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  1. I'm loving the Deck. American Truck Simulator works lovely, though it took me a bit to work out what the controls were set too! It crashes if you try and stream radio stations but I think that's a bug in Windows too right now. Weirdly that works on Euro Truck Sim 2, so likely will get patched. Desk Job was brilliant fun, definitely worth a play through as a freebie. It's short but sweet and does a little world building in the process. I'm most amazed so far at Sonic Transformed. The launcher was always slightly wonky even on Windows and yet works fine. You can run it at full detail at 60fps pretty flawlessly and even the Touchscreen support we did for Intel Ultrabooks works. Given this is running on a handheld PC using an operating system it was never designed to run on, it's extra-ordinary. Doesn't even hammer the battery that hard either! Looking forward to trying a bunch of other stuff I've downloaded, but yeah, I can see this getting some serious use. If it runs Warframe nice, I might retire my Switch for Nintendo only games
  2. Mine turned up today, week from order to delivery. Impressive! Bigger than I expected but also lighter than expected too. Really comfortable to hold. I like how they've evolved the haptics from the Steam Controller too. I swear it makes hard drive spinning up noises via them as it boots up. Initial updates took about 20 minutes and it's now downloading some games to try out. It's an impressively consolised PC. I'm already flitting between input methods organically without thinking about it. Nice to see some of my own games are listed as great for deck. Be interesting to see how the Transformed launcher works on it!
  3. Got my order email today, woohoo! I thought they only sent them out on Mondays so slightly surprised. I guess a week till I can sit on the loo and play American Truck Sim!
  4. When we were making Sonic Transformed I wanted to do a System 16 styled OutRun level where we built the track out of forward facing sprites/billboards, we tried it and whilst I loved it, there was concensus from the art guys that they weren't happy and it looked 'bad'. Ditto when I ran a pixel filter over the credits, I liked the chunky CRT pixel look but they all felt it looked like a rendering error. What I took from it is that for those of us who remembered the games the first time around, we'd 'get it' but if this was the first time you encountered that style you'd be 'WTF is this!'. From the trailer I quite like how they've found a mix here of the old and the new, as folks have said above its a definite choice and I think despite the fact this is a game targeted at fans of the originals, I like they've found a style that works for them. Like others, I'd have loved to seen something more VGA style personally too, but I'm an antique. For me if the writing is as sharp as the originals and the puzzles fun, I can live with it. Otherwise they've likely made the right choice as they also need to make sure it's approachable to a new audience as much as fans of the old games.
  5. Agreed, this a hearty hug in videogame form. Utterly charming. I'm taking my time with it hunting down all the secrets. Plus I've not laughed with a videogame for a long time but some of the mouthful abilities are hilarious!
  6. So long as one meets the criteria, all pass. It's actually a bit easier as we have to render less of some things in Splitscreen... Or at !east that's how I remember it. Whilst it's true you do need to play Expert events to unlock the SEGA-Bot Daytona/Afterburner/Dreamcast vehicle, I don't think you need to complete every event at Expert. There is a final mod you get for that, but even we weren't that cruel. It did end up too hard and we should have offered a secondary unlock route, but we were told to drop the SEGA miles we'd used in previously games as they apparently removed the sense of challenge and reward. Sorry
  7. S0L

    Nintendo Switch

    I'll let someone more qualified answer. I don't have any of the Pokémon games or Animal Crossing. Warframe finally downloaded and the text is easier to read though
  8. S0L

    Nintendo Switch

    I was a good boy and Santa brought me one (I didn't make my wife buy it honest!). Transferring the saves and users was easy and quick. Literally minutes. Connecting to the eshop to redownload everything (as you have too...) didn't go entirely to plan as the eshop was busted pretty much all morning! It's now downloading everything on my in-laws rather slow internet connection. I know, first world problems. After transferring the user profiles over, was surprised I couldn't just move the SD card from one to the other. Won't let you and you need to wipe the card before you can use it in the new one. That could have saved some downloading. The screen is bloody lovely though, I got as I wanted the bigger screen, mostly due to struggling with tiny fonts in Warframe. Speakers have been a pleasant surprise in terms of an upgrade and it feels a bit more refined than my launch Switch. Like you I play mostly handheld so it was an upgrade with that in mind. Hopefully it'll be done downloading things before bed time so I can have a proper go.
  9. What a complete waste of time. Grand Serpent? Pointless. Hidden memories? Pointless. Villains motivations? Pointless. Division? Pointless. It literally didn't advance anything or explain anything. And what was all that twaddle at the end about no more regenerations?
  10. This is starting to make Discovery look well written.
  11. I picked this up partly due to the Richard Jacques soundtrack and partly due to all the praise in here. It delivers on the first and the praise is due! Only up to start of the third chapter, but I'm absolutely loving it. Combat on easy for sure, enjoyed the melee in the first chapter though!
  12. S0L

