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  1. £74.99 is optimistic given the euro/pound exchange rate and so on. Thanks brexit
  2. Lol I don’t even know! Just going on what playstation have uploaded to their YT channel.
  3. “I’m watching the Xbox 360 Showcase on my 19inch crt and can’t see what all the fuss is about, maybe in a couple of years people will have 42inch plasma HD TVs but I’m not buying a console I need a new tv for.” for some reason it’s all in my grandma’s voice.
  4. Tell me about it. So there are about half a dozen games? Spiderman, FF16, dmc5, five nights, fortnite(?), demons souls remake, COD Cold War, resident evil village and a Harry Potter game. I mean that is a tragic lineup in this day. When the PS2 launched with like 5 games things were different.
  5. Dumpster. What are you even talking about? Game Pass is good because of competition from Sony. One isn’t going to kill the other, and if your doommongering predictions did happen to come true, and we started getting put over a barrel, then it’s a window of opportunity for competitors.
  6. No, no, you got me. I’m watching a 4K 60fps stream on a 65 inch OLED and to be perfectly honest, it looks quite impressive. Not mindblowingly so, but several base PS4 games already look so good in HDR.
  7. I’m watching on a Game Gear TV tuner and I can’t see what all the fuss is about tbh.
  8. Ok keep us posted because that’s super interesting
  9. Checked the streaming speed on Infinity War yest and was clocking in at 44mbps which I thought wasn’t bad.
  10. Happy Disney + day, it just launched here today. They have Who Framed Roger Rabbit in Dolby Vision!
  11. It’s a wonderful looking piece of kit.
  12. Omg that battletoads turbobike level is SO SHIT. So fucking awful and long. I had to do it for my youngest today. Fucking shit. Anyways, left him to play and he got bored, booted up Guardian Heroes and a bit later he pipes up “I finished it”, and he had! Good lad.
  13. The original Super Mario Bros had this type of pad: so presumably they just mean they swapped it for a regular d pad
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