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  1. For sure, same with Nintendo with the Russian eShop. But just as you can now, as they're not in first place, doesn't mean they won't close this loophole down the line if this changes. I don't want to use the phrase legitimate concern, but... In reality I don't think it's likely, as I say, it'll just push people to their competitors, but we have all seen what happens when one of the platforms holders think that are unassailable.
  2. As I said, I don't own many Xbox One games, plus I have other consoles. if I want to play RDR2 I could get it on PS4 and play it on the Pro. Even if I did get it on S and it's locked to 864p (though I thought it was dynamic resolution?) I'm still playing on a 1080p telly. So bar effectively super sampling I'm not likely to see much benefit. But then for me I'm mostly considering getting one for the upcoming stuff VS playing games I've already got or could buy reduced from retail/eBay. As a cheap NextGen box for folks with 1080p TV's, that's one hell of a p
  3. Well I'm torn here. I've been PS4 this gen bar owning a Xbox One X briefly just to play some of the MS exclusives and try Gamepass out. To me the S looks like a great cheap way to go NextGen Vs my current PS4 Pro as I'm sure it'll be a better place to play Cyberpunk, its more modern hardware, it'll support Raytracing and of course it'll load faster with it having that fancy SSD. I suspect they'll upgrade first party stuff like Forza, Gears, MCC etc, so you'll get better versions of those even on the S. Anything older that uses dynamic resolution should hit h
  4. I don't know, I didn't make it! I know they did a lot of internal playtests. I dunno if you noticed, but there's been something going on in the world that's meant it's kinda tricky to do our usual thing of getting in impartial balance testers to give feedback. Especially as the guys will have finished this game from their homes with the office being closed since March. One of the interesting problems about making games is after you've spent a good year or so working on one, you get pretty good at playing it. It's why you have to take feedback from QA that the game is to
  5. How very dare you! I'll send the guys a link to the thread so they can see it first hand. AI is tricky to get right so it doesn't feel too rubber bandy, but it's also something that can be tweaked and teased as part of updates as it's essentially numbers in a spreadsheet that controls the packing behaviour. The designers always tell me off for being reductionist, but then one of them told me stuff on my current game was 'just pressing buttons'. Sonic Transformed went to 12 cars in a race BTW as the more racers you have, the easier it is to get the AI balance
  6. Honestly I'm not sure. I'll see if I can find out, but this is being done down Sumo Nottingham and with us all mostly WFH, I'm a bit disconnected from what those guys are up to right now!
  7. You'll be pleased to know as an actual dev, this is an occasional topic of personal concern. I've almost lost count of the actual games I've worked on, but as they take a lot longer now to make, got to wonder how many more I can fit in before I either quit/retire/drop dead. We've lost a few people I've worked with over the years and it's weird considering their softography their lifes work. Wow. That got dark. Sorry!
  8. Apparently it's pronounced Ga-La-Ga and not Ga-Lager. I blame my Sheffield education still.
  9. There was an Actua Soccer arcade game and it gave you tickets. Lots of them if you knew the key combo I remember writing the test plans for it, so it must have been around the late nineties. Never seen one in the wild though. No, I don't remember the key combo!
  10. I'm genuinely hyped for this. Especially in VR. They're actually making that modern X-Wing!
  11. Can i just say I enjoyed this! It's nice to see old systems get resurrected even if sometimes needs you to have to cannibalise another so that one may live. I'm occasional bodger with a soldering iron so it's good inspiration for a future project to dust off the soldering iron (and soldering skills!).
  12. I can't work out if I like it or not. It's pretty predictable, but I quite like the fact it's set somewhere a bit different. The action scenes aren't awful either. And written by David Hayter who surely has to appear in it as a cameo somewhere. Just wish it moved with a bit more pace, it'feels stretched out at times, like they're trying to stay on budget.
  13. S0L

    PC Engine Mini

    My PC Engine Mini 8 Bit Do controller from Amazon UK showed up today, lovely bit of kit. It was a surprise as a few days back they told me it was gonna be August before I'd get it. Not tried it yet (on charge) but buttons feel nice and of course it had that new controller smell Oh yeah, I did fold and the UK Core Grafx version in the end. It's worked fine so far, but that's as my Pi PSU is kept far away from it!
  14. If it was me, I'd put these on the D-Pad. Left to push power to weapons, up to shields, right to engines. Down to rebalance. Pretty sure that'd work and keep the sticks for flight controls. Sure the PC will come with configurable controls. I love the R2/co-pilot story though, I also enlisted a younger brother in the same role!
  15. Stupid and lazy. These are generally not words I would use to describe any of my fellow Devs. As from this side the fence, we are generally balancing various factors to get a game done. First we don't have infinite time and budgets. So when we have to opt where to spend the most effort, it generally goes on getting the core gameplay done and good first and that is HARD. As if the game itself isn't fun, it doesn't matter if you can pause the cutscenes or do mixed online and couch co-op as your game sucks and you probably need that to be right first.
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