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  1. Looking forward to picking this up! Love the visual style and that it's set in historical Japan. Will pick it up after I've got through TLoU2 which I'm really enjoying at the moment.
  2. Might be it. Think the blu-ray disk is spinning a bit. Not really noticing it as much now. Loving the stealthy approach to combat on this. Always worked so well in the original and reminds me much of it. Had a section where I had no ammo and was against four or so armed bad guys. Managed to progress. It's a really well executed experience. Love the details and the subtle cues in the game - for example when you are visible to an enemy you get a aural cue. Around six or so hours in at the moment. Just having a break I can only take so much stealth killing and creeping around. Glad I made the effort to sort a console out to play through this. Also got Last of us remastered with the console so looking forward to going through that again at some point. However a second playthrough won't be as fun as I still remember the story quite well. Still can't believe several years has passed since it's release!
  3. It's the Red Dead 2 version (72xx series). Has the smaller power socket. Edit: just checked on the box and indeed it is a 7216B. Wonder how loud the original Pros were like if this is considered quiet
  4. Really enjoying so far! Can't remember much about the first one as I played back on the PS3 in 2013 but this seems to be focussed more on action so far. Had a section where I had to clear a room of the inflected to progress rather than my usual tactic of sneaking around them. Think this was my favourite part of the original the stealth worked really well. Just arrived at Seattle and exploring! Have a newer PS4 Pro and the fan noise is pretty loud! Is this most people's experience? Think I'll stick some headphones on.
  5. I get this to a degree. I just stop playing for a while and then jump back in again. I do think the leap this gen has been subtle however as you mention remasters have been great! Finally finished Shadow of the Colossus this gen because it was actually playable with a steady frame rate. PSVR though has been the game changer for me. Not sure about the upcoming generation I'm interested to see what the teams achieve with these. However I'm by and large a PC gamer again these days. It's just more flexible and offer more choice. I like Nintendo games though and loved Mario and they will always sell me a console because of Mario. It's handy that the Switch has held its value so well! Managed to recently sell my two year old one for the same price as I bought it! Madness. It was gathering dust though and the market for it will bottom out at some point.
  6. MattyP

    The Last Of Us

    Fair enough. It is a fairly linear experience in the same way the Uncharted games are so get where you are coming from!
  7. MattyP

    The Last Of Us

    Think in terms of pure plot etc it's a rudementary story. But however I think that is kind of missing the point. The audio visuals in this are stunning the world feels gritty and believable. You have an emotional connection with the characters. The location work is fantastic and the environments make you want to explore them. It's more of how the game feels over anything else. Anyhow that's my take on it. Mario is the other end of the spectrum and leans to challenging cartoon fun gaming - in much the same way a cartoon is to a film experience.
  8. MattyP

    The Last Of Us

    Think I'll be doing the same! I last played this through when it released on PS3 in what 2013. Wow 7 years ago! Not sure how it has been improved on the remastered version but well it will be great to play through it again! Working through 2 at the moment though. Damn clickers sure they are more aggressive in the latest one.....
  9. Now have this in my hands. Going in tonight and looking forward to it!
  10. A few moments:- Actually enjoying the Kinect Fit app on the Xbox one clever tech. Then they canned the app and Kinect! VR on the PS4 I was so impressed I invested in the PC and Oculus. Now a VR convert feels to me we have already had the next gen shift in gaming! Driving around a track with PS:VR on Gran Turismo Sport was just something special. Also all the other Sony VR experiences I had. Uncharted 4 - loved this great game and they nailed the balance between puzzles/shooting and story for me. Forza Horizon 4 - Driving around the UK in lovely 4K with different seasons what was not to like. OK single player campaign mode felt a bit disjointed. Half Life Alyx. Benchmark of what a VR experience should be IMHO. Switch been actually really good! Despite my initial scepticism over a underpowered mobile chipset Nintendo delivered a system that just worked well. Zelda and Mario again exceptional . Even though wasn't really that impressed the way Zelda went with and preferred the more linear older games. It was a technical marvel and a rich environment to explore. Xbox X. Lovely piece of hardware. Astonished MS made this. Quiet, sleek and technically pokey. Quite the surprise after the RRoD mess that was the 360. Probably other momenta but these are the standouts. * OK inline with the topic bolded my definitive moment!
  11. Well finally getting to play this tomorrow by a stroke of luck! Got a PS4 Pro with The Last Of Us 1 & 2 heading my way! Yay! Also looking forward to the Ghost of Tsushima too.
  12. Finally got around to this experience. Love the concept. It's kind of what DVD tech was touting all those years ago with branching storylines. Enjoyed it. Love the era definitely targeted at people of a certain age. Guess Charlie Booker was involved so that figures. Will experience again see other branchlines.
  13. So. Xbox 360 emulation on the PC. Anyone tried it out? How well does it work? Recommended? I have a couple of games I like to play on the 360 and it would be nice and convenient if I could fire them up on the PC. Have 360 hardware and original games. Just not sure what the state of play is like on 360 emulation at the moment. My PC is a Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB memory and a 980 Ti GPU. On paper it should be enough to replicate the 360 experience. However in practice....
  14. MattyP

    Xbox Game Pass

    2 is still my favourite in the series so far. Just ticked a lot of boxes for me. Location, cars the single player game. Everything just felt a lot tighter as a game and experience. Not to say the others are bad or anything. More than happy with them. Shame they never brought the second one to the PC. Ah well pretty much rinsed it anyway.
  15. If you've never played it it's worth the money on the Switch as it's a great game. Problem is I don't really have a desire to play it in handheld mode and have it on the 360 and bought it at launch. Oh and the remastered version is part of EA Origin sub or just £4.99 on the PC! Glad you are enjoying it's an awesome game!
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