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  1. Not a bad year for the PS4 however dire in terms of exclusives IMHO. Things I mostly played were:- Resogun, Destiny, lots of little Indy games and of course more recently DriveClub. The PT demo was great too which is ironic as it was a free demo however really looking forward to Silent Hills on the back of this. Not been overly happy with PSN though considering it is a now paid for service it needs to get better. Things I do like about PS4 though is the actual patching process is a lot slicker than it was on PS3 (can't be any worse IMHO). Oh and the pad is great and a massive improvement for me over the DS3. Share play is great too tried it out the other night and it worked really well other than a bit of expected lag reported by person playing shared game at the other end. Looking forward to seeing what Sony deliver in 2015...
  2. Handling seems OK to me in the context of this being an arcade racer reminds me very much of the PGR games. AI is frustrating at times though especially when you are trying to nail times when trying to get some of the stars. Feels sometimes like demolition derby LOL. Think there is nothing fundamentally wrong that can't be tweaked at some point. Think comparisons with FH2 are difficult in that the games are different types however think Horizon tops this in lots of areas and is generally more fun to play IMHO. The AI is much better or much less aggressive depending on whether you see aggressive AI as a plus point. One thing for sure theres enough room for them both in my game collection. Anyway just going to keep playing and enjoying its not that bad don't want to sell it on and looking forward to seeing what Evolution and Sony do with this. I expect this will end up being a text book case in future of how not to release a MMO racing game. So in that respect it will hopefully make future releases of racing games a bit smoother. Looking at you GT7... Think I'll get my £30's worth of gaming out of this.... should be at least 15+ hours on the single player stuff and then the online fun after when they have stabilised the servers a bit more. However if I'd have paid £50 for this at launch I'd be disappointed with it. It hasn't lived up to what I was expecting when I got my PS4 in January either. Not far off though.
  3. Yeah same with me. Downloaded sunset overdrive and it was done in around an hour so IIRC. Think my BT infinity must have had a boost recently need to check... Also think it helps having a wired connection over a wireless one.
  4. It's a good solid game. I actually like the graphics rather than dull I think they just reflect the environments you are driving in I like the way the lighting subtly changes throughout the race with the sun breaking through the clouds at times etc. Also like the little environmental touches here and there. Whoever said it was like driving around Surrey is having a laugh TBH really? I am actually enjoying the location changes in this from Scotland to Norway then India and Chile nice varied range of places to drive with stunning scenery. The racing though does leave a bit to be desired the AI is just very poor the amount of times I get shunted in a race is unbelievable don't think I've achieved a clean lap yet. Anyhow yeah 6-7 game for me at the moment I expect this will change over time though. Had around 3-4 hours with it so far.
  5. Great track design on this loving the driving. Think I could play for hours time trailing some of these tracks with the lovely vistas. I've been playing this on the headset and the engine sounds are nice and meaty too with those V engines giving the growls as you'd expect. Its like those episodes of top gear when they are driving down some of "best roads in the world" and actually getting a feeling for what it might feel like in the cars they are driving. Can't wait to get some more powerful cars and driving them down these roads. Liking the diversity of the locations.
  6. This is very pretty... just been on a Norway track. AI is shocking as mentioned bit kinda fun too. Not missing the music TBH actually quite enjoying just having the engine sounds sets the premise of the game as a racer. Had a few crazy speed comparisons flick up 4000+mph which is I guess is symptom of the ongoing server problems. Anyway enjoying mind you my expectations were set extremely low for this. LOL.
  7. Maybe but every game I have bought in the last couple of years has had patches within the first month or so. I'd never buy a game otherwise. LOL. Anyhow get your point but these things are getting ever more complex and to expect them to get released without issues is getting ever more of an ask. But yeah DC was fundamentally broken on what it was trying to deliver from the outset LOL. Anyhow just had 45mins or so on DC and well have to say enjoyed it. Feels somewhere in between say a Gran Turismo and PGR. Love the graphics the vistas that open up in front of you are at times stunning and have a real feeling of scale - the mountains in Canada for example. The locations (only played India, Canada and Scotland this far) have a really nice feel to them Scotland is murky for example with the mountains in mist etc having driven in Scotland it captures the feel of the place perfectly. The lighting effects are fantastic and add real atmosphere to the locations. Some of the scenery details though are a bit rough, trees and signs for example. Anyway I'm getting a good vibe from it and it is definitely a solid and enjoyable racing game. Looking forward to sticking with it and experiencing it develop over time.
