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  1. He played Gilius Thunderhead in All-Star Racing Transformed and was a lovely guy. He read 'Roar!' as if we wanted him to just say 'Roar!' instead of actually attempting a blood curdling roar and it was so funny we used it. I'd just rewatched Blake's 7 so when he came in for that session I was 'Wait a minute...'
  2. It's only in the original Xbox version of OutRun2, same with those SCUD Race and Daytona tracks. It looks like this: Note even there it's a modified version of the original arcade ROM, as the whilst the Testarossa is same as the original (thanks to the Ferrari licensing for OutRun2) some of the other traffic cars were modified to be a bit less Beetle, BMW convertable and Corvette.
  3. Nice Sort of on topic, I had to go into the office today to clear out my desk as we're going to have a refurb. My desk is infamous for being stuffed and covered with the kind of detritus working somewhere for 19 years brings. For example, I've now got a bag in my shed with a couple of Wonderswans, an Nvidia Shield portable and various random bits of kit I didn't have the heart to chuck. I also couldn't fetch myself to throw these away... Which are the pre-production test pressings of the UMD's we had to test to make sure the game worked before it went into full production. We had a busy year that year, note the June date on the Virtua Tennis UMD and November date on OutRun UMD, both 2005! Weird to think the code on that UMD is the same version Dumpster is playing in VR now. I also found a bound OutRun3 pitch document from one of our attempts to get it made. This one is also dated 2005, so it was likely not long after Coast 2 Coast. Sadly I can't share that, not if I want to keep working at SUMO at least! I didn't shred it though, unlike various Crackdown3 re-plans I gladly fed into the maw
  4. Most of games dev is write list, print off list, strike things out, rewrite list and repeat till you run out of time I keep telling the brass we should revisit OutRun for the SUMO 20th anniversary...
  5. Most of the time taking something and moving it over to a new platform isn't the time consuming bit, it's making sure it all works, is polished and hits an expected level of quality for the target platform. I found a video of this running on a PC VR setup, using the same emulator. Like so... Let's assume that this wasn't a camera override in an emulator but we were doing it for real. We'd of course fix the culling so you could look around yourself (including behind you). But then you'd need too... Fix the HUD, right now it's off the screen somewhere you can't see it. Knowing how much time you have left is kinda important, plus you lilkely want the rev counter and speedo to decide when to shift with manual gears. Decide what to do about the cockpit camera, as we'd need to model more of the car for every vehicle so it's not just floating there in space. As side effect, decide if we render Jennifer and Clarissa, they'd likely need higher LOD models so they don't have sharp knees. Then do we add in details to the dashboards so you can see your speed etc? What about controls, we'll need to support the Quest controllers, but we'll need to tune them so the handling is correct. And then menu's, we'll need to make sure you can access settings and the like... Also audio, we'll likely need to do 3D spatialised audio so when you turn your head it reflects the orientation. Then we likely need to make sure you can suspend/resume it on the hardware and support any other requirements. Any other QoL changes (i.e allow graphical settings or even a performance/quality mode). And it's got to run well, clearly whatever was running this in that linked video was struggling. VR needs you to render everything twice as it's effectively 3D, depending on hardware, that means perf and optimisation work. Bug fix it till it's shippable Finger in the air this stuff is what takes a chunk of time, so even if you start with a 'finished' game and are migrating it, there is a minimum of about 3 to 6 months work. It's very rare to move something over quickly and easily, even if you start with something that's shipped.
  6. Sorry! If it helps I'd like to make more Transformed but I'm locked into the current gig for a number of years. We try all sorts of things out when we get new tech to play with, at that point we'd be given some Oculas Rifts and told to have a tinker. One of the guys had the Transformed source code and it was relatively easy to hook it into the camera. It was quite strange to suddenly be in those worlds. Like OutRun though there are bits we just didn't need to build as you normally can't see them so it would have been quite some work to fill in the gaps. That and initial attempts with cockpit cam and even third person cameras with a wide field of view didn't half make you feel sick. Nothing but respect for people who develop in VR full time.
  7. Interesting, I might charge up my original Quest and have a go We did some tests in VR with All-Star Transformed and whilst you wouldn't think it would work letting you look around from a third person camera, it actually played and felt pretty good. Having the car as a reference point helps with motion sickness, sort of like those 3D cinema rides where you chase a spaceship through an asteroid field! It was deeply unpleasant when we tried it with a cockpit cam. Feel sick just thinking about it PSP OutRun2 I'm surprised it works with as if you look away from the car as we had to cull a lot scenery if it's not in view. That might be fixable if they are overriding the main camera as in theory you could tell it not to cull anything you're now looking at. It's one of the reason there is no rear view mirror, once you've driven past something it ceases to exist
  8. I'm loving the Deck. American Truck Simulator works lovely, though it took me a bit to work out what the controls were set too! It crashes if you try and stream radio stations but I think that's a bug in Windows too right now. Weirdly that works on Euro Truck Sim 2, so likely will get patched. Desk Job was brilliant fun, definitely worth a play through as a freebie. It's short but sweet and does a little world building in the process. I'm most amazed so far at Sonic Transformed. The launcher was always slightly wonky even on Windows and yet works fine. You can run it at full detail at 60fps pretty flawlessly and even the Touchscreen support we did for Intel Ultrabooks works. Given this is running on a handheld PC using an operating system it was never designed to run on, it's extra-ordinary. Doesn't even hammer the battery that hard either! Looking forward to trying a bunch of other stuff I've downloaded, but yeah, I can see this getting some serious use. If it runs Warframe nice, I might retire my Switch for Nintendo only games
  9. Mine turned up today, week from order to delivery. Impressive! Bigger than I expected but also lighter than expected too. Really comfortable to hold. I like how they've evolved the haptics from the Steam Controller too. I swear it makes hard drive spinning up noises via them as it boots up. Initial updates took about 20 minutes and it's now downloading some games to try out. It's an impressively consolised PC. I'm already flitting between input methods organically without thinking about it. Nice to see some of my own games are listed as great for deck. Be interesting to see how the Transformed launcher works on it!
  10. Got my order email today, woohoo! I thought they only sent them out on Mondays so slightly surprised. I guess a week till I can sit on the loo and play American Truck Sim!
  11. When we were making Sonic Transformed I wanted to do a System 16 styled OutRun level where we built the track out of forward facing sprites/billboards, we tried it and whilst I loved it, there was concensus from the art guys that they weren't happy and it looked 'bad'. Ditto when I ran a pixel filter over the credits, I liked the chunky CRT pixel look but they all felt it looked like a rendering error. What I took from it is that for those of us who remembered the games the first time around, we'd 'get it' but if this was the first time you encountered that style you'd be 'WTF is this!'. From the trailer I quite like how they've found a mix here of the old and the new, as folks have said above its a definite choice and I think despite the fact this is a game targeted at fans of the originals, I like they've found a style that works for them. Like others, I'd have loved to seen something more VGA style personally too, but I'm an antique. For me if the writing is as sharp as the originals and the puzzles fun, I can live with it. Otherwise they've likely made the right choice as they also need to make sure it's approachable to a new audience as much as fans of the old games.
  12. Agreed, this a hearty hug in videogame form. Utterly charming. I'm taking my time with it hunting down all the secrets. Plus I've not laughed with a videogame for a long time but some of the mouthful abilities are hilarious!
  13. So long as one meets the criteria, all pass. It's actually a bit easier as we have to render less of some things in Splitscreen... Or at !east that's how I remember it. Whilst it's true you do need to play Expert events to unlock the SEGA-Bot Daytona/Afterburner/Dreamcast vehicle, I don't think you need to complete every event at Expert. There is a final mod you get for that, but even we weren't that cruel. It did end up too hard and we should have offered a secondary unlock route, but we were told to drop the SEGA miles we'd used in previously games as they apparently removed the sense of challenge and reward. Sorry
  14. S0L

    Nintendo Switch

    I'll let someone more qualified answer. I don't have any of the Pokémon games or Animal Crossing. Warframe finally downloaded and the text is easier to read though
  15. S0L

    Nintendo Switch

    I was a good boy and Santa brought me one (I didn't make my wife buy it honest!). Transferring the saves and users was easy and quick. Literally minutes. Connecting to the eshop to redownload everything (as you have too...) didn't go entirely to plan as the eshop was busted pretty much all morning! It's now downloading everything on my in-laws rather slow internet connection. I know, first world problems. After transferring the user profiles over, was surprised I couldn't just move the SD card from one to the other. Won't let you and you need to wipe the card before you can use it in the new one. That could have saved some downloading. The screen is bloody lovely though, I got as I wanted the bigger screen, mostly due to struggling with tiny fonts in Warframe. Speakers have been a pleasant surprise in terms of an upgrade and it feels a bit more refined than my launch Switch. Like you I play mostly handheld so it was an upgrade with that in mind. Hopefully it'll be done downloading things before bed time so I can have a proper go.
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