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  1. It does kind of defeat the the purpose of owning a console. It should be plug and play. If you want to mess with all the settings just buy a PC! Although to be fair having a choice of two modes is hardly taxing. Perhaps this setting should be a console wide setting so you only have to set it up once and that is it.
  2. Guess in normal times but every shop will sell all the stock they can get at the moment anyway.
  3. Probably just more admin. They'll sell the consoles anyway that is a given so why go to the extra trouble? I know its crap but as a business why spend time or money on something that won't give them any benefit? Sigh. MS were talking about such a system in a recent interview with Phil Spencer - with MS administrating it themselves perhaps Sony too might consider this in future. Who knows. In the future there will be an abundance of consoles to go around just everyone wants one right now. Before Xmas to wrap up. By the time they will have implemented and tested a queue system stock will be back
  4. Had an hour or so on this last night. Cute game lovely visuals. Music grates though and drove me nuts after 10mins or so. Looks good fun to play in co-op with someone that doesn't play games that often or a young child. Personally not sure if there is enough here for me to pick it up again. I think I played Human Fall Flat through and that pushed me to the edge a bit regarding games not having tight controls. Seem to have spent more time fighting the controls (maybe that is the point?!) to get the character to do what I wanted than enjoying the puzzle solving. This feel a bit like that. But cu
  5. Indeed... Think I'm going to give DQ11 a fair go before I get CP77 - not in a massive rush at the moment. Might even leave that until the patches drop for the Series X version. Or at least until its patched a bit. Also it will be interesting to read how scalable the initial release is to accommodate the more powerful hardware and see what spec PC it needs to run on to play well.
  6. Gamepass has all sorts:- Slime Rancher Unravel Knights and Bikes Phogs! Amongst others:- https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-game-pass/games
  7. How awesome is GamePass?! Just keeps giving.... Downloaded Phogs! and Control last night and had around an hour on each. Also put Dragon Quest 11 on the queue. Thought I'd have a try at a JRPG again.
  8. Another shout for the Lego games my youngest loved them and they have a co-op mode on most of them. Played through Star Wars and most of them in the end. Just been playing Phug! on the Xbox last night and looks to be a fun co-op physics puzzler. Currently on GamePass too. Bit of a left field suggestion here but have you thought about a Wii? They can be picked up for little money these days but have a ton of awesome games on there that are very social orientated? They also have lego games on them. Depends if you are happy with pre-owned though and you'll need to get a H
  9. Decided to give this one a go. Not tried a Japanese RPG since Eternal Sonata on the 360. This just so sumptuous. GamePass
  10. Tell me about it. Sold my Switch this year for a little more than I paid for it. It was three years old.
  11. It will dip in mid January when Xmas is over. Demand will be down a bit. All the kids will have their new toys at that point.
  12. Base model? Second hand? £200? What?! You can spend £50 and get a shiny new one with guarantee and all. Some crazy people out there...
  13. Ah ha. Never knew that. Good to know.
  14. Yep. The disk is essentially the DRM key and it will end up downloading it all anyway when you pop it in. Although not sure if it still does this on the Xbox One ... Looks like there is a 43GB patch already on day one Jeez. Never sure why people buy physical disks these days... Sure you can sell them on but still.....
  15. Going to be interesting to see what the world makes of this game when it releases in a week from now. Hope it's great although think the expectation will far exceed what gets delivered given this thread started 7 years ago now. I'll enjoy watching, reading the reviews next Friday. Edit : Sorry this thread started 8.5 years ago!!! This has dragged nearly or longer than The Last Guardian!
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