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  1. I'm staying near Bank tube station next week. Are any if these great burger places near there? I'm told there's a great BBQ place nearby that I forget the name of
  2. I'll be on tonight. what time do we start?
  3. I should be available for BAP until mid Sep so stick me down.
  4. It makes me laugh how they go on about there usually being a weight of expectation on the team, but this year we're shit so there's no expectation, and that might be the key to winning it!
  5. I'm doing proper pulled pork today, in the smoker. Yums Plus I made some Habanero Hot Sauce
  6. Doing skirt steak right now! I've poached sausages before now, you definitely get a different flavour
  7. I like Pineapple, goes well with strong coffee. Or Greek yoghurt with honey and a sprinkle of muesli
  8. If Hazard comes to United I'll pay YOU £175k per week
  9. 80 degrees? You're going to cook it for 6 hours at 80 degrees? I expect it will be tough
  10. http://www.telegraph...ge-demands.html Harzard will never come to United
  11. Hazard, or at least wherever/whomever these "sources" are, are full of shit. sounds to me like his agent is trying to up his price.
  12. Yeah, why don't we have a Clairefontaine equivalent?
  13. I've not seen much of Kagawa, but he looks ....small.
  14. Yeah just make sure you get that caramelisation out of the onions. You want them to teeter on the precipice of burned, you need 40 mins of low and slow.
  15. I worked my way up to being picked as a sub by the England Manager. I thought this was quite an achievement but the manager told me it was down to my poor form!
  16. Poppalarge


    I'm all for doing stuff myself, but roasting my own coffee beans seems a little OTT. Is the end product going to be better than you can buy, ready roasted?
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