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  1. The only thing I remember about that film is the “you should not drink and bake” scene. I might have to rewatch it.
  2. I enjoyed it but Also, fucking Jerry
  3. ND have long had a reputation as a shit place to work, crunch heavy & unwilling to fix it because that's the way they do it. Schreier may have "broken" this story, but his book Blood, Sweat & Pixels is full of praise for the toxic work environment of ND because of the end product.
  4. Finished Gravity Falls at the weekend, I loved that. A lot of shows could learn from how it does its overarching plot. I want more, but it’s a perfect 2 seasons. Now watching the shorts.
  5. I loved The Talon of Horus, I listened to it & Black Legion earlier in the year - I have an audible sub & listen when I’m painting. ADB is on of my favourite Black Library authors, the framing device he uses for these books really works for me. I’m currently listening to The First Wall.
  6. I’m working my way through Gravity Falls, it’s exactly what I need during these crazy times. Mabel away!
  7. Grabbed one from the sculptor’s website, there are more pics there: https://smoksculptures.weebly.com/store/p1/GnomeJaweler.html Looking at the photos I attached the jewel upside down , I couldn’t work out how it should go and took my best guess. Didn’t even occur to me to look up other pics
  8. Finally took the time to finish off my Gnome Jeweller bust, or get it to a point I’m happy to stop anyway He’s a great bust to paint, comes with clear & non-clear lenses & jewels. I decided to trying the clear ones, thought I’d tint the jewel with some magenta ink, think I got more on my fingers. Perhaps I should have gone with green, but it’s done now.
  9. Lovely. Resin? Clear or did you tint it?
  10. What’s the game, @And? Been doing a bit more work on giant Abaddon tonight. Decided to take a photo of him vs the little diorama thing I did at the weekend to show just how big he is.
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