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  1. I can see what you both mean but to me it's the imagery and to some degree the characters that make Star Wars...Star Wars. There needs to be a links there some where to it to be Star Wars I feel. For instance I'd love some kind of TV series set in the Outer Rim 'underworld'. That wouldn't need to feature any of the established characters or light sabers for example, but it would need to look, sound and feel like Star Wars. The blasters would need to look right and make the right noises, the spaceships would need to look and sound like Star Wars spaceships, there'd need to be some references to planets we already know and alien races that we already know. If set within that time line then the Empire would need to feature to some degree too. How far do you move away from what's come before? All of those things are to me just as iconic as light sabers or the Skywalker family and without them I don't think it would ever feel like Star Wars.
  2. Surely if a film had no recognisable imagery and therefore connection to the existing Star Wars universe then it's not really a Star Wars film is it? What would the difference be between that and a completely new 'franchise' (God I hate that word!)?
  3. He's right in a way, the amount of shit talked by about by people on Internet forums is ridiculous. Look at the Vader's 'fat neck' comments for instance...does anyone really think that after all the time, love, money and energy that's been spent making Rogue One that's they didn't get Vader's costume exactly as they wanted it? And yet all over the internet there are cries of "Lol! Look at Vader's fat neck They fucked it up!". I'm willing to bet everything I own that Vader's costume is 100% correct as decided by Lucasfilm though. Likewise with the script, pacing, CGI characters or whatever. Lucasfilm / Disney decided to release what they released despite having the funds and ability to change whatever they thought needed changing. What they released is what they decided was good enough or better. You might not like it and you might have done something different, as might I. But our opinions are nothing more than that.
  4. Just bought the 'Frosty Boulevard' Stage with Fight Money but it wasn't appearing and had me scratching my head for a while. You get to it by choosing the New York Stage first and then selecting if anyone else has the same issue.
  5. Wow, that must have been an exciting couple of days back in May 1977 before all the plebs got on board and it became popular!
  6. Added everyone in the thread so far. Please add me back... 4052-5797-0447
  7. The film itself is considerably more 'dramatic' than the trailer.
  8. Staggeringly good. I'm beaming from ear to ear.
  9. Collider's Jedi Council YouTube show which is pretty much the only review I care about say it's definitely a film for the hardcore fan, maybe to it's detriment with a wider audience. As someone who would lap up a 15 hour faux-documentary on the building of the Death Star or the inner workings of the Galactic Senate this is very very welcome news. Midnight tomorrow can't come soon enough :-)
  10. What do we reckon the chances are of this getting a reduction on the PSN Store over Christmas? Not that I don't think it'll be worth full price, but having bought Skyrim only a couple of weeks ago as well as Battlefield 1 and Street Fighter V on the go I'm in no particular rush for it and would much rather pay £25 or whatever it might be.
  11. For me it was 9GB for the Battlefront update and then a further 1.3GB for the VR Mission. People earlier were saying the Battlefront update was 23GB though.
  12. Yes. From within the VR Mission menu in Battlefront.
  13. Yeah loved that. Massive Star Wars fan and so had near enough twenty minutes with a big grin on my face. Would kill for a full game done in a similar way. Second go I was happy enough just flying around the Rebel fleet gawping at the size of the Nebulon B Cruisers and trying get a look at the pilots in the Y-Wings. Ace.
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