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  1. I had the afternoon off today so I thought I'd give a beer kit a whirl.

    I used the Coopers Lager kit from Wilkinsons but I added some Goldings hops which I'd boiled up before hand.

    Here's to waiting.....

  2. My coffee machine died this morning. It's a Krups combi, drip and espresso.

    I'm especially annoyed since the it's the second one ive had of the same model.

    I rushed out to John Lewis to pick up a new one, but I wasn't really inspired by what they had on offer.

    I bought a moka pot as an interim measure, and partially as an experiment to see if I could produce a decent cup.

    1) can anyone reccomend me a new machine. I dont want a 'stylish' one, just a decent functional one.

    2) any tips on using the moka pot?

  3. Went to Almost Famous last night, it a great little place.

    Had the "Smoky and the Bandit" Burger. Along with some sides.

    The burgers were great, cooked well, and surprisingly not really heavy and stodgy.

    The various types of fries were great, and the wings were good even if the sauce was a bit too tart. I like tart, but my friends weren't so keen.

  4. They're the best for certain types of burger. I think a brioche bun lends itself better to the thicker, 'chef-y' burgers though, ie Ad Cod, Wenlock & Essex.

    Did you use actual mashed potato, or just instant mash powder?

    I used mash powder (smash) , much to the disgust of my wife, but Cooks Illustrated said there was no discernible difference and I decided to go against my usual leanings

  5. I've read a lot about potato rolls being the best buns for burgers. When I saw a recipe in Cooks Illustrated I decided to I've it a go.

    But they turned out a bit like ciabatta but a bit lighter, so I was a bit 'meh'


    I've been toying with this for ages and I got hold of a great book "The complete joy of home brewing" which has been very interesting.

    I wanted to go the whole hog and start from scratch but the book recommends using a Kit for the first time as least, just to get used to the process.

    Where's the best place to buy online?

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