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  1. Yeah it’s etched into the statue thing in Majula near the cliff
  2. I totally get the thing about Halo not having bombastic impact weapons compared to later shooters. The sniper rifle excepted of course. But I totally think it holds up despite (and in fact maybe because of) the lack of sprint and athletic traversal of the world.
  3. The Battle Rifle you heathen.
  4. This should totally have the ability to put them back to back and lock in together for 2p fun.
  5. So I’m level 100 and have a massive double handed axe with leeching on. Add to that potion barrier on the armour, a ridiculous crossbow that pumps out zillions of arrows, the love medallion and the death cap mushroom, and I’m basically invincible. Which is fun, but not really sustainably so.
  6. Oh yeah how could I forget Tetris Effect. Dang. That was incredible.
  7. As people rightfully say, this Gen has been chock full of whoa-ments. For me, getting an OLED and putting on the Shadow of the Colossus remake, which I’d already completed, but seeing it in this glorious eye searing HDR was just jaw dropping. From a regular PS4 too! Red Dead 2 is full of amazing you in nature moments, such an amazingly crafted landscape. Uncharted 4 for visual “I’m watching this thing but oh my fucking god I’m playing it now.” moments.
  8. The worst take in forum history
  9. I have the Xbox One X version of this via Game Pass so thought about starting again (was 2/3rds through). Obv the first bit is setting up the HDR settings. Anyone with an LG Oled have a recommendation for the paper white setting?
  10. You can check out the live stream from earlier.
  11. I watched Amemiya stream for 2 hours today playing against viewers, including one ranked 48000+ and he didn’t lose a game. Some people have speed, some are great at setting up t spin triple towers, others are good at 4 widing. Wumbo for example is solid, builds quick 6-3 towers with t spin doubles on top and is great at centre 4-widing. But Amemiya is just great at everything. I watched him pull off a mid game 22 combo today. It’s astonishing.
  12. That’s probably the exact reason they aren’t allowed to do it.
  13. Is that area really a dead end eh?
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