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  1. they’re fantastic, from Cursed City too?
  2. Didn’t think about that, can remove the pics of people would prefer?
  3. Me too, you can see where I’ve done it on the back of the cello. Yesterday it’s hyper-sexualised models are bad, today it’s how much should I highlight her backside… Decided to ditch the palid skin tone of the original art & go more realistic. Nothing to do with not being able to mix a colour I liked . Need to lighten up her spine so it doesn’t look like it’s a foot deep. Would be so much easier to painting without that sodding pole in the way.
  4. Always. This had been on my backlog since before Xmas so it’s a good excuse to do it. I love the original artwork (as a former cellist how could I not) so I’m going to try and go down that route a bit, there’s almost a grey tone to her skin and a bit of purple in the shadow - going to be interesting anyway. I think she’s meant to be a muse or something, and although she’s pretty much naked (apart from strategic jewellery) I don’t think she’s very sexualised - there’s a lot of female models out there that are really hyper-sexualised in terms of pose and/or dress. So I don’t have
  5. I’ve been painting him on & off since last year so not really eligible.
  6. Been painting gemstone using this as the inspiration
  7. I agree, I think anyone who managed to do something for my mad theme is already doing well.
  8. Thanks. I think I'm going to leave the choice to you @Davros sock drawer, I obviously can't be trusted.
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