained the pace is. It's pretty impressive on a decent TV and a top notch sound system, too.
  12. I can do better - I'm reviews editor for OPS2M and can safely say that a lot of what "fanb0y" on the Playstation.com forum is inaccurate. The issue itself isn't out until next week - I'm sure the correct scores will be floating around by then. (Edit: although, obviously, it's worth seeing the text for the reviews as well as the scores, but around here I'd say that request would fall on deaf ears.) Thanks, Michael
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