    Crackdown 3

    The saves are the way they are so you can either take your super powered Agent into a completely fresh world, or instead chuck a low level Agent into an escalated world. We also did it so you could share a world with a friend but still have your own game separate. Orbs and weapons are saved in the Agent save, Bosses and progression in the world save. That way you can still go looking for the Orbs you’re missing regardless of world save (so you can still hunt them playing co-op). if you’re starting over I’d suggest a fresh save for both. You can always quit out and pick the more advanced world if you’re not feeling it.
  13. Took a few attempts, but managed it in the end. 256GB one, I just can't face eMMC. Portable American Truck Sim for Christmas! Strafe, just saw your other message about Densha De Go, I'm keeping both I'm afraid. I like PSVR trains as much as sofa trains
  14. I really enjoyed it, completed the Drivers Journey mode to the tune of about 32 hours playtime. It's all in Japanese though, not hard to work out though some of the scoring took a while to sink in. I have it on PS4 too, but got it on Switch as again, sat with my feet up on a comfy sofa is my preferred way to play things these days. Hence the interest in the Steam Deck. Don't want to sit at a desk to play PC games, I spend enough time at a desk for work!
  15. I'm going to get one of these just to play American Truck Sim sat on the sofa. Especially now I've finished Densha De Go on Switch. A Switch style gaming PC for not that much more than a Switch? Go on then. I reckon they'll have Gamepass streaming on it quickly. It's a PC even if it's running Linux. I suspect installing Windows will be on it in days if you're so inclined.
  16. Trust me, I know a whole crew who would love to make it. We'll keep trying, it was one of those game which was as fun to make as it is to play!
  17. It should work as its peer to peer VS using servers. Oddly i had a vivid dream the other week I was speccing out an upgraded OutRun2 for current consoles. 4K, HDR, 120fps for PS5 and Series X, widescreen support etc. Use the original arcade assets VS the reduced ones we did to fit it into an Xbox, we might even fix the bug where sometimes the junction/bunki didn't load in time... I mailed the boss, I mean its only 2 years to Sumo’s 20th birthday and it felt apt we should go back to what most people know us for. I really shouldn't eat so much cheese before going to bed.
  18. S0L

    Dying Light 2

    If I had a barge-pole, it still wouldn't be long enough to approach either of those topics Besides I'm way too busy on something else which may see an announcement later this year. Yes, video game maker develops video game shocker.
  19. S0L

