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  1. And just like that, a new theme appears. Super Mario 3D World/Bowser's Fury.
  2. Oh yeah, came here to say, managed 4 All Clears in a row today. *appropriate gif*
  3. Breaking Elder Scrolls games is a meta game and quite fun on its own.
  4. Ok thanks Stevie. I too remember watching Coming to America when I was young and had good memories of Coming to America. Recently I rewatched Coming to America and it was really funny, just like when I first watched Coming to America. Unlike you I was assuming a sequel would be shit, but it looks ok.
  5. Ultron is like one of those movies that is worse than the sum of their parts somehow. Plenty of bits I’d forgotten that were good, the intro of Wanda & Pietro, Ullyses Klaw, Vision, Hulk jetting off into space. Tony being sure enough to basically bypass everyone, being wrong and then immediately doubling down. Cap pretending not to lift the hammer/budging it. Vision handing over the Hammer is much fucking cooler than I remember. But the enormous set piece extinction level event danger never really feels that dangerous, Ultron’s personality is a bit weird, there are so many bits to
  6. Playing Score Attack last night, my rank is 8000 something and I end up waiting aaaaaaages for matches. But got matched against a 6500 ish player pretty quickly, I started off pretty well, but every time I check the score I’m only a little bit ahead. Ok this guy is good, better concentrate. He overtakes me right before he dies. I managed to hold on, nearly lost it a couple of times. I cannot go much beyond 200 lines as it’s too fast for me. Phew!
  7. Jesus fucking Christ it would be DOS
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