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  1. I wouldn't worry about it TBH. The processors are on the same architecture only thing that might change is the image quality and frame rate. Like on a PC there are plenty of tweaks that can be done to make games run. It will be years before the X starts to lower stuff to run in fact think games will be written to the architecture. Also PS5 has broadly the same processor. I expect we'll be good for at least 4-5 years. Or the next mid gen refresh. Wonder what MS will dream up for a name for that...
  2. Agree great puzzler game with some nice visuals.
  3. It's a great looking game this. People talk about next gen graphics. Can't believe this is over three years old! Currently working my way through the trials. Nice balance of action puzzling and story telling here. Well worth a try if you enjoy say the Unchartered games or the new Tomb Raiders. Although no guns here just a lovely weighty sword!
  4. Thanks for organising Boozy. Good to get playing Forza again it's been a while. Fell out of love for FM series a bit over the past few years despite being a huge fan since the first one way back on the Xbox. I've been using the 360 again to play some FM3 and 4 and it's amazing how far the series has come in terms of the sim side of it. Simulation steering in the older games is much less twitchy than the latest one. Much more of a handful to drive. Still trying to work out if this is more fun or not though
  5. If anyone is playing this on the Xbox there appears to be a glitch with achievements not popping if you use the quick resume feature... I'm around 3/4 way through and wondered why I only had one achievement pop thought it odd! https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/topic/481649-glitched-achievements/
  6. Ah Xbox does some weird stuff storing the store content in a protected folder. Its really odd. I had a few issues years ago when trying to move things around and the Xbox app got really confused. I'm guessing it is more closely integrated with the OS install than the other game clients hence the issues when building a new PC. Lets face it it's not everyday you re-build a PC. Not making excuses for MS but when I rebuild my PC I tend to reinstall everything apps etc to get a clean install.
  7. I've just figured out that you can press the RT button during a fight when there is a blue glow to slow time down... Now it is all making much more sense and progress less arduous...
  8. So I'm not a huge fighting game fan so I was struggling a bit on some of the fights.. changed the difficulty down to "Easy". Still struggling. So put it on Auto. That made the fight easier and finished that round off. Odd really not actually sure what "Auto" does but makes the game more playable for me so just leaving it on that. Also got the hang of evading which is essential on the fights as is the melee.... So perhaps I'm just getting better. Enjoying this overall so far fights are a bit tedious at times though and the "puzzle" sections are quite lightweight too. Bu
  9. And on the PC too... play on Xbox move to PC.... all syncs and just works its great. Great when things like this just work...
  10. My son get an S earlier in the year and I was setting it up for him and having a tinker. It was equally as fast as my X in everything I tried. As mentioned though smaller capacity SSD and digital only. I'd have been more than happy just having the S after using the two if I'd have got one first. In fact coupled with GP I would have been more than happy. Way to think of it is if you are happy at 1080p go for an S. 4K = X. The CPUs in them have the same amount of cores etc however S is clocked slightly lower. GPU side obviously has more power in the X. Long term you are future proofe
  11. Oh definitely then... Also has a "Movie Night Mode" where you take it in turns to play the game together. You can even play it online and one persons decisions / choices have an impact on your game. https://www.shacknews.com/article/113657/how-multiplayer-works-in-man-of-medan Also Maid Of Sker is worth a look:- https://www.walesinteractive.com/maidofsker
  12. Try Man of Medan.... great game... more interactive movie but interesting.
  13. Not sure... Think the Steam controller has paddles in the back of the controller too and that was around £50 on release.
  14. Always liked the idea of getting an Elite controller for the paddles etc. However the parts are the same inside as a regular pad I thought they might be upgraded a bit for example the analogue sticks to use optical tech rather than the old school (and cheap) carbon track based potentiometers. It's a shame I think MS missed a trick with this. Especially at the price the Elite is selling for. Happily pay it but my expectations on build quality go up considerably especially at what is it these days £150? That's around 3 regular pads!
  15. Good news looking at stock levels of PS5 at stores near me seems they have 5-6 at each so I think they are slowing buying them in now. Guess they are still keeping the sale prices high to cover the costs of the ones bought in at a higher price. Interestingly there is hardly any stock of the Series X so either they are in short supply or people are just hanging onto them. Guess the higher buy in price for the PS5 has been attracting people flipping them for a bit of cash.
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