    PC Engine Mini

    Top port is player 1, bottom player 2. Use the top port unless you are playing two player games. Remember the original had a single controller port! I still panic I'll burn them out with the wrong PSU, but here I think you're running into how it was originally designed
  20. I don't know the specifics, but presumably this is allowed to run free if the framerate drops below a target or locks to that target if not. Which is fine, but it will mean you see tearing or dropped frames on the original hardware. So down the line, it'll never render above 60fps regardless of hardware. That's a choice they made. We did something similar for Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing on X360, out of the box it ran free and was typically about 45fps even though it could hit 60fps. We got plenty of complaints about tearing so we locked it to 30fps for the update and everyone seemed happier with the more consistent framerate even though it was generally lower. We could do it this way, if you don't mind dropped frames on older or current hardware and want to wait for new hardware for better framerates. You essentially allow that on PC by opting into Vsync or not, but it's not a console option you'd normally give. In theory you could have some form of frame timing and lock to 30, 60, 90, 120 or some other multiple of that, but you'd have to test it blind. Which is hard to do if you don't have your mythical future hardware. Plus this always runs the risk of the framerate bouncing between two of those values based on frametime, i.e. bounce between 60 and 30 based on frame complexity even with dynamic resolution.
  21. Sure, which version of the VRR should we implement to be future proof. Gsync, Freesync. HDMI 2.1 VRR, QSync or VESA's? Yes, I'm being facetious, but the point is something new will come along and then it will be 'Well why can't games support my ocular bypass without a patch?' Removing a frame cap to run free is as I say possible, but if someone does it on any given hardware you run the risk of tearing, dropped frames, partial updates of post processes etc etc etc. Also what do you mean 'in future'. That sounds awfully like a an update. Which needs time to make, test and release. Even the choice now to have a 60fps performance mode and 30fps quality mode is likely to be considered out of date in time. I think 120fps is a gimmick personally, but it could catch on. What if that becomes an expectation for Series Z or PS6 and then not only do you have to unlock your framerate, but go and cut back the visual detail to get it over the line...
  22. It's unlikely but not impossible. How many developers of games on the original Xbox could foresee their games would be compatible with a console launched in 2020 some 19 years later If you could do a straight recompile for that new hardware, you'd then have to go in and fix a bunch of timing issues you couldn't have previously predicted. You're assuming we'll still be coding timesteps the same way forever which is kind of my point! We might have organic processors 20 years from now and screens might be a thing of the past. Kind of hard to future proof that far ahead. Ironically and I can likely get away with saying this now, we had trouble resolving performance prior to release with OutRun Online Arcade due to fill rates on the PS3 and Xbox360. The new hardware was more powerful, but not be enough to handle the HD resolutions and extra graphical effects at 60fps. Everyone assumes hardware get better and faster, which it does, but sometimes not always by enough too. Or it's a lot faster, but has less RAM like the One X and the Series S. Good luck predicting that
  23. Which as a gamer, I understand. But see this from our side. You'd like us to write the game to be future-proof on unknown hardware. But we don't know how powerful it's likely to be. We know when you run it on that hardware you want it to be a a good experience, so you don't want it to drop or tear frames. That likely rules out letting it run entirely unlocked. Traditionally that would mean either locking it to a target frame rate (so 30, 60, 120 etc) or forcing V-Sync. You could argue it could target VRR, but that didn't exist or was supported till recently and could be replaced with something else as TV tech evolves. It may be at a resolution we could easily scale too (some 16:9 aspect ratio perhaps with doubling pixel counts) but then what if 21:9 becomes the new standard? The new hardware may or may not emulate the older harder in someway so we might not even be able to tell we are on new hardware. The new hardware may or may not have the same controls/button inputs. All of this would have to be speculatively tested in some way and isn't guaranteed to work as the hardware won't exist at time of release. We likely won't be allowed to offer the degree of flexibility PC games do in terms of visual settings, likely limited to performance and quality mode options. Do you see how for us this isn't a problem with a straight-forward solution In fact... Just to help illustrate this, understand even PC games generally need to be updated or modded to run on newer hardware. It's not impossible to solve, I can see various ways we could attempt to future proof it, but it'd need some buy in from the platform holders even if they provide us a 'likely future' spec to do test cases on. You know how closely specs are guarded are though.. Or this could be hit like the backwards compatibility is done to upscale old games to 4K, in theory they could trick the V-Sync/Framerate locks, but then you're expecting someone to reverse engineer all the games you want to apply this too, sometimes for companies that no longer exist. Emulation shows this is possible, but there you're not charging people or promising support, something a platform holder has to do. This all costs someone money to do, which is why I can see recent games have been updated to help sales on the new platforms, or 1st party titles updated to entice folk into getting GamePass or a given console. But there will always be some sort of cut-off when the effort isn't worth the returns no matter how much you might want to do it. Sorry, I feel like I'm being horribly negative here, but I'm just trying to answer the question from this side of the fence.
  24. Well there is the other side that for a long time we were 'discouraged' to allow any form of options in console games. As this invites comparisons between different platforms and they don't always want the end user to compare and contrast. I mean it's not like there is any form of argument about which is the best console right? These days I think we'd be fine to offer performance/quality modes, but you still wait to aim for a relatively locked framerate even there. Combine that with the secrecy around new hardware and it's hard to predict whether that'd be enough to future proof you, or you'd get close to a target framerate or not on said more powerful hardware. Sure you could have a completely unlocked option, but then you could equally run into a case where the hardware could be too powerful. See classic PC games that need some form of limiter. Or it it'd show up that the hardware that exists has some form of limitations and you'd find the platform holders aren't too keen on that. I think we'd run into resistance to some degree. Plus any update or prediction we make has to be tested. We spent a LOT of time on Crackdown3 making sure the framerate was consistent for the original Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. You add more options, that's more testing. We have to to test the game from beginning to end under all it's various permutations, not least offline and online. It's more complex still with Series S and Series X, we have one platform with 5 different consoles to check! I mean if you want the ultimate flexibility, go buy a PC. Most people tend to go console though as it should 'Just work' and don't want to go messing around with options
  25. Most of the games people are now complaining about didn't have hardware powerful enough to run them past their 30fps limits when they were made. You can't blame developers that the platform holders decided to make new faster platforms easily capable of higher framerates way after the games are released then complain all those games aren't updated free of charge. Equally as there are plenty of complaints about frame-tearing, dropped frames and other artifacts of unlocked framerates, don't complain when we aim at a target framerate and lock to it. Crackdown3 would likely easily run at 4K 60fps locked on a Series X, but we're kind busy with our next game and didn't foresee we'd need to offer PC like options over 2 years ago Neither can we foresee what MS's next console will be, so don't come and complain it doesn't run at 8K 120fps in 3D via HDmindlink in 10 years time either
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