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  1. Yeah I am well pleased for you 💪🏻
  2. Was it me or did they really spend a long time explaining a couple of simple new blocks over and over?
  3. To be honest I don’t know if it’s why, it just immediately resolved when the PC was connected to the wireless network instead of via ethernet.
  4. I read that also, I might give it a go then.
  5. Bought Rez Infinite (again) though - pretty good!
  6. Ok so the PC was on a wired connection and the headset on the wireless which is why they couldn’t see each other. But I have a mesh system and have no intention of dicking around with the house internet. Also messages saying the PC isn’t up to spec. (1650 with Ryzen 5 something). Oh well.
  7. Ok interesting. So I just can’t see the option to turn it on then presumably. I’ve activated it on the headset, but where is the option on the app. It says go to settings>beta but it doesn’t seem to be there.
  8. So my kid ‘upgraded’ from Win 10 to 11 and we can’t do Oculus Air Link. Is it possible to downgrade?
  9. Right, but an NFT image doesn’t look like anything. Topps recreated physical cards in the digital world (more or less). You could have that, or you could have something interactive, or a 3D model, or Harry Potter style moving photos, etc. Disney, Marvel and DC have all done various collectibles, some of them look good and some of them look properly shonky, just like the merch they do in the physical world.
  10. 0-60 in 3 hours 29 minutes (estimated)
  11. This is true. To be clear - you’re saying that what I described already exists and is a legit business model (collecting digital shit).
  12. What exactly is a ‘proven profitable pyramid scheme’? 😬 True though that investors are suffering serious fomo. Also - have I suggested that anyone ‘join usss’ anywhere? So far the arguments against are ‘pyramid scheme’ - which although could be, probably, quite accurate when applied to most of the 10,000 procedurally generated Octo-Kings etc pfp projects, is quite bizarre when applied to other NFT based collectible systems. It’s just become one of those terms people bandy around, regardless of attachment to any reality.
  13. Addressing whether you would have had to pay, I think in general yes to have the same experience you probably would. But no reason a company couldn’t provide the exact same experience free of charge to you. The first ever NFT I ever got was that free Street Fighter V one ages ago. And far from a terrible consumer, you’ve just spent hours of your life deepening your relationship with their IP.
  14. Topps is pretty close. Personally I found their implementation of collecting EXTREMELY tiring. Here’s a common set, now collect it in blue, red, yellow, white, green, etc. Fuck me you need patience to stick with that. What is closest to NFT collecting ideas is the ‘merging’ cards together to get a different one. In NFTs you would ‘burn’ commons, but not necessarily that either. Topps does the same mistake that every trad card company in the space does. It takes this idea of digital scarcity and immediately devalues almost everything. Does your collection really mean anything to you? Presumably the rarer cards do? There isn’t that much difference between Topps or Quidd digital apps and equivalent NFT based collectibles technically. There’s more difference in the way the scarcity has been decided upon for individual items (which I think personally makes Topps less appealing). Something like Seussibles which is Dr Seuss ‘stickers’ is very similar. Except for the big crowd of gamers making that zombie screaming noise about ‘environment!’ and ‘scam tokens’. Also you mention not spending any real money - but presumably you must have spent a lot of time gathering up a big collection on that app?
  15. I mean, this pretty much happened with free to play. Loads of publishers forged on with it, despite gamers loudly proclaiming it was the devil and everything was equally exploitative etc. Trad gamers still sneer at free to play mobile games and think people who spend money on those kinds of IAPs are idiots. And - if it happens that blockchain gaming (ugh the term is just so lame) - ok, let me compose myself here. If it happens that some games manage to find success with NFT based ownership of items in games, then it won’t really affect console/pc gamers in any way. They already aren’t playing the games that console/pc game devs aren’t making. FWIW I dont think blockchain gaming is the next F2P gaming. But I do see some potential in some areas where ownership of items is beneficial to players. Not sure if we’ll see that happen.
  16. Mystery is a lot of luck! Well done on nearly being in the 1 minute club!!
  17. I completed the story on Heroic and blazed around the map mopping everything up for ages. Enjoyed it a lot. Also completed Battle Pass and got the snazzy shotgun colour.
  18. Yeah so I’ve reached level 90 something. Generally having fun but the caveat is that if I play a game and notice unfair de sync issues in the first couple of kills, I leave immediately. I’m done with the whole emptying an entire assault rifle clip, melee and drop dead. What takes the shine off is that when I’m playing and winning, it’s probably at the expense of someone else’s sanity. Flicking between attrition and fiesta at the moment.
  19. The massive bouncing boobs on the beachside level
  20. It does not at all equate to that and I’m afraid to tell you that you’ve been labouring under a misapprehension all this time. Plus, Hideki Kamiya 💪🏻😎
  21. Oh lord I have sinned and partaken of the devils draught, I must confess my sin for the cursed alcohol has passed my lips, your lips oh lord and made me impure and corrupted my thoughts. No Father Rogers, how about you enjoy a drink without worrying about trying to work out what’s allowed according to complex straight jacket of artificial rules you try to force on everyone else. And genuine apologies for bowling in all argumentative and confrontational. My primary intention is not winding people up. Life is strange when you love the gym but can’t stand typical gym people, you love games but gamers, fucking mainly hell no, and so on. This idea that ‘core gamers’ are some sort of gatekeepers to the sacred realm is farcical, and I am strongly against it.
  22. It was wrong then and it’s just as wrong now. “There’s something I play and enjoy but lord I know I must not!” Its like weird evangelist pastors getting super worked up about things everybody enjoys doing and they enjoy doing and do. Especially picking on Tiny Tower, what an excellent little mobile game that was. ”It expects me to pay!” Heavens. Discourse from ‘gamers’ around mobile titles was horrific then and isn’t much better now. Now there is a discussion to be had about the different and careful layers of psychological pressure that titles lace into their meta, especially when they are massively aimed at kids. But this wasn’t it.
  23. Absolutely you are the wrongest of wrongs. I mean come on now, *looks at you, pause, looks at me, looks back at you* who is more likely to have got this right here?
  24. Can’t fathom someone getting that game SO wrong. It’s pantomime opera on a grand scale. Pick on literally loads of other games but sooooo out, soooo out with that one.
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