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  1. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Completed this today. Great fun... few difficulty spikes here and there but nothing too frustrating. Going back over it to mop up a few things rarely do that these days... Recommended if anyone wants a quick relaxing feel good game to play! Think its also on Xbox Game Pass too for any Xbox owners out there too....
  2. Indeed. I was looking at this but recently played Orta on the Xbox and the Zwei on the Saturn last year. I no longer have a Saturn and was interested in this but personally £22 is a little bit steep for an old game really that money could buy me a few indie titles on the Switch for example. Might keep an eye on future sales etc around £10 is probably what I would like to pay for this. I appreciate the work that has gone into this though.... Had it been a brand new iteration I'd be on it....
  3. Agree to a point. Last few have in all honesty being a bit rubbish though. What would be nice is a VR version of Silent Hill. Now that would be something.....
  4. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    I'd add Mario Kart 8 too.... Also if you like fiddling around with cardboard Labo is a bit different. Yoshi's Crafted World is good fun too if you like 2D platformers. Don't forget all the SNES and NES games too if you sub to the online service. Thing that is great about the Switch is the pick up and play aspect so I have tended to start playing games on it rather than the PC these days when there is a choice especially the nice little indie games...
  5. MattyP

    Nintendo Switch

    Just picked up Pikuniku on the store for 89p incredible fun and a steal at that price. Works really well in handheld mode - great pick up and play feelgood game....
  6. Project Gotham Racing 4.... I guess the Xbox 360 is now classed as a retro console?!
  7. Indeed. I love reading about the upcoming tech in the new consoles to see what the major players are up to from a tech point of view. However at the moment have zero interest in actually buying one. Just going to stick with my Switch TBH. Pick up play a game for a bit and move on. I'll keep an eye on developments in gaming in general but I think its time for a break for me. I have gaming fatigue. Polygons/FPS etc etc WTF once upon a time it DIDN'T MATTER. It was about the games. Console gaming seems more aligned with PC gaming these days. Worried about technical aspects of a console rather than the actual games - well from my observations anyway! VR is fun though... Enjoying my Oculus and certainly made my electronic entertainment more interesting recently.... anyhow.... Looking forward to seeing what MS and Sony deliver next and what different gaming experiences they can bring to the table.....
  8. Finally started playing this online tonight.... Really enjoyed it but I'm categorically crap at it. Still fun though.... Think it's a case of perseverance got a few 7th places.... But I'm liking the way Nintendo do online! Makes a change not having kids shouting profanities... Nice place to play....
  9. C'mon I'm generally crap at games and I managed to finish it.... Show some backbone and put yer dummy back in.... Did your game get saved to the cloud?!
  10. Think it will be split. People have an investment in an eco system and will go where there mates go.
  11. Keep expecting Mike Myres to pop up in the background shout "No way".... jeez that guy Cerny reminds me of Garth so much its uncanny....
  12. I know but its interesting that its a custom implementation that is what will deliver the difference.? Looks to be a decent well balanced set up. Looking forward to see the complete package and what experiences it can deliver.
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