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  1. It makes me laugh how they go on about there usually being a weight of expectation on the team, but this year we're shit so there's no expectation, and that might be the key to winning it!

  2. bullshit - we can pay rooney 175w/week plus the commercial/global appeal is better so i dont think its a money issue.

    Remember we made a profit of about 110mil last year whereas City made a 190mil loss (off the top of my head i think) and Chelsea lost 67.7!!! (http://uk.reuters.com/article/2012/01/31/uk-soccer-england-chelsea-financial-idUKTRE80U1XN20120131)

    How can these teams therefore spend more than us? Only by making losses - this obviously wont do with FFP unless they dont care and hope it cant be enforced.

    If Hazard comes to United I'll pay YOU £175k per week

  3. OK, going to give this a go tomorrow - got some stewing beef and a casserole dish with a heavy lid, so I've put in some sauce made from chopped toms and a colman's packet, along with some herbs, stock and some frozen veg. Put it all in the dish, mixed it up, then put the lid on and put it out to defrost overnight, then my girlfriend's going to stick it in the oven on 80 degrees at lunchtime tomorrow (I'll get home about 6:30), then we'll see how it turns out.

    I can't get over the idea that I'm not going to boil it at any point in the process.

    80 degrees?

    You're going to cook it for 6 hours at 80 degrees? I expect it will be tough

  4. I'm all for doing stuff myself, but roasting my own coffee beans seems a little OTT.

    Is the end product going to be better than you can buy, ready roasted?

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