  8. Well yeah. Not really slated the game just been a bit disappointed to how the whole thing has turned out. And I am in no position to slate the game if I've not actually played it TBH. This was one of the main games I was looking forward to playing when buying my PS4 and a few other games (which got pushed back in the end to next year anyway). Anyhow against all the slating this is getting decided to pick a copy up and give it a play. If it turns out to be a really poor experience I can sell it on. I don't think its as bad as everyone has made out for every bad comment I get a good one from somewhere else. I'll expect everything will be fixed at some point. However just wanted to play the game that was one of the reasons I bought the PS4 for in the first place. Forza Horizon 2 is a different type of game and I don't have any road circuit based arcade orientated racers on any of the consoles yet anyway and like variety of countries to race in on offer. Hey ho. At least I'll find out and get my own opinion of it I guess...
  9. LOL. No more consoles! Do get stressed really as I bought the PS4 for DC and just want to play the damn game now. LOL. Suppose worst case is I can just sell it on if I don't like it I'll only lose £5 so worth a punt...
  10. LMAO yes. So is there enough entertainment on single player on DC to warrant £30?
  11. OK. LOL. I'm going to pick up MCC and sit this one out! Will revisit after Xmas and just continue my adventures in FH2 for now. I will pick this up next year though hopefully they have it working properly by then.
  12. Arrrgggghhhhhh. Right I want to play this but as it was intended to be played. LOL. Guess I'm better waiting a bit longer... not as if there isn't enough to play at the moment I guess!
  13. Can pick this up second hand for £30 think I'm going to give it a shot.... mentalist that I am.... (but there again Master Chief Collection is out...)
  14. Should I now buy this? Is it working properly yet?
  15. And that is the sad thing about all this TBH. Loosing Evolution would be a bad thing.
  16. I hate stealth games but TLOU was a bit different really you could use a mixture of stealth or all guns blazing approach. Although it was an easier game IMHO to play using stealth like tactics. Really enjoyed it think it was just a great story and the characters had some depth to them.
  17. True. Think its just I was wanting a decent driver to play TBH. Enjoyed a lot of the PS+ content on the PS4 over the past 10 months and lately Destiny. Just the whole DriveClub saga has been frustrating especially after waiting for so long and it continues to have problems. In fact the only reason I really discovered the XBO was because of Forza 5 and Horizon 2 and my desire to play some decent racing games. Thought I'd been patient enough with Sony and PS4 TBH to get one delivered in 12months.... Really didn't want two consoles this generation either. But here I am. At least I can now enjoy the best of what both have to offer.
  18. Thought Bloodborne only had a months delay pushed back in UK until 27th March? Anyhow both PS4 and XBO are going to have quiet Q1s TBH but this is kind of normal isn't it? Big releases in Q4 then quiet for a couple of months. Shame Sony has a relatively poor Q4 in terms of exclusive content though however third party releases will cry them through mainly FIFA/PES/CoD etc.
  19. Do they need to? I think there is plenty to keep gamers busy with all the releases at the moment to carry them through Q1. Then the online content etc. However yeah will be interesting to see what they have planned for Q2-3.
  20. Yep. Think its one of those things once the "core" gamers (early adopters) have made their choice the next wave of buyers tend to buy what their mates have and so on. As a FIFA/CoD playing box its fine for most. However as a "gamers" machine at the moment? Well I'm finding its leaving a lot to be desired although it will come good in the end I'm sure.
  21. Same here. LOL. Just hoping for an announcement soon on the PS+ version.? Looks like Sony are trying to bury this TBH. Just staggered at the lack of communication TBH. (oh and oops sorry... LMAO)
  22. Hamsters? Your're being generous there... LMAO
  23. Stick with it..... It does pick up after this. Think I found this a bit tedious too....
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