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  1. I keep hearing a bell sound when walking around New Serene (or whatever it's called), is this trying to tell me something or is it just a sound effect misfiring?
  2. I mean what even is the point of the summaries, they read like someone glanced at Wikipedia rather than knows anything about the show. There’s plenty of other examples too. I’m surprised South Park with its centrist, everyone is bad take made in onto a Guardian list.
  3. So the other night I did a quick under painting on a bust and I kinda like the look. The sensible thing now would be to glaze over that to make use of it. My original intent was to sponge paint the skin, lots of stippling but now I don’t know. Anyway I stuck a couple of pictures up & Roman Lappat like it. Roman Lappat! I can die happy now, I’ll stop fanboying out in a minute. Silly but it put a smile on my face
  4. Did we do a game of the decade 10 years ago? I remember game of the last generation, which was great.
  5. really please with his rusty fist
  6. Going way overboard with the pigments to make it all cruddy, and starting on the “face”. Need to do something about that rope thought, not happy with it. Every time I’ve highlighted it I’ve gone back over cause I’m not happy with it. Leaning towards doing something stupid like painting texture on it, lots of lines line my forest troll.
  7. If you can’t see the Alec’s sister’s tweets on the last page it’s because she’s had to make he account private as there are people attacked her over her brother’s death. Her second message was this:
  8. And the other 2 or 3 women who have spoken out about him? Or the women who have said they were warned about him by others in the local industry? And please don’t go bringing that gamer gate bullshit in here.
  9. This is not the way anyone would have wanted any of this to go. Any one who followed Alec’s personal twitter could see he hadn’t been doing well for a long time, way before this past week. Edit And the usual GG assholes are kicking off about how Zoe Quinn is responsible for this death. Fuck everything right now.
  10. Trying weathering powders for the first time, interesting substance to play with.
  11. Oh yeah, I dunno tbh, this was the version done for the 3D released I just assumed it was the theatrical cut due to what else it was missing. edit: it is, this articles lists the differences https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2018/04/battle-of-the-cuts-terminator-2---theatrical-vs-sp.html
  12. It was great to see on the big scene, but these days I’m so much more familiar with the director’s cut versions than the theatrical ones. There were scenes I was expecting that didn’t turn up, eg the T2 mirror scene.
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