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  1. Has it happened with any other non digitally available games in the same way?
  2. Ahhh ok! Goddamn I got rid of my 360 games in a bulk sale a few month ago, was thinking “oh might keep that” but realistically hadn’t played it more than an hour per 5 years. Never mind.
  3. OG Goblin be like let me ride this syringe.
  4. So. Yeah. I think another thing that helps probably is that in All Clear mode you’re finding it easier to be thinking about the next piece while placing the current piece. And that’s a key thing that could be slowing you down in Sprint. Instead of: Piece appears - Think - Place - Piece Appears etc It should be more like you are looking ahead always so the instant the last piece is placed you’re instantly moving the next one to its place that you’ve already decided as it appears. If you can do it in twos and threes also (like remember that the next three blocks fit together quickly here), then you’re looking ahead even further and your time will fall. I might even practice making lines with no rotations. And finally - do Tetrises only and if you can count in your head 1, 2, 3 etc. So remember you need ten and don’t slow yourself down looking at the lines needed.
  5. Keep playing without using hold Darwock, it will train you out of bad habits. Sprint is super grindy. I am bad at it. But yeah keep going, you’ve done the others, believe in yourself.
  6. How good are you to be worrying about finesse?
  7. I still have a beginner T spin guide pinned to my Instagram if it’s useful. stiff_lol
  8. Last time I was in London my brother had this on in the car and I had to get him to turn it off after a few minutes as it was giving me some intense brain damage. If LBC ceased to exist now, the world would be a slightly better place.
  9. Can we have a few more hot Yakuza vs Shenmue takes please, they are really interesting.
  10. @Darwock yeah I don’t know which of my scores are better since I moved to Xbox! Will have to check.
  11. Master mode requires pushing yourself to play faster until you’re comfortable starting at level M13 and then getting as many TSDs as possible. It will help to know S and Z spins off by heart too. Ultra is the really hard one for me, I am just not good at it.
  12. I still play Marathon regularly and SS it every time (although never near my high score). Just go for as many TSDs as possible on level 15 speed. It’s the easiest one there by far.
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