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  1. Oils are interesting, I used them to weather the big robot I did. Are you using premixed washes or missing your own? Mixing my own I rarely got it thin enough for the capillary action to work over large distances for pin washing, I just had to move the brush around. I just used some cheap synthetics I got out of the works for a couple of quid, Boldmere is the brand. I’ve only got lamp black & burnt umber (weathering) but I’m tempted to pick up some other colours and try and use staining to modulate surface tone in an interesting way. Like say a surface is red and some dots of various red, purple, oranges around and the clean them up later to leave a subtle stain and a more interesting surface. @Nicky uses a lot of oils I believe.
  2. Very late reply to this, I’ve only just found the thread. There are visual scripting tools for both Unreal & Unity. Unreal has blueprints as a core part of its workflow, and Unity has a plugin called Playmaker which has been used in many games. How’s the job hunt going? In the new game I’m working on we have a system where player can report each other’s names. If a name gets reported by enough players then it’s sanitised, ie they get a random name instead. But like good old fashioned hell banning the user themselves still sees their old name. Our first mistake was trusting users to not abuse this feature. The players who have had their names sanitised are those at the top of the leaderboards. So I’ve been writing a tool to un-sanitise them. And to allow us to mark someone as sanitised, so we don’t have to wait for our player base to take action on BaldGayNiqqa - real example of someone who’s only sanitised cause I sanitised them. It’s the only thing we’ve trusted them on, and they failed us.
  3. More giant Abaddon, blocking in the base colour for all the metallics.
  4. Only watched the first episode so far and I like it. If you’ve got Netflix check out the documentary Playing Hard about the development of For Honour, it’s this but real. I went in expect a Ubisoft PR job and it really, really isn’t. It’s the best document of being part of large scale game dev, some of its ubi specific but much of it rings true to my days of 100+ person teams.
  5. I agree with that. Saw it at the weekend and really enjoyed it. Maybe it was the mood I was in, company I was with, the shitty week at work but this and it’s humour really clicked with me. It’s definitely a Harley Quinn film (marketing wise they should have just stuck with that) and Robbie shines in the role. McGregor is having fun. I love the take on Huntress. This was just good fun that didn’t take itself seriously.
  6. Terminator 3 was the last terminator film I watched, and I’ve been happy with that choice. Not as happy as if I’d never seen it, but happier than watching any of the others. It’s probably the one good decision I’ve made in life.
  7. it’s Negro Gold on mine, I just assumed it was black gold… and to add to the list Citrine Alchemy and Peridot Alchemy are great for highlights on metal. Peridot has a nice blue tinge so also helps sell sky reflection.
  8. More work on giant Abaddon, underglow agogo, all airbrush so far except the white in the gap between the neck rings.
  9. The more I think about this the more I love it.
  10. I really, really, really liked it but I’m not sure I loved it, but I’m still decompressing and processing.. Saying that, the last act is one of the best things I’ve seen in years. It reminded me so much of 70s New York cinema, which I grew up loving. Maybe it’s because we’ve seen this sort of fuck-up before, going from one bad decision to the next, I didn’t find it tense until the end. (Or perhaps I’m just dead inside)
  11. For Fable 3 I was pushing for the morality to be a reflection of you, so it was more about consistency. Like say I do something good & get +10 good points, the way Fable works & I'm assuming most other games is that doesn’t change, what I was suggesting is this number would be modified by your current morality. So if I’m evil and do a good thing then it has more of an effect than if I’m good and do a good thing, obvious this would scale with the your morality so maybe if your half way evil it’s +12 good points, and if you’re fully evil it’s +20. So changes in your usual behaviour have bigger effects, and maybe the opposite if true too, if you’re fully good it’s only +5. I think this makes sense if morality is an aspect of the player character. This was the other thing I was raising for F3 is the morality system internal or external - is it the PC’s view of themselves or is it the outside world’s? If it’s the outside world’s do acts with no witnesses affect your morality? For Fable 2 & 3 we had a crime system which relied on NPCs witnessing the crime, the guards were still psychic in that when one knew they all knew but someone had to see and report it - so we could do similar for morality. While morality did feed a bit into the NPCs’ opinions of you the 3 opinion axes (love/hate, funny/fear, attractiveness) were far more important. So much so in modelling their opinions they had current & actual values of things like love - so your spouse loves you, but right now at this moment they might not like you much because you’re pissing them off.
  12. Tokyo Mirage Sessions, now on Switch. I’m a huge fan of the Persona series, and I loved last year’s Fire Emblem. Is this a game for me? One of the things I like about those games is they aren’t just one thing, the dungeon crawling/battles are mixed up with the social/life sim side of things.
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