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  1. I'm making a note of the companies that do s**t like this. Will not be using them in future.
  2. Warned you.... Charming isn't it? A great way of demonstrating the controller whilst providing a bit of nostalgia and a celebration of what the PlayStation brand has delivered over the years it's existed! I was expecting an appearance from a virtual Ken Kutaragi at some point near the end though. Miss him and his whacky hardware designs. I'll always see him as the essence or ethos behind the PlayStation.
  3. Thing is that aren't just any SSD drives they will be a particular type of solid state device and chips. But yeah agree there are less than 10m PS5s in the wild and only a fraction of owners will want to upgrade. Personally happy with the amount of storage the PS5 has.
  4. Yeah. Nice to actually have it ready to play though. Think I set up late one night and had "a quick go" four hours later it was 3am....
  5. Enjoy! Should keep you busy for a while.... Still enjoying my new toy... when I get chance to use it... sunshine outside has put gaming on the back burner for now... From what I've played of Returnal I have really enjoyed... even better with headphones surround sound is really nice in this...
  6. Noticed this and fully expected this is where MS would go. Makes perfect sense. People can then upgrade as/when they see fit. Great idea. Keeps people playing and more importantly subscribing. It a nice solution to keeping the old boxes going and keeping interest in the brand.
  7. Guess so but that would put further supply demands on the market? Anyway true they probably haven't got the drivers etc written and tested yet. I expect it will need thorough testing as well to ensure it delivers the experience expected.
  8. They can't even make the regular PS5s quick enough! Think the only way they'll do a slimmer one is if it can save on component costs somehow. I expect Sony will get to the point of issuing the redesign once all the chip fabs are caught up with demand globally. Think this is part of the reason they haven't enabled the SSD expansion socket yet due to the global demand and shortage of semiconductors.
  9. On ready with the pre-order. Go nicely with the Mario one.....
  10. Sure it's not to everyone a taste but this doesn't deserve the negativity it's getting here. Played though this and really enjoyed it. It had a Silent Hill vibe and the sound and visuals worked really well. It's an arty story game at heart. Call it an interactive movie perhaps. Sure people complain about the stealth bits but they are few and people find them challenging really? I'm no hardcore l33t gamer and found them easy just logical how to avoid getting seen. Anyhow. People like different things I guess but if you like interactive stories with old school adventure
  11. Not sure of the reviews really. Just picked it up with a bundle of Wii games one day. Really enjoyed SMB on the GC and Wii games had got extremely cheap at the point when I picked it up so it was kind of a "what the hell" decision. Turned out to be great, well we (family) enjoyed it anyway. The Wii controls add an extra dimension and arguably the most pure way to play a game like this (tilt). The party games included are awesome, not all mind some are frustrating as hell! But there are 50 of them. If you still have a Wii (or an emulator on the PC) kicking about worth
  12. It does look absolutely lovely. It just goes to show power isn't everything in crafting a fantastic game. Not that I was a fan of BoTW but appreciated it's art style and ambition.
  13. I've been playing SMB Banana Blitz on the Wii and it's still great those mini games are the icing on the cake. Frisbee golf! I'd be all over this but don't think I'll be interested in the asking price. Because well it's Monkey Ball. I've had so many versions. GameCube one with the GC controller is as good as it got for me. Sure this makes it accessable for this generation though.
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