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  1. Looking at how integrated EA is into GamePass at the moment I expect it will be MS making a play for EA not Sony. If Sony did try and take EA over you can be sure that MS would put a counter offer in pretty damn quick. End up in a bidding war and well we all know where that will end!
  2. Indeed! I have done similar in the past. Determined not to repeat it this generation. I'm keeping the PS5 for the foreseeable future. Seeing how PSVR turns out. I expect it will he a long wait until the big hitting blockbusters make an appearance on the PS5 though I expect (things like Uncharted type calibre). Also interested to see what Sony come up with to go up against GamePass.
  3. Also the controllers are fairly easy to take apart and give a clean internally if you are handy with a screwdriver. Have a search on YouTube! Worth a go I guess... Can't make any worse I guess!
  4. Jeez there really is no stopping MS at the moment is there. At least three games in there I want to try....all available on PC too. And people say they can't find anything to play on the service Also picked up Space Invaders Extreme on Gold for the 'ole 360 too this month.....
  5. Top game played a PS4 game! To be fair did get the PS5 in summer and I was mostly busy doing other stuff and on the PC too... Never really got into Returnal at all.. so should stick that on again at some point and give it another try... Be interesting to see how much time I've clocked up on the PC - Steam/GamePass probably soaked up a lot of my gaming time last year. Does make me wonder though if I should just stick with the PC as it seems to be where I spend most of my gaming time. Clearly 4K visuals etc doesn't seem to be luring me to the PS5 to play although it's probably the fact I have more options on the PC and a GP sub I make use off
  6. I expect they will be fine for a bit.. however as MS keep pumping money into things and making ever bigger more intricate games Sony may end up being priced out of top tier development because they cannot keep up? Anyway not going all doom and gloom... just slightly concerning that MS are throwing their weight around a fair bit of late and can't see them stopping anytime soon. Sony (as mentioned) have already culled a lot of what made a Sony games library attractive (for me at least) - the breadth of what they offer. Will we ever see experiences like Shadow Of The Colossus, The Last Guardian being made again for example? (amongst other things). I know third parties might produce such games but they will be multiplat anyway. Guess it might be natural evolution really as the costs spiral games like these become more risky to make to keep on a single platform.
  7. Indeed. I was surprised at the closure of Japan Studio etc. . Personally think the £70 RRP on games will come back to bite them and not allowing them onto some sort of sub service. They don't even offer demos of the games. I know they did offer something where you could play for a time-locked amount of time but really when you are spending £70 and you can't give things a try not great. Which is one of the plus points of course with GamePass... no investment other than time to give something a quick try to see if its for you.
  8. Which just shows MS strategy here embrace everything where there is a deal to be done and get their software as many places as they can, xCloud, Steam, Xbox, GamePass. Its about getting your games to as many channels as possible and giving people the flexibility of where they want to play. I appreciate the way Sony/Nintendo are doing things in that they are curating an experience based on their specific hardware and ecosystem however long term not sure how that is going to pan out - especially for Sony as dev costs for their AAA games will only ever spiral upwards.
  9. Not really as God Of War and Horizon Zero Dawn aren't on GamePass.... Just like many PC games aren't on GamePass. Don't think PC gamers in general are looking for low cost solutions to gaming they are looking for choice which is why I have a PC anyway....
  10. Well if you play nothing else but CoD perhaps better to buy outright. However I can see many just stumping up the £10.99 a month and get access to all the other content too. Also on-line play is wrapped into that price which if you were on Playstation you'd have to buy PSN+ too. Edit : Actually thinking about it if you factor in the cost of PSN+ into things (£50) and assuming you buy a CoD every year. That's say £120 on Playstation and £131 for a years worth of GamePass with it included (and a whole bunch of other games to play). Sounds like a no brainer to me. Certainly going to be interesting to see how this all pans out long term.
  11. I expect MS might continue to release on Playstation. £70 for the PS version of CoD or get it with GamePass. Just makes a GamePass sub a more appealing deal...
  12. Never played the original one so giving it a go as it's just over £6 (with PS+ discount) on PS store at the moment.... If I enjoy it I'll pick this up later in the year
  13. Ah indeed it was the USD/Euro price I am thinking off.... Still a significant chunk of money which you could buy some games with I guess.
  14. Think the price was also a big thing - XBox One was £500 at release and PS4 £350. And Xbox One wasn't quite as powerful. You could just not use Kinect at all if you didn't want to. Think one of the biggest things was the bad publicity re "ownership" of games and killing the second hand market. Well they sorted that one out now with GP Funny how people were up in arms about it back then... now they flock to GP. Different times different mindsets I guess.
  15. Yeah odd really. Think if Sony don't respond to what MS are doing in some way with GamePass - long term they might have issues as MS keep buying more content to put onto GP. Strange how Sony haven't really leveraged / promoted PS Now that much. Still keep things interesting to see how Sony respond.
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