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  1. Trust me, I know a whole crew who would love to make it. We'll keep trying, it was one of those game which was as fun to make as it is to play!
  2. It should work as its peer to peer VS using servers. Oddly i had a vivid dream the other week I was speccing out an upgraded OutRun2 for current consoles. 4K, HDR, 120fps for PS5 and Series X, widescreen support etc. Use the original arcade assets VS the reduced ones we did to fit it into an Xbox, we might even fix the bug where sometimes the junction/bunki didn't load in time... I mailed the boss, I mean its only 2 years to Sumo’s 20th birthday and it felt apt we should go back to what most people know us for. I really shouldn't eat so much cheese before
  3. S0L

    Dying Light 2

    If I had a barge-pole, it still wouldn't be long enough to approach either of those topics Besides I'm way too busy on something else which may see an announcement later this year. Yes, video game maker develops video game shocker.
  4. S0L

    PC Engine Mini

    Top port is player 1, bottom player 2. Use the top port unless you are playing two player games. Remember the original had a single controller port! I still panic I'll burn them out with the wrong PSU, but here I think you're running into how it was originally designed
  5. I don't know the specifics, but presumably this is allowed to run free if the framerate drops below a target or locks to that target if not. Which is fine, but it will mean you see tearing or dropped frames on the original hardware. So down the line, it'll never render above 60fps regardless of hardware. That's a choice they made. We did something similar for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing on X360, out of the box it ran free and was typically about 45fps even though it could hit 60fps. We got plenty of complaints about tearing so we locked it to 30fps for the update and everyone
  6. Sure, which version of the VRR should we implement to be future proof. Gsync, Freesync. HDMI 2.1 VRR, QSync or VESA's? Yes, I'm being facetious, but the point is something new will come along and then it will be 'Well why can't games support my ocular bypass without a patch?' Removing a frame cap to run free is as I say possible, but if someone does it on any given hardware you run the risk of tearing, dropped frames, partial updates of post processes etc etc etc. Also what do you mean 'in future'. That sounds awfully like a an update. Which needs time to make, test an
  7. It's unlikely but not impossible. How many developers of games on the original Xbox could foresee their games would be compatible with a console launched in 2020 some 19 years later If you could do a straight recompile for that new hardware, you'd then have to go in and fix a bunch of timing issues you couldn't have previously predicted. You're assuming we'll still be coding timesteps the same way forever which is kind of my point! We might have organic processors 20 years from now and screens might be a thing of the past. Kind of hard to future proof that far ahead. I
  8. Which as a gamer, I understand. But see this from our side. You'd like us to write the game to be future-proof on unknown hardware. But we don't know how powerful it's likely to be. We know when you run it on that hardware you want it to be a a good experience, so you don't want it to drop or tear frames. That likely rules out letting it run entirely unlocked. Traditionally that would mean either locking it to a target frame rate (so 30, 60, 120 etc) or forcing V-Sync. You could argue it could target VRR, but that didn't exist or was supported till recently and could be replaced w
  9. Well there is the other side that for a long time we were 'discouraged' to allow any form of options in console games. As this invites comparisons between different platforms and they don't always want the end user to compare and contrast. I mean it's not like there is any form of argument about which is the best console right? These days I think we'd be fine to offer performance/quality modes, but you still wait to aim for a relatively locked framerate even there. Combine that with the secrecy around new hardware and it's hard to predict whether that'd be enough to future proof y
  10. Most of the games people are now complaining about didn't have hardware powerful enough to run them past their 30fps limits when they were made. You can't blame developers that the platform holders decided to make new faster platforms easily capable of higher framerates way after the games are released then complain all those games aren't updated free of charge. Equally as there are plenty of complaints about frame-tearing, dropped frames and other artifacts of unlocked framerates, don't complain when we aim at a target framerate and lock to it. Crackdown3 would likel
  11. This thread is the only reason I still watch this. I Though I have a bizarre urge to watch Wedlock again for some reason.
  12. S0L

    PC Engine Mini

    Sorry to hear yours went pop. Honestly, stay away from Pi PSU's. I'm using the charger that came with a 8th Gen Kindle Fire 8 and so far touch wood it's not gone wrong. At least Amazon are good with returns, they replaced my first one free of charge and covered the postage. Second one was a full refund. I eventually bought the UK one, but it also gets kid gloves PSU wise! You think someone might have found a fix/solution, but a quick google suggests not
  13. Day 1 for me. I ordered this way before I considered if I wanted a new Xbox or Playstation. Helps it comes out on my actual birthday. Thanks Nintendo!
  14. I hate this show. I hate everything about it. I can't stop watching... I reckon 'The Burn' is short for 'The Burnham' literally destroying Star Trek. The future used to be bright and hopeful.
  15. Spent some more time with this on PS4 tonight. Controls starting to click especially yaw and roll at the same time. I'll be shooting womp rats in Beggars Canyon yet at this rate. I hope there are some bonus missions with Trench runs and the like. Or just sell it me as DLC, they've done a good job, I'll cough up. Not sure I like the TIE support ship, first one I've struggled to find the cockpit elements on. But then I guess it's the first 'new' ship I've flown so far. When I was a boy this was all 2D art and flat shaded polygons
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