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  1. It is a bit mental... However given the main objective of arcade games is to keep people pushing coins into the slot guess this might have been an influence on the design?!
  2. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    As an aside he's back on Amazon Prime on Friday night too....
  3. In a way this is a very confrontational focussed topic. The more ways to play the better IMHO. Boot. Play. Enjoy and share your passion and experiences. Forget what hardware you are playing on its irrelevant. Gaming platform wars are well so tedious and old school. Personally going forward I'm going to be mindful before I respond or post a new topic as to what value it adds to our enjoyment of gaming. So on that note I'm out of this topic. Life is too short to be squabbling over the irrelevences. Value your time more everyone!
  4. Defender on MAME.... although not great with a PAD!!! Doesn't feel right....
  5. Just booted this up again in MAME. How is this game 40 years old this year. HOW! It still plays as fresh as ever... Absolute stone cold classic! Why can't I get this on my Switch...Why.... This has all been inspired by a recent visit to a local arcade that has recently opened up and has a Roboton and Defender arcade machine in there.... Shame the Defender machine started a vertical roll on the screen 5 minutes into playing.... Be back there when he gets this sorted out! Any Defender fans out there?
  6. Practically already done this. With a few exceptions. The current gen I now have the PS4 and a Switch. The reason I have is PS4 is purely to mop up content on my new found interest in PSVR - loving the low barrier to entry into VR with this and going forward I will be investing in VR but on the PC (after this gen of consoles is done). The Switch to me is the purest form of what I want from a console... plug in and play with minimal fuss - swift updates to OS and games if there are any and no other things to distract. Although to be fair youtube was a welcome addition not so long back. Going forward its just going to be a PC with Oculus Rift and a Nintendo console as I just really enjoy their content. PS5/Xbox Series X will take a back seat unless they do something different of interest. Not ruling them out but just no interest from me. Need a PC anyway and MS are embracing that with the Xbox servce.... Of course everyone has different needs/requirements so I expect there is room for everything and the upcoming gen of consoles will no doubt be extremely popular but they aren't really for me anymore. As mentioned with all the updates and patches the PC is just much quicker and more efficient at doing this. Sure there will be the odd exclusive I will no doubt miss on the PS5 but hey.... I can handle that as I only have so much time to spare anyway..... Look forward to reading everyone's experiences with them on here!
  7. I expect it'll be around that price. Have you seen how much that scalpers charge for things at launch on eBay for new consoles?! Expect MS will want a reasonable price without going silly. Given the price people are prepared to pay for gadgets these days £599 sounds reasonable for some new premium tech. Personally I'll be getting a new GPU for the PC and just sticking with my PS4 Pro for as long as I can. Hoping MS can back up the hardware with some compelling content.....
  8. Not really a game as such but looking forward to Dreams on the PS4 also Last of us 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima. In the meantime got a whole stack of PSVR games and content to go through....
  9. Never is a bold statement. Perhaps not in our lifetimes. Or perhaps we are all living in a VR world right now.... Just not aware...
  10. MattyP

    Xbox Game Pass

    Good news indeed! I was just pondering over buying this for the Switch too.. . Is this on PC via gamepass too? It's also out on the PS4 for anyone wondering... Happy days...
  11. Happy to get any updates on the last of us 2 and ghosts of tsushima.. also any news on PSVR2 or further news on how VR will figure in Sony's future gaming offerings.
  12. Thanks for the reply much appreciated! Yes there is Spotify and I will probably just end up using it however it's great just having your own local collection too. I think at the moment it's just a physical space thing no need having physical disks around anymore but just want the best way possible of capturing them
  13. Hi all, Have a bit of time on my hands at the moment so deciding to move my CD collection onto the PC and then archive them onto a backup disk There are quite a few formats out there and just wondering what the concensus is out there on the best format to use to maintain sound quality whilst being the most compatible with players? I was looking at FLAC? Any other opinions? What do you use? Thanks in advance!
  14. Possibly or I'll just steam the new games to the current PC rather than upgrade. It will give my current PC longer legs and it is perfectly adequate for everything else I need of it. This is why streaming is an interesting proposition for me as I don't have to update my PC hardware to keep up with the latest games... So saving hardware costs....
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