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  1. Bam. That's a fucking fact.
  2. Vin

    SNES Mini

    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/nintendo-president-smash-bros-classic-console-future-switch-1167948 End of run. Pick one up while you still can.
  3. This is actually a damn good shout. I love the independent rumbles on the Bone pad. An extension or an evolution of that would be incredible.
  4. Oh god this obsession with who has the biggest open world is pure masturbatory wank. I already miss the charm and focus of the original.
  5. Filing this under "shit that should not be". And everyone involved in thinking this was a good idea should be fucking fired.
  6. Some of these numbers are nuts. I thought my combined XCOM hours of around 500 was bad. I'm a goddamn lightweight.
  7. OG Mass Effect for the first time in eleven years. What a game. The X makes it look absolutely fabulous.
  8. Crackdown is still the best fuck about game. It looks and sounds mega good on the X.
  9. I've been smashing through my backlog. Most side missions in open world games are rubbish anyway so I just skip 'em. It's also shithouse that I spend more time downloading games on my X and Pro than I do playing them.
  10. Watched the GB quicklook earlier. It's entirely filled my boots and saved me some dolla bills